DHS punishes child by alienation from entire family ,Such great leadership all should follow this crap?

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DHS punishes child by alienation from entire family
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A children’s charity has said it has seen a sharp rise in the number of reported cases of sexual abuse.Play
A children’s charity has said it has seen a sharp rise in the number of reported cases of sexual abuse.on.aol.com

Star Myers
Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Awareness Examiner
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March 25, 2014
In the last 6 months I have been following a case where a 6 year old revealed to Dhs, counselor, and anyone else who would listen very gruesome details on sexual abuse. This child was not given a forensic exam. Child was in fact interviewed in hallway in the middle of school doorway with kids earshot away. Yet she still revealed. I am not sure if I would tell anyone my bra color in those conditions. She is brave and courageous. I hope she knows someday how proud her family is as well as this writer.

At first visits were stopped for a week. At that point they never investigated perpetrator but instead mom. Mom must have coached her because she told details. Amazing thing with children is they don’t lie about abuse except when denying it for self protection. Children don’t recall details to lie over and over. There are a few things that haunt my mind at night that were said by this child. I will never forget and can’t stop until this child is home where she belongs.

Next they call perpetrator to tell him coming out in few days. They discuss fishing and worms. They do not go in the house where incident happened.They do not interrogate him. The mom goes to court and ends up with supervised visits.They get great supervisor who watches closely. Dad is threatening, abusing mentally and cursing at child within first 5 minutes. Shows me his true colors. He was violent, scary and gave me goosebumps.

Dhs calls hearing and tells no one nothing.They take the child to foster care despite a list of family members wiling to take the child. They take child 2 hours away from school, family,dance and church. Can you imagine how she feels? Seems she is being punished. Visits are granted for mom and dad only for 1 hour. She has older siblings she is incredibly close to. She is not allowed to see siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews or grandparents.

What must this child think? She tells a secret and she is imprisoned far away from family? What would you think? What is the purpose considering the standard is to allow visits and they go above and beyond to stop visits.Siblings are well respected members of the community. I can’t help but feel this child must be thinking she did something “bad”. That was what I thought as a child. Most everyone I know who was sexually abused thinks along the same thoughts.

Her brother has been an avid fighter in this to help and protect his sister. He wrote countless letters which may or may not have been burn material. After nearly 6 months he writes one with a little sarcasm because they wont respond. They surely respond by dragging it out in court to chastise him. Really? It seems like they enjoy torturing the family. Most people would be worse after 6 months of being ignored. Each day I pray for this child. I hope she finds her way back where she belongs with her big loving family and the pain inflicted upon her by this corrupt local government can be easily forgotten. It is my big hope that the officials have consequences so they realize everyone has to 2B Accountable! More information see: http://www.voices-amplified.com

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Embattled judge Pratt resigns, suspends campaign,The appearance even with the training of destroying families the GOD effect just over comes all of the sooner or later. Reversible error

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Under investigation by Harris County prosecutors for dismissing hundreds of cases without notice, embattled family court judge Denise Pratt resigned Friday, abruptly ending her re-election bid.

The freshman Republican jurist campaigned as a conservative advocate for children and families, touting her unique policy of keeping boyfriends, girlfriends and lovers of recently divorced litigants away from children. While a bevy of Houston-area lawyers and families who have rallied against Pratt challenged that claim, the Baytown native defended her record Friday in a statement that said her departure from the 311th state District Court was due to the damage that “relentless attacks by my political opponents” were having on the court, the local Republican Party and her family.

“I cannot, in good conscience, allow it to continue,” she wrote on her campaign website. “My goal has always been to serve the children and families of Harris County, but I won’t sacrifice my family’s well-being any longer to continue to serve as judge. … I don’t want to see my party, which I have worked to build, dragged down by the media circus.”

A Harris County grand jury began investigating Pratt, who was elected in 2010, last fall after Webster family lawyer Greg Enos filed the first of three criminal complaints against her. That led to the resignation of Pratt’s lead clerk, whom the judge blamed for the backdating. Enos’ most recent complaint, filed last month with the district attorney and State Commission on Judicial Conduct, alleged Pratt broke the law by dismissing more than 630 cases on the final two days of 2013 without giving notice to lawyers or litigants.

