so you thought you had some privacy on what the liars say?

August 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

They want to make you pay 250.00 to get a peak at how they denagrate you your children and your ex and tell how they did it well insider do tell and the info they give is just grand and ohh so funny that it sickens the reasonable people of this state?

Well its time to start posting oh about the appearance of there impoprity on how telling they have the abuse of the best intrest to extort what should go to our children into there own coffers.

A famous quote from the chicago list of cr and gals is this is the best action of getting anything i want in payment because now i have better protection than a judge and the ardc is protecting us all we have to do is push more funds their way .

Well so do all the reasonable people let the select group of chosen to destroy future voters of illinois population into thinking that this is how life is expected to be for their life in the future in illinois?

The appearance that people should call their reps and senators and say they will what this actions against the children of our state to stop and see whom we vote for in the next election ?

PLease give us a few words of your voice on these and other matters?


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