Fukushima Forever? Meltdown Fallout Hits The U.S.? (Video) WAKE UP EVERYONE IT’S NOT GOING TO GET ANY BETTER LOOK AROUND ?

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Fukushima Forever? Meltdown Fallout Hits The U.S.? (Video)

Thursday, August 15, 2013 8:56

By Susan Duclos

A July 24, 2013 headline of “Nuclear-contaminated Pacific Ocean may become a global threat,” was shocking, but misleading when they use the term “may become a global threat,” because anecdotal evidence suggests it is no longer a “threat,” but has already become global and the consequences are already being seen in California and Alaska.

Starting with a very quick recap of what is already known and confirmed. Information coming from Japan has been sporadic and incomplete until events force them to reveal the truth.

Via RSN:

TEPCO must continue pumping water into the fuel pool and melted cores to keep them from over-heating, going into chain reaction, and spewing more radioactive debris. The water cooling the cores becomes radioactive and continues to flow toward the sea along unknown paths at unknown rates. Groundwater flowing downhill into the site gets irradiated and continues on to the sea. Recent intense rains have added to the groundwater and raised the underlying aquifer, adding to the irradiated water flow. 

 TEPCO is pumping irradiated water into 1,000 or more holding tanks, most of which are already full and some of which are already leaking. They are all considered unreliable in the long term, however long that might be. 

 TEPCO has installed an underground dam to prevent groundwater from reaching the sea, but water has already flowed over and around that dam.

 TEPCO has attempted trenching and damming efforts to keep water from flowing into the site, but with very limited success. 

 This is typhoon season in Japan. 

Lori Mochizuki of Fukushima-diary.com reported on August 12 that Tepco’s spokesman stated at a press conference: “In case of a severe rain fall, if the groundwater increases more than the capacity of pump, we cannot do anything.” 

The plant and the entire world are completely defenseless,” Mochizuki wrote. 

“This is the reality that no one reports.”

Look at the map below:


It isn’t just Japan that has not been reporting the reality, the US. government continues to claim instances of animal mortality and abnormalities off the California coast, are unexplained.

In March 2013, over two years after the initial Fukushima nuclear meltdown, CBS Los Angeles reported “Dead Sea Lions Everywhere,” and quoting a rescuer as saying “I’ve never seen anything like this… we never would have imagined the numbers.” Experts are quoted saying there is “No oceanographic explanation.”

That is only one example of the disturbing “unexplained” events happening in the Pacific.

In July 2013, TEPCO finally admitted radiation had been leaking into the Pacific ocean since March 2011, but maintained no one has kept continuous, comprehensive measurement of radioactivity at or escaping from the site.

Until organizations, completely independent of the government and their interference in information flow, conduct comprehensive tests and share those results with Americans, we may never know how much damage Fukushima is already causing here in the U.S.

We do have the right to know.

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Source: http://wwwwakeupamericans-spree.blogspot.com/2013/08/fukushima-forever-meltdown-fallout-hits.html




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