The move effectively nullified a bevy of property, child custody and child support arrangements she had previously made, creating additional anxiety, confusion and legal costs for families. As a result, one man’s ex-wife showed up at his house demanding to move back in.

Since Enos filed his first complaint in October, dozens of prominent family court lawyers – Democrats and Republicans, alike, and many with cases still pending in her court – spoke out against Pratt, signing a letter calling for her resignation, asking for her to be recused from their cases and – last Saturday – attending a protest Enos organized.

As of Friday, 29 motions to recuse had been filed, according to the administrative judge for the family courts, with 13 denied, 15 granted and one pending.

Earlier this month, Pratt was removed from five cases in a day by a visiting senior judge who criticized her for making a final ruling in a child custody case without hearing any testimony or evidence. The opposing lawyers on the case told the judge they recently had been interviewed by the district attorney’s office about it as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into Pratt, a claim the office has neither confirmed nor denied.

Pratt’s critics have harped on the fact that she and District Attorney Devon Anderson share the same political consultant, Allen Blakemore, who said Friday that “the DA’s office never initiated their own investigation; they responded to criminal complaints filed by Greg Enos. They investigated those criminal complaints and they found them to be without merit.”

On Friday, Pratt critics said they were elated by the resignation, but also frustrated that she continues to deny wrongdoing.

“Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she’s blaming people like me, when all the lawyers want are judges who show up to work and follow the law and treat people fairly,” Enos said. “Had she done that, she wouldn’t be in this position.”

Despite the firestorm, Pratt secured the highest percentage of the vote in the five-way March 4 primary, but not enough to avoid a runoff. She was to face family lawyer Alicia Franklin in a May 27 election.

Pratt’s name will still appear on the ballot, County Clerk Stan Stanart said. Though his staff, as a practical matter, still could remove her name, state law would have required Pratt to file withdrawal papers by 5 p.m. March 12.

Franklin, who had been appointed by Pratt several times to represent children as an amicus lawyer, had originally planned to run for election to the 247th Court, but switched to the 311th when she started noticing problems.

Pratt “often times didn’t come to court,” Franklin said. “Orders were not being signed and the local rules say that they must be signed within 10 days and sometimes there were orders” to transfer property or collect child support that “hadn’t been signed for seven months.”

Assistant Harris County Attorney Douglas Ray said Gov. Rick Perry will appoint a replacement for Pratt to serve through Dec. 31.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill said he will encourage the governor to select Franklin, who he said is the party’s “nominee by default.”

Reporters Mike Morris and Dug Begley contributed to this report.


Report details history of “Crook County” corruption

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“Crook County” corruption how much do we let it go on?


A report issued today by the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Better Government Association chronicles corruption in Cook County, calling the county “infested with conflicts of interest.”

In addition to naming about 150 convicted county politicians and employees, it outlines a five-point plan for curing the county of corruption.

“Cook County has become Crook County,” said UIC professor Dick Simpson, one of the report’s authors, at a press conference today outside County Board President Todd Stroger’s office. “This pervasive pattern of corruption must be changed if county government is to provide honest, effective, efficient and transparent government that taxpayers can afford.”

The report, the third in an ongoing series published by UIC, includes a lengthy list of offenses, ranging from decades-long corruption in the assessor’s office to the offenses in the 1980s and 1990s in the sheriff’s office and more recent instances in the offices of the president and the clerk of court.

Simpson, flanked by Congressman Mike Quigley, a former county commissioner, and Andy Shaw, executive director of the Better Government Association, said the county should take steps to eliminate corruption.

Recommendations include barring officials from collecting multiple pensions, auditing the county’s operations, and preventing elected officials from working as lobbyists.

At least one commissioner, Evanston Democrat Larry Suffredin, has acted as a lobbyist, according to public records and news reports.

Quigley called the county’s history of corruption “a tragic comedy,” and said Illinois is a laughingstock in the halls of Congress.

“It’s not just costing us money,” he said. “It’s costing us a critical ability to govern democracy.”

The report delves into County Board President Todd Stroger’s hiring of Tony Cole, a busboy-turned-administrative assistant with a felonious past.

After he was fired in April 2009, former chief financial officer Donna Dunnings, Stroger’s cousin, resigned. She twice bailed Cole out jail and allegedly helped him, recoup pay for days he did not report for work, according to news reports.

