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(( EXPOSE, EXPOSE EXPOSE VIOLENCE BY WOMEN )) Today we have VAWA related groups abusing federal funding for lobby efforts, that claim women are not violent. The media, Men, Women and children need to report and EXPOSE VIOLENCE BY WOMEN to the public. CREATE PUBLIC AWARENESS, create positive solutions to stop the cycles of violence, HEAL TRANSITION, EMPLOY at risk families. No matter what form the family takes, it is the CHILD’S human right to have all loving family members involve in their lives. Protect The children from systemic abusers. Remember Hitler used the media, corrupt judges and corrupt Doctors to impose his will and destroy families by creating a gender war. VAWA and unethical lawyers in congress are doing the very same thing under color of laws they create for their “collective groups” PROFIT. The night before the sequestration vote, lawyers in congress past budget increases to the justice department via VAWA votes, this will destroy more at risk families for GAY Women’s agendas. Expose the truth, be silent no more.

Eight-year-old found dead in home, mother arrested |

West Frankfort, IL (KSDK) – A woman from a southern Illinois town is behind bars and could face charges surrounding the death of her eight-year-old daughter. The child was found dead in a home early Tuesday morning, after the mother reported her missing. This was not the mother’s first encounter wit…

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