IARDC WHAT a JOKE Illinois Attorney regulatory destroying citizens?

December 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Interesting: These people only seem not as a reasonable person would they protect the appearance of scumbags that destroy or lets just say they hide behind the ilsc as a non for profit policing agencey protecting not the reasonable people of the state of illinois .But the appearance of the Scumbags they call lairs i mean lawyers ?

So now we wait to see if another CYA will come along.

In response to complaints Ken has filed against JL and his staff of CYA minions, apparently the IARDC has appointed “special counsel” for those persons.  So if you have a complaint against the IARDC for NOT processing your valid complaint against an attorney, trashing it on ridiculous grounds (Wyman, Sykes, Gore), keep on filing them and send them to the Special Counsel, Mr. David Mann who may not have been told the entire story by JL:

His letter is as follows and please write him.

of the
David S. Mann
Special Counsel
November 19,2013
Mr. Kenneth Karl Ditkowsky
Ditkowsky & Contorer
5940 West Touhy Avenue
Suite 230
Niles, Illinois 60714-4604

131 S. Dearborn St., Ste. 3000
Chicago, IL 60603-5583
Telephone: (312) 715-5707
Re: Jerome E. Larkin
in relation to
Kenneth Karl Ditkowsky
No. 2013 IN 05181

Dear Mr. Ditkowsky:
The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (“ARDC”) has received your
communication regarding Jerome E. Larkin.
I am one of the independent lawyers the ARDC Commissioners appointed to review complaints
and allegations against attorneys associated with the ARDC. Your communication was referred to me
because Mr. Larkin is the Administrator of the ARDC.
I will ask Mr. Larkin to submit a response to the matters you have raised. A copy of his response
may be sent to you for your comments. I will then determine whether further investigation is required.
If I need additional information from you, I will contact you and, of course, will advise you of
any decision in the matter. Please notify me of any changes in your address or telephone number.
Very truly yours,
David S. Mann
ARDC Special Counsel


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