Last month, Stroger fired three Shakman-exempt Forest Preserve employees. All three had either donated to campaigns of Stroger’s opponents in the race for the Democratic nomination for County Board president or were tied to his political rivals.

The BGA report recounts efforts by employees to siphon money from the President’s Office Employement Training program.

The report also details allegations of corruption at the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown, whose practices of asking employees for campaign donations received media attention during her her unsuccessful run for County Board president.

Stroger spokeswoman Chris Geovanis called the press conference a publicity stunt, and pointed to measures undertaken by Stroger to curb corruption.

“President Stroger has a documented track record of achievement in pushing forward real reform and real openness, despite objections from both county agencies and, sometimes, county commissioners,” she said.

Stroger increased the powers of the county’s inspector general and helped revise the county’s procurement code, as well as signing the Shakman decree, barring political hiring and firing for some county jobs. Geovanis said no indictments have stemmed from Stroger’s administration.

The county has undertaken measures to make its operations more transparent. Last week it put its checkbook online, allowing the public to view its expenses. Clerk David Orr’s office has begun tallying roll call votes from County Board meetings. There’s also a new Web page devoted to tracking disclosure efforts.

Check Your State Employee for how much they are paid from the state.

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Use the link above to see what state employee are being paid ?

Salaries – State of Illinois
The salaries listed are all payments issued on paychecks in calendar year 2012, including overtime.

Total positions: 75,918
Total payroll: $4,534,259,152.49
Explore additional information about state employees who earn $100,000 or more.
Department Salaries
Top 20 Salaries by Department
Name Count Total Salaries Avg Salary
DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES 13434 $788,520,630.14 $58,695.89
DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS 12161 $780,614,449.00 $64,189.99
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 8603 $418,489,846.17 $48,644.64
DEPARTMENT OF STATE POLICE 3038 $266,508,690.05 $87,725.05
CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES 3094 $226,960,842.58 $73,355.15
SECRETARY OF STATE 4341 $204,116,762.74 $47,020.68
CIRCUIT COURT JUDGES 917 $159,274,109.61 $173,690.41
DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE 2460 $131,754,042.20 $53,558.55
DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT SECURITY 1976 $113,559,297.91 $57,469.28
STATE TOLL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY 1823 $104,890,073.55 $57,537.07
DEPARTMENT OF JUVENILE JUSTICE 1270 $85,587,731.67 $67,391.91
NATURAL RESOURCES 1864 $84,231,595.23 $45,188.62
DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH 1202 $80,325,631.39 $66,826.65
DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS 1505 $74,845,190.03 $49,731.02
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY 949 $67,367,722.99 $70,988.12
COURT REPORTERS 647 $41,065,276.89 $63,470.29
ATTORNEY GENERAL 808 $41,043,953.75 $50,796.97
STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION 655 $38,190,538.54 $58,306.17
OTHER DEPARTMENTS 10803 $554,608,988.35 $51,338.42
View all departments »

