Call the governor ‘s in every state we can it’s no different .

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From: Dave Reynolds <>
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Subject: Re: “NCFC-NH” Sad story out of Manchester
Jeff, would you happen to have the governor’s number?
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On Aug 13, 2013, at 7:47 AM, Phoneman <> wrote:
Andre is right here “we all have our fuses with different lengths”.  This really is not a mysterical situation.  This father was desperate enough to remove his son and himself from life.  Maybe, having been abused bu the court as part of their regular process and having been denied justice at every turn, that was the only way he could fathom to end the pain and possible be with his son in some afterlife.
Who knows…
The point here is:  What drives a person to such desperation?!
I heard today on WMUR that a special committee is being established to review these facts.  I’m calling the Governor today to ask to be on it.
So should others.
Rep. Jeff Oligny

From: F. Andre Bertomeu <>
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Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 6:12 PM
Subject: RE: “NCFC-NH” Sad story out of Manchester

Wow, thanks for crapping on my head. I have lived the “Family Court Experience” and yes I have been pushed to the brink myself and have done something myself in my desperation during the turmoil stage where she turned the entire planet against me, and I regret till today,  but I never killed anyone let alone hurt my child. I fought tooth and nail! To my own detriment! Legally, emotionally, and financially. If I didn’t get to see my son in the end, I would not kill him. Maybe I would kill myself, or maybe I would just think positive and know that one day I will see him again. We all react differently, we all have our fuses with different lengths. I would first kill myself before I kill my son.  Hell, if all is lost I would first light myself on fire on the steps of the family courts before I would EVER put a gun to my child’s head. I would lay down my life in a second if my son where in some immediate danger and it meant my life could save his.  Yea maybe theres a correlation with going insane from the misandry and anti-patriarchy of the system, actually I would say definitely there is, especially depression, but thats MUCH different than saying its causal! Correlation does not imply causality. That is a fallacy and I see the fallacy here. To say “he did it because” is to define the causal nature of his actions. That is simply wrong. You say that I ‘don’t understand’ simply because I disagree with you WHOLE HEARTEDLY, to me thats fallacious and a slippery slope since your next statement says that basically I have never gone through the family court system. So I never went through it? I have a $10,000+ legal bills to prove you wrong.  Thanks! ~Andre

To: From: Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 21:04:59 +0000 Subject: Re: “NCFC-NH” Sad story out of Manchester

“Mental Illness” is the excuse those that profit from this industry pushes on everyone and the media follows. No one, except those that have lived through the Family Court “Experience” have an alternate understanding of the why. Beat a good dog long enough and he will turn and bite you. Is the dog an aggressive dog, a bad natured dog, a vicious dog? No the dog is a dog that has been beaten endlessly for no good reason. He bites and those with the sick hitting him complain about the teeth marks and BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. Others give sympathy, most others… — In, “F. Andre Bertomeu” <bertomeu@…> wrote: > > Hi Guys,I’m new to this group, but if I can chime in on this father killing his child….don’t give excuses for him. That is, its not worth to explain his actions because we are not one to speak for him. > If anyone tries to bring him in as a reason to subjugate and remove father’s rights, all you have to mention is that women do it too. There was a case a few years ago of a mother bringing her son to the shooting range, and it was all captured on camera…she went behind her son with her gun and shot him in the head. > If you look close enough there is probably a history of mental illness. This is a mental illness issue, and a men’s issue if anything since 80% of suicides are male. But still I would not bring this topic into the Father’s Rights arena. I urge you not to make excuses for him saying “probably because he was fed up”, nothing good can come from that dialogue. If anyone brings it up, then charge them with being sexist since they don’t hold mothers on the same level since mothers kill their children at a far higher rate than fathers do. That is FACT, concrete FACT that can’t be argued away, the FACT is people kill children sometimes, some are fathers that do it but by and large mothers take the cake. So make a point, why dont you hold mothers accountable with the same logic? If fathers are going to be treated as murderers for this one instance then mothers should be too for their endless instances of infanticide, but that would be unfair to do so DONT DO IT TO FATHERS! > ~Andre > To: > From: cecilweemsthe1@… > Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 14:36:24 -0400 > Subject: Re: “NCFC-NH” Sad story out of Manchester > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Yeah he was wrong for killing his child an he was sick… sick of being abused by the system. What about all the fathers out here wanting to see an be with their kids an the courts an people give us hell. Just because a women is biter over a break up or whatever. You take our god given right just because a woman birth a child does not mean she get full rights an the man as to fight an pay just to have a little say so. He just gave up. That was his seed an just like in my case wheres the justice. Yes it was wrong of him an he gave up on the justice system because it’s not one for men. It’s just a money system I know cps an all the rest of them don’t remember my kids or me. > > From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network. > > > ——– Original message ——– > From: “K. O’Brien” <kobrien1974@…> > Date: 08/11/2013 7:14 PM (GMT-05:00) > > Subject: Re: “NCFC-NH” Sad story out of Manchester > > > > > > > > > > > > I’m learning now that man was from Israel and returned after his Brothers funeral, he was very distraught about his Brothers death. He ran twice for State Rep but lost and was active in Republican, Libertarian and the Free Stater movement. I wonder if he was a member of this group? One has already posted on this board that an investigation will see that it is the Mother,Guardian and Courts fault, we have been burnt by this to many times to count, wait until an investigation is done before jumping to conclusions. > > From: “K. O’Brien” <kobrien1974@…> > To: > Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2013 6:54:32 PM > Subject: “NCFC-NH” Sad story out of Manchester > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > I’m sure we have all heard the tragic news out of Manchester today, a man shot and killed his own Son and than himself on a supervised visit at the Manchester YWCA, I’ve never dealt with these supervised visits and consider myself grateful for that and to have custody of my Son. I know many on this group have experiences with these centers, no doubt the next time you go you will go through security similiar to boarding a plane. I don’t know the circumstances of the court order here and no doubt this man was sick to this and nobody can condone this type of behavior, there will be an investigation into the mental illness, substance abuse, one would hope an investigation will also include the court system and these centers, I don’t blame these centers, the courts, or the gun for what happened today, it is 100% the mans fault, but it will be interesting to see the backlash against all Fathers struggling to see their kids as a result of this. Many on this group will write letters to the editors, when doing so be respectful and advise against jumping to conclusions. >

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