Pro Se, Sui Juris, In Propia Persona and Pro Per Information

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Pro Se, Sui Juris, In Propia Persona
and Pro Per Information

Welcome to the Pro Se Information Page!
Check us out before you go before the judge in court!

Pro Se is defined as someone that is representing themselves
in court or other legal proceedings.

Please Read!

  • We are NOT lawyers, We DO NOT give any legal advice and this site is for information only.   Nothing here should be construed as legal advice.   While we find the information here interesting, we may not be in agreement with everything.
  • While some hang their hat on whether they use the term Pro Se, Sui Juris, In Propia Persona or Pro Per, the reality is the courts view everyone as either represented by legal counsel or Pro Se.
  • Approach litigation with the goal of meticulously documenting any injustice.  While some do see justice, many times your only victory is the embarrassment, publicity, time spent and costs you are able to inflict on the wrongdoers.  Don’t underestimate the value of this.
  • The old adage is, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”   The reality has become, “He who is represented is usually taken for a fool.”
  • We got in this mess because ‘we the people’ have allowed our legal system to get out of control.  It will take many crusaders – people defined as stubborn, persistent, even obsessive to change the system now.   Why not be one of them?  Check this out!
  • Ideally it would be best to always have an attorney for any litigation.  The problem is attorneys are, for the most part, unaffordable and untrustworthy.  Most have become so concerned with appeasing the system, other lawyers, their incomes and judges that their willingness to reallyfight your case is compromised from the start.  Remember, if you see 2 lawyers leave court…one lost.  Having a lawyer is no guarantee of victory.

Pro Se InformationOK, Check Out Much More Pro Se Information Below!Pro Se Information

Legal Abuse Syndrome
If you are here you probably need to learn about it!
Plea Bargains – Deal Or No Deal? Criminal Trial Flow Chart
Advanced Trial Handbook The Unauthorized Practice Of Law
Asset Forfeiture Kit Bias Against The Pro Se Litigant
Debt Collection Myths Redress Org.
Production Of Documents Sample Motions or Motion Practice
Dealing With A Bad Judge Invalid Legal Arguments
Needed Pro Se Abilities Pro Se History
Interesting Cases For Study Lies, Deceit and Deception
Legal System Myths Overruled Sup. Ct. Cases
Collateral Estoppel Res Judicata
Layman Legal Briefs Government case dismissed?
Example Civil Rights Complaint Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
American Pro Se Association Sue A Judge? Judicial Immunity?
Pro Se Rulings Dealing with Prosecutorial Misconduct
Center For Criminal Justice Adv. Tricks Of The Trade – Deception!
Handling Police Encounters A Judge Speaks On Pro Se Rights
Contempt Of Court Prosecutors Guide To Contempt
The Alford Plea Guerilla’s Guide To Evidence
The Fifth Amendment Pro Se Policy Guide
200 DNA Exonerations Study Reply To DNA Exoneration Study
The ‘Harmless Error Doctrine’ Reversible Error In Criminal Appeals
Civil Rights Resource Manual Interrogatories and Depositions
Search and Seizure Cases
The Fellow Officer Rule – Doctrine Of Collective Knowledge
and Inevitable Discovery

Note: Pro Se Litigants Need To Learn Research & Shepardizing!
Legal Research Intro
Shepardizing Cases:  One,  Two and Three

The Cornet Family Gives Good Advice On Avoiding Legal Abuses
After A Sex Abuse Case Gone Wild Devastates Their Family.

Many times the reason and purpose for events in our life
initially escapes us, but I am certain we can find
reason and purpose in everything that happens!

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