County Pay
Other Counties
Top 20 Counties of Residence Salaries
Name Count Total Salaries Avg Salary
Cook 16169 $1,007,061,388.08 $62,283.47
Sangamon 14209 $868,490,930.01 $61,122.59
Will 2584 $170,071,298.70 $65,817.07
DuPage 2073 $135,885,515.46 $65,550.18
Kane 1644 $103,789,663.19 $63,132.40
Kankakee 1819 $94,431,864.47 $51,914.16
Lake 1393 $80,780,276.10 $57,990.15
Madison 1134 $70,548,647.53 $62,212.21
LaSalle 1193 $70,343,898.50 $58,963.87
Morgan 1214 $69,974,165.07 $57,639.35
St Clair 1025 $62,339,784.29 $60,819.30
Out-of-State 1096 $61,354,724.09 $55,980.59
Randolph 1052 $56,426,879.92 $53,637.72
Williamson 844 $53,141,623.57 $62,964.01
Winnebago 870 $52,581,399.05 $60,438.39
Jackson 881 $50,075,131.49 $56,838.97
Menard 828 $49,063,927.95 $59,255.95
Christian 864 $48,693,910.85 $56,358.69
Logan 773 $45,045,520.80 $58,273.64
Peoria 735 $44,561,981.11 $60,628.55
Other Counties 23518 $1,339,596,622.26 $56,960.48
View all counties »
Top 20 Salaries by Job Title
Title Count Total Salaries Avg Salary
CORRECTIONAL OFFICER 7008 $421,356,410.91 $60,125.06
PUBLIC SERVICE ADMINISTRATOR 3731 $311,287,768.51 $83,432.80
HUMAN SERVICES CASEWORKER 2224 $128,314,236.60 $57,695.25
SENIOR PUBLIC SERVICE ADMINISTR 1579 $128,171,348.73 $81,172.48
HIGHWAY MAINTAINER 3732 $124,192,780.83 $33,277.81
MENTAL HEALTH TECH II 2016 $95,357,615.79 $47,300.40
JUDGE CIRCUIT COURT 536 $95,345,852.14 $177,884.05
ASSOCIATE JUDGES OF CIRCUIT COU 403 $67,120,197.45 $166,551.36
INFORMATION SYSTEMS ANALYST II 591 $57,492,122.64 $97,279.40
TROOPER FIRST CLASS 606 $50,859,653.19 $83,926.82
OFFICE ASSOCIATE 1200 $47,908,642.68 $39,923.87
CORRECTIONAL LIEUTENANT 548 $46,536,982.31 $84,921.50
JUVENILE JUSTICE SPECIALIST 675 $45,291,331.57 $67,098.27
CHILD WELFARE SPECIALIST 558 $38,797,770.37 $69,530.05
SEC THERAPY AIDE I 632 $37,536,777.08 $59,393.63
CONTRACTUAL WORKER 1815 $37,511,557.25 $20,667.52
CIVIL ENGINEER III 438 $37,444,080.32 $85,488.77
REGISTERED NURSE II 443 $37,327,779.39 $84,261.35
EXECUTIVE II 507 $35,930,442.83 $70,868.72
EXECUTIVE I 549 $33,870,267.68 $61,694.48
View all titles »
Read more: http://databases.sj-r.com/salaries/state-of-il/#ixzz2x0AYi4kf

Republicans support gay marriage and win? These three lived to tell the tale. Do they support families rights of the children(house bill ,HB5425) or Do they support the (ISBA,Illinois State Bar Assoc.)?

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Can Republicans support gay marriage and win? These three lived to tell the tale.

Three state House Republicans voted to legalize gay marriage in Illinois last year, breaking ranks with their party and giving Democrats just enough support to pass the legislation. All three are still standing Thursday despite an intense effort from social conservatives to defeat them in GOP primary voting.

Larry Pascua carries a rainbow flag at a celebration for the U. S. Supreme Court's rulings on Prop. 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act in the Castro District in San Francisco, on Wednesday, June 26, 2013.  In a major victory for gay rights, the Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a provision of a federal law denying federal benefits to married gay couples and cleared the way for the resumption of same-sex marriage in California. (AP Photo/Mathew Sumner)(AP Photo/Mathew Sumner)

“If you wanted the takeaway to be that voting for gay marriage for an Illinois Republican is the kiss of death, you can’t make that case,” said Kent Redfield, a University of Illinois at Springfield​ political scientist.

The campaign served as the latest front in the Republican Party’s ongoing internal fight over gay rights. Same-sex marriage advocates in the GOP see what happened in Illinois as another sign the ground is shifting in their favor, while opponents cast it as evidence that Republicans who support gay marriage won’t go unchecked.

Of Tuesday’s winning trio, state Rep. Ron Sandack (R) was the most significant. Challenger Keith Matune conceded to Sandack Wednesday, a day after the incumbent squeaked out a narrow victory that for a time looked like it was headed to a recount. Sandack’s vote for gay marriage became a central focus in his race, which was flooded with money and resources by outside forces on both sides.

Sandack received financial support from Paul Singer, the billionaire hedge fund manager protecting Republicans who support gay marriage with his pocketbook. Singer donated to Sandack’s campaign and also gave thousands more to Illinois Unity PAC, which supported Sandack.

Matune opposed gay marriage and was backed by conservative groups Liberty Principles PAC and Illinois Family Action. The former is headed by conservative radio host Dan Proft and funded heavily by Richard Uihlein, who founded the packaging company Uline.

