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Hello Illinois Fathers Membership,

I apologize for the inconsistency of sending out newsletters as of late. Taking over the Presidency has proven to be quite a timely task. Starting November first we will begin sending out a newsletter once a month. You will receive one newsletter a month between the first and the fifth. I encourage you all to read the newsletter and submit feedback to us so we can better serve you. I sent out a survey in my last newsletter asking for contact information as well as demographic information. I received negative feed back from a few asking why I needed their information. The answer is simple. Moving forward into 2014 we will be aggressively seeking grant money. When applying for this grant money we need to be able to show who we serve. By who we serve they want to know age groups, area, gender, in some cases race, and sometimes even income. The information they want to know depends on the money we are seeking. For instance if we find a grant that is to help needy families. The grantor would want to see the household income of the people we will be serving. We would not send your information on an individual basis we would send the statistics we calculate from the data we collected.
For example we would send a report saying that 55% of the people we serve have a household income of 30k or less a year. Last time I sent the survey I was very depressed when I read the results and had 14 responses.  To those who filled it out thank you so much.  For those who didn’t I can’t stress enough the importance of collecting this data and ensure you that your information will remain confidential and used strictly for the purpose of better serving you and non-custodial parents across the state. I encourage you to please fill out the survey that will be sent in the November first newsletter.

The Watkins story takes another twist. Shirley Skinner the grandmother of Stevens estranged wife Jennifer,  has asked to be granted clemency for her crimes.

“Circuit Judge Mark Schuering of Adams County sentenced Skinner to 55 years imprisonment for the first-degree murder of her granddaughter’s estranged husband in November 2008.
The sentence was 10 years more than that recommended by prosecutors for the slaying.
The judge said he did not want his signature on a sentencing order with the minimum penalty for the murder.
Because Skinner, 75, must serve 100 percent of the murder sentence, she would have to live to 130 to see life outside of prison.
The judge, who presided over the trial held in Quincy because of pre-trial publicity in Cass County, described the killing as “cold-blooded murder” and said he could not disagree with prosecutors’ characterization that it was an execution. ”

Illinois Fathers will be hosting a gathering on the Capitol steps in Springfield Ill, on November 25th 2013 to raise awareness and urge the public to sign the petition to deny Shirley Skinner clemency. More details coming in the next newsletter I will have start and end times setup by then. Please mark the date on your calendars and request the day off work.  This is a very important cause please come out and show your support.

Steven Westerfield
Illinois Fathers


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