I do think this will help some feminist see the truth of what they are doing?

August 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

I do think this will help some feminist see the truth of what they are doing. I have however read that when men have only daughters, they tend to be more feminist then men with sons.

There are however those it will not make any difference to. I remember reading about a domestic violence shelter who had a “client” give birth while she was there. Social workers and other so called experts allowed the baby to starve to death simply because the baby was born male. The social worker even stated he would only grow up to be a rapist. NO ONE ever faced any charges for this murder.


— In MensIssuesOnline@yahoogroups.com, Stan Rains <patriotdad2004@…> wrote:
> Here is an honest article by a former feminist Canadian professor.
http://frontpagemag .com/2013/ janice-fiamengo/ dont-be-that- feminist/ ,
> In private communications many former feminists have stated their epiphany came when their sons were born. In one memorable conversation another female professor, a former feminist, stated she had daughters and never thought or noticed any negative destruction until she had her son. The discrimination against him by every institution with whom her son came in contact caused her to open her eyes to the big feminist lie of rampant misogyny. Previously, she had been one of the excitable and rabid feminist professors on her campus. She now opposes the imposition of false feminist theory on campus.
> The article linked above to inform is just one of many articles beginning to be written by feminists as their logic, intelligence, and real world experiences destroys the paper construct of feminism.
> Notice the complete lack of feminist apology and the lack of devices to minimize or even negate the authors support of men and the acknowledgement of unjustified discrimination and abuse of males.
> The feminist who stated the birth of her son was her epiphany also stated her baby boy was innocent and fresh to the world when the discrimination began in the hospital. He could not have done anything wrong at that time, but the differences were glaring in the treatment of her son versus the treatment of the two daughters she had before the boy was born.
> The language of the feminists is not openly derisive or abusive, but the workings of the feminists’ sociopathic hate machine is still the same, alive, well, and destroying children, men, and even women every minute of every day in this country and others foolish enough to embrace feminism.
> “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.” — Anonymous
> “The sickest problem is, I can legally raise someone else’s kids and get paid for it by the state (as a foster parent), but I am not allowed to see my own child for more than 4 days a month.  Of course I can also live with some other father’s kids, as well as spend most of his money, as long as I am shacking up with his ex.
> Thank you Liberal Lunatics.   Seems I can raise anyone’s kids but the ones I really love,  MY OWN.” –Professor James D. Carmine


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