Pam Lowry (Child Support Enforcement), Diane Potts (State’s Atty) THE APPERANCE OF TITLE-IV FUNDING SCAM

July 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

For those who correctly believe that Pam Lowry (Child Support Enforcement), Diane Potts (State’s Atty) and their band of non-custodial parent haters ?The appearance (They do not give a damn about the parents or the kids, it’s about the money for the State),That they steak from the FED through TITLE -IV FUNDS. So here is an email from the (Illinois scumbag bullshit assocation) ListServ:


Scumbag 1:


I just picked up an interesting case and have not started the research yet. Facts are not really at  issue but the legal impact of the facts is at issue.

Couple appears before judge, each is pro se, in regard to child support based on cutodial parent’s petition. She represents to court that non-custodial parent has trouble paying her and does not want to pay SDU. She suggests that non-custodial make payments of certain bills in lieu of child support. She presents list of bills and amounts to judge. Judge reviews list and issues with no-custodial parent and he agrees. Payments are enumerated with attached list and non-custodial is ordered to pay them in the amount of $905 which is with $10 of the statutory percentage of child support. Order is hand written by the judge and then signed by him, filed with the Clerk and each party gets a copy.

IDFHS now intervenes and has taken the position that whatever the order for $905 was, it was not an order for child support. So they are claiming back support and accrued interest during the time that order was in effect – about three years. Then the children changed custody and went to live with father.

I know that payments made not pursuant to an order can be deemed gifts. But this doesnt seem to be that situation – especially if the Order was drafted by the judge. Any thoughts?


Scumbag 2:


intervened at whose bequest?  application of the mother?  to reimburse the state for public aid payments made to mother?  they are not a party to the proceedings without a basis for coming in to protect either ihfs or on the mother’s application




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§ One Response to Pam Lowry (Child Support Enforcement), Diane Potts (State’s Atty) THE APPERANCE OF TITLE-IV FUNDING SCAM

  • Regarding my case with CP Tracey Smith, I have over paid this account. I do not owe money to Tracey Smith or HFS. When my case was closed on 3/18/2004 a letter was sent out to my employer airbourne freight, I called Springfield to make sure all was in accordance.

    Eight years later my case was reopenend on 9/6/2012 which I had no problem honoring, however, instead of child support starting my case from the date it was reopened it started back from when my case was first initiated. In conjuction, the department permitted Tracey Smith to request 3 mods in six months which shoud have been every three years. I am unclear why Tracey Smith was allowed to start my case from its initial inception date. To my knowledge and understand, if i owe a balance with HFS or CP, my case would have never closed with a balance remaining.
    All of my child support payments were paid on time and in full at the time my order was cancelled. I am currently paying late fees and interest on a fraudulent account. I am asking that you please conduct a thorough review of my case, and take appropriate actions to resolve this matter I have an issue with the retro effective date that my case was started. i was not properly, served or notified and Tracey has refused to return any phone calls and/or letter I have sent in this regard. CP Tracey Smith was getting paid directly HFS an I tried to contact her on several occasions. She has avoided returning calls and even at the hearing they attemted to call her via telephone an she refued to respond to the courts. Currently this whole ordeal is taking a toll on my health an my ability to raise my son as a single parent. I am requesting a hold be placed on my order until this case is properly adjudicated.

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