Clark County Court to Patricia Doninger: YOU’RE FIRED

June 28, 2013 § 1 Comment

Clark County Court to Patricia Doninger: YOU’RE FIRED

Patricia Doninger 129x150 Clark County Court to Patricia Doninger:  YOU’RE FIREDThe family court hearing master that allowed two court marshals to abuse, degrade and sexually assault a woman that was in court for a divorce matter was quietly fired last week.

Patricia Doninger is no longer employed by Clark County Courts after an alleged investigation into the August 11 incident in her court, during which she turned her back on a disgusting situation to play with the victim’s underage daughter. Doninger heartlessly ignored the young mother’s plea for help while two Clark County Court Marshalls tortured, groped and viciously attacked the Hispanic woman that was in court for a routine divorce case.

A court video of the incident was obtained by Las Vegas Tribune, and after reviewing it for several days, the newspaper was ready to begin a campaign to demand Hearing Master Patricia Doninger’s termination – but that is no longer necessary.

Doninger was clearly seen on the video playing with the woman’s daughter and ignoring the woman’s cries that the marshal was assaulting her right under her nose, under the guise of searching for drugs.

In last Thursday’s telephone communication with a Clark County Public Information officer, Mary Ann Price told the Las Vegas Tribune that any inquiry in relation to Patricia Doninger has to be done via email and it may take a few days for an answer due to an internal investigation conducted by the administration and executives of the Clark County District court.

Either Price was not informed at that time of her boss’s decision to terminate Patricia Doninger, or the termination was decided on Friday morning. Or possibly Ms. Price hid the decision from the Las Vegas Tribune. In any event, as we spoke on Thursday afternoon, the Clark County Courts Public Information officer did not tell the newspaper that Doninger was terminated.

On Friday afternoon while the court was informing several city news media organizations – other than the Las Vegas Tribune – of its decision to terminate Hearing Master Patricia Doninger’s employment, the weekly newspaper posted on its website a response to a comment made by a woman calling herself Kelly and attacking the newspaper’s integrity for allowing such comments about Doninger.

“NO MATTER how vile this woman is, allowing commenters to post about how they will shoot, rape, or kill & behead her on your page reflects very poorly on your establishment, Rolando Larraz.

“Get your act together. You lose all credibility as a paper when you don’t have a comment policy. The violence against women that occurred in that courtroom is being paled by what you’re allowing on your site,” the woman calling herself Kelly wrote.

And on Friday night, the newspaper responded to the woman with our side of the story that we did not write; it was just a comment posted by one reader –among others – that Kelly found disgusting and blamed the newspaper.

The newspaper’s response to “Kelly” – who could not find the courage to publicly defend the woman who was being attacked by two grown alleged men who were twice her size – was this:

“Dear Ms. Kelly:

Let me begin by saying thank you for reading the Las Vegas Tribune online. People like you make us proud of our work.

“You sound very passionate about your statement in defense of Hearing Master Patricia Doninger, who we assume is your friend, and we would like to commend you for your loyalty to someone you know better than we do.

“Now we’d like the facts to speak for us. You wrote in your email in defense of your friend Patricia Doninger that, and I quote, “If you stand by these hypocritical comments…”

“My dear Kelly, Who is being hypocritical? You, defending a woman that allowed two grown men to abuse and mistreat a fragile lonely woman in front of her minor daughter?

Us, for allowing a frustrated man to stupidly rant about something he may think that should not happen in a court of law in front of a woman that was sworn to enforce that law?

We are not mind-readers and we don’t know who that man may be because, just as you could have written with a fake name, he could have done the same; but we believe that the man in question may not be capable of killing a fly. People rant when they are upset. They probably regret the rant, but not the feelings and the outrage and the desire to fix something so wrong!

If you are so concerned about Patricia Doninger, what you should have done is notified our domestic violence police department to report that a woman that allowed another woman to be victimized has been threatened in public by an unknown person.

In regard to your threat to us: “I will begin contacting your advertisers…” please allow us to present some well known facts about the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper and everyone involved in the publication’s content.

We differ from other publications, in Las Vegas – or nationwide for that matter – in that the advertisers DO NOT control the editorial or the content of our publication and they are aware that our mission is to protect and defend these who are abused and don’t have a voice.

Patricia Doninger had a group of judges, people like you, and the State and County Bar defending her at any cost, unlike that lady – the one captured on video – who was abused and mistreated by two men inside a Las Vegas courtroom.

That video may be in every person’s computer all over the world giving Las Vegas another unnecessary black eye; Ms. Doninger does not need us to come to her defense.

You are telling us in your email from Starbucks, in what seems to be a very authoritative demand, that “those comments about beheading, killing, shooting, raping Patricia Doninger need to GO.”

We apologize, Ms. Kelly (if that is your real name), but no one has notified us as yet that you have taken possession of this newspaper and that you are now giving the orders here; maybe your check has not cleared the bank as yet.

You sound like you might be a Democrat, taking orders from your (not our) U.S. Senator and Majority Leader and his followers – and that, dear Ms. Kelly, is enough for us to ignore your “need to GO” demands.

We are a starving newspaper because we do not allow anyone to tell us what to write, who to attack, and who to defend – like other newspapers are told, in their newsrooms.

Oh, by the way, most of our advertisers are Patricia Doninger 129x150 Clark County Court to Patricia Doninger:  YOU’RE FIREDpaid up at least one year in advance and we have a no-refund policy; so go ahead and start making the calls; we have been operating in the red for a very long time and that has never stopped us yet.



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  • pearl87 says:

    Bravo! The Las Vegas Tribune stands head and shoulders above the rest of the state run media. Keep the faith and thank you!

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