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Description:     LULAC of Waukegan
                                Defending the Civil Rights, Educational Rights and Immigrant Rights of Latinos Across the USA                     
Sent Via Fax: 312-603-5366 Pages: 3
Honorable Judge Timothy Evans
50 W Washington Rm 2600
Chicago Illinois
Re:           Michael Gerhardt (Attorney At Law / Parental Alienation Advocate)
                Docket # 07 D 1167
Dear Judge Evans
Please be advised that several Latino families contacted us today regarding the detainment of Attorney Michael Gerhardt.  Attorney Gerhardt has work with our council to serve as an advocate for several domestic violent victims in legal matters.  He is an outstanding member of the community who provides free legal services to low income individuals and is an ethical servant of the court.
Mr. Gerhardt has a personal case before the Circuit Court of Cook County.  His case is before Judge Naomi H. Schuster.  On Oct. 31, 2013 this case was in front of Judge Schuster in a continuance from an order entered by the court on Sept 19th, 2013. (Copies Attached)
It is our understanding that all was compiled by Mr. Gerhardt as requested by the honorable court regarding searching for employment.  Yet in open court and before several witnesses, Judge Naomi Schuster saw fit to utilize her authority to threaten, harass, deny him his civil rights and inflict emotional harm to Mr. Gerhardt in open court by denying him his parental right of visitation to see his child and by placing him in a criminal infested jail.
According to the rule of law Mr. Gerhardt complied with the request of the court by supplying hand written list & typed list of companies in which he has sought employment.    Mr. Gerhardt was taken into custody as ordered by Judge Schuster and is currently in the Cook County Jail.
Attorney Michael Gerhardt is an advocate for hundreds of families that are victims of Parental Alienation and Domestic Violence.  Families who have advised us that they want to mobilize to the court on Monday morning on behalf of Mr. Gerhardt and his daughter Ruby.
We respectfully ask that you as Chief Judge please look into this matter immediately.  It is our sincere hope that the Circuit Court of Cook County is not denying Attorney Gerhardt his civil rights, his parental rights to see his daughter and we pray that the court is not making him an example because he is an Advocate for the Rights of Alienated Parents.
We thank you as always in advance for your time and consideration to this urgent matter.
Julie Contreras
LULAC of Waukegan
C 773-682-3963 Fax 847-249-7709

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