Divorce Corp what a great movie Documentary It shows what true scumbags they really are without acting!!

January 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

Dear Legislators,

Subject: A must see documentary movie – Divorce Corp

Last night, I watched the premier of the documentary movie Divorce Corp at AMC Showplace, Galewood 14, 5530 W. Homer St, Chicago (773 413 1970), which talks about the ruthless exploitation of divorcing parents, and the lack of oversight over the trial judges and their appointees.

This is a must see movie for each and every one of you so that you could pass the laws which would eradicate this problem, and which would put an end to this “barbaric” era of the family courts. In fact, you have a moral obligation to see this movie, because you, the legislators have created this “monster” by blindly enacting the laws which empower the trial courts to enrich the private attorneys and other appointees at the expense of divorcing parents and their minor children. No trial judge or any governmental employee should ever be put in a position where he or she could generate an extremely lucrative business to the private sector without any recourse available to the citizens.

Here in Illinois, we, the court-abused divorced parents have been bringing to your attention for several years that the family law judges and their appointees are financially destroying us and our children under the most despicable disguise that this is serving the minor children’s “best interests”.  In 2010, the Illinois Family Law Study Committee, POD 1 report identified and referred to the present domestic relations system as a “cottage industry”. Our efforts to close down the “cottage industry” have been successfully thwarted by the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA).  That’s not surprising. The ISBA and its attorney members have personal pecuniary interests in allowing the “cottage industry” to grow and prosper.

The Divorce Corp documentary, indeed, evidences that the family courts are profit centers; multi-billion dollar industry; and the nation’s shame and problem.  The minor children have become the mere “commodity in trade” in this environment.

Slavery was once legal, profitable and widely accepted by those in power.  However, it had to end because it was unethical and inhumane. The brutal exploitation of divorcing parents and their children, under the color of law, must also end.

Therefore, please exercise your conscious, fulfill your moral obligation and go see the documentary so that you could acquaint yourself with the harsh reality, and so that you could enact the better laws.

Respectfully submitted,

Milijana Vlastelica

Community Activist


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