The Appearance that Fathers right are sold to the state to have income machine for federal dollars

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It’s All About The Money!

By Doug Henson of USAFathers



Why do the Family Courts routinely deprive one parent, usually the Father, of their Fundamental Liberty Right to be a parent to their children? Why are Fathers punished and penalized for wanting to be a part of their children’s lives? The answer may be surprising to some of you, but not to the millions of Fathers, Stepmothers, and Grandparents who are embroiled in a custody battle or a paternity battle in the Family Courts of our Nation.


Family Court Judges are being influenced by the Government to generate as much money as possible for the State. They do this by exploiting divorced families, especially Fathers, who are historically the main breadwinners of the nuclear family. They give “custody” of the children to the mother and force the father to pay support through the Child Support Enforcement Agency of the State. For this “service” the State receives Federal Incentive Payments from the Federal Government of up to 15% of the total collected. That’s a lot of money, money that ultimately comes from the taxpayers. The State also receives Federal Incentive Payments of up to $2.00 for every $1.00 spent in tracking down and prosecuting the mythological “Deadbeat Dad”.


They say that this is in the “Best Interest of the Child” but, what they really mean is, it’s in the best interest of the State. This windfall, of literally hundreds of millions of dollars every year, is the true incentive of the State to facilitate divorce and the breakup of the American family. By turning a Father into a visitor and checkbook, and denying his constitutional rights to be a parent, Family Court Judges can maximize their contribution to the State coffers, thus ensuring their own reelection campaigns will be well financed by the Attorneys, Legislators, and other cronies who profit from divorce.


Fathers and Children’s Rights groups, like USAFathers, have sprung up everywhere in response to this injustice. Their rallying cry is for 50/50 Equal Custody of the children, but there’s a big problem with what seems to be this simple request. If true 50/50 Equal Custody is granted, the State loses out on the millions of dollars in Child Support incentive payments. Why? Because in true 50/50 Equal Custody, there is no requirement for Child Support, each parent fully supports the children 50% of the time.


Very few of the State Legislators will even talk about 50/ 50 Equal Custody. They know it would spell the end of the Federal Incentive payments that are lining the coffers of the State treasury. These payments generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually, money that they don’t want to lose, because it would inflict serious damage to their ability to deliver on their campaign promises. Not to mention the loss of thousands of State jobs that are handed out like candy to relatives and supporters.


Who pays for these programs? We all do. Our Federal Taxes pay for the incentives that are then used to break up our families to supply even more money to a system that feeds on our very heart and soul, our children.


You could fill a library with the stories of the tragedies and grief this scheme has caused. Fathers are being criminalized and labeled as unfit or Deadbeat Dads. Frustrated and demoralized Fathers are committing suicide over the loss of their children and the devastation of their very lives. Fathers who are financially ruined by the Family Courts and Family Law Attorneys who often drag cases out for years, until there’s just no money left for the Father to fight with. Fathers who are forced to defend themselves against unwarranted and often false allegations of not only spousal abuse, but also child abuse of the very children he’s fighting so hard to maintain a relationship with. Fathers who are forced to remain while their children are moved hundreds or even thousands of miles away, because Mommy’s new boyfriend got a job on the other side of the country. And there are literally thousands of men who are paying court ordered child support for children whom DNA tests have proven aren’t even their own children. But the Courts don’t care where the money comes from, as long as it keeps rolling in.


Children are being denied their Fathers and one half of their natural families, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and all of the love that goes with them. Many of the children are suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome, where they are systematically brainwashed and indoctrinated to revile their formerly loved Parent.


Family Court Judges routinely deny fundamental constitutional rights to Fathers in their courtrooms. They do this because they know that in most instances they can drag the case out until the Father no longer has the financial means to appeal or continue the battle. Appointments of “Child Psychologists”, “Guardian” or “Attorney Ad Litems”, requirements for unending “social studies” and “evaluations”, all of which the Father is required to pay for, at a costs of thousands of dollars, can rapidly destroy the financial ability of even a “well heeled” Father to continue the fight.

These things and more are happening every day in every State in our Nation and nobody knows about it, except the Legislators, who set up this scam, and the Judges and Attorneys who derive their livelihood from it, and they don’t care. All they care about is the money.

Contact Info:

Doug Henson


P.O. Box 53

Conroe, TX 77305

(936) 718-8891


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