Elsewhere on Tuesday, state Rep. Ed Sullivan easily won his primary, in which his vote for gay marriage was less of an issue than it was in Sandack’s. Still, it was on the radar, as Singer also gave him money. Sullivan was targeted by an Illinois Family Action mailer featuring two men kissing. “You can kiss the GOP goodbye with officials who vote like Democrats,” it said. Sandack faced the same attack.

State Rep. Tom Cross was the only other Republican to vote for the gay marriage law that will go into effect in June. He comfortably won the Republican nomination for state treasurer.

Gay marriage advocates said the three won by campaigning on multifaceted platforms and refusing to allow the opposition to use the marriage debate as a divisive issue.

“I think for anyone ​considering using marriage equality as a wedge issue in 2014 or 2016, it should give those individuals pause,” said Gregory Angelo, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay rights group.

But gay marriage remains among the most sensitive topics in the Republican Party, even as more and more states are legalizing it, the public has shifted heavily in its favor and the GOP donor community has vouched for it. Only a handful of Republican senators support same-sex marriage publicly. The Republican National Committeereaffirmed its opposition last year. Sandack, gay marriage opponents say, would never have experienced such a close call if not for his vote.

“The takeaway is, you vote for same sex marriage, you are going to have a serious primary,” said Brian Brown, head of the National Organization For Marriage, a group that opposes gay marriage.

Republicans have paid a price for supporting gay marriage in the past, perhaps most notably in New York where a trio of state senators who supported gay marriage arguably lost their jobs as a result. But gay marriage advocates hope Illinois will help the party turn the page.

A generational divide may march the GOP toward embracing gay marriage more and more. A Pew Research Center poll showed that 61 percent of young Republicans favor same-sex marriage.

This much is clear: The issue is far from settled in the Republican Party. Illinois was proof of that.

How do they show their support where it counts for the children or the ISBA?

It’s 4th and Goal  and HB 5425 is on the 1 yard line in the Super Bowl of Democracy.   Will you help carry HB 5425 across the goal line to righteous victory???  The children of Illinois await your answer.  Wednesday, at the Capitol, we had a wonderful 1.5 hour press conference with many Illinois television markets enthusiastically covering the HB 5425 Shared Parenting story(finally!!!).

(http://www.wrex.com/story/25020779/2014/03/19/shared-parenting-bill-would-change-illinois-custodial-decisions#.Uywc4vFACpI.gmail )

But the bigger news is that, through dogged determination, we finally met face to face with Rep. Elaine Nekritz and she said she would call the bill for a vote on Monday, March 24th at the 3pm meeting.

We need just 9 yes votes out of 16 votes to pass HB 5425 to a full house vote.  That 16 member vote will no doubt be taken on Monday late afternoon.

Number 1Call all 16 members(see below) of the Illinois House Judiciary Committee and ask them to vote yes on HB 5425 at Monday’s(March 24th) hearing.  If you cannot call all the members, please concentrate on the Democrat members because they are in the majority.  Democrat Chairwoman Rep. Elaine Nekritz is against HB 5425 and she wields majority influence over the Judiciary Committee.  Ask all representatives or their secretaries to fill out the yellow sheet Co- Sponsor form supporting HB 5425.  Inform them that we have 16 co-sponsors listed already so there’s no reason not to be a co-sponsor now.  Call today and even all day Monday.   Report back all comments, good, bad or in-between to me at NurseRichardThomas@gmail.com

Number 2:  Come to the Capitol Monday!!!  Call in sick(of injustice), take a personal day, bring family, friends and kids….EVERYONE!!!   Hitch hike if you have to, ride a wheel chair in if you have to, but come and get the democracy you’ve longed for.  Many kids are on Spring Break – bring the kids.  Make it a family Democracy Project.  Let them make signs to hold up during the vote.  Signs that say “HB 5425 Vote Yes.”   If your kids are in school Monday, know this – the best educational experience for kids in the state is at the Capitol Monday(Judiciary Hearing Mar 24 2014 3:00PM Stratton Building Room C-1 Springfield, IL).


So, you are the quarterback at the Super Bowl and if you choose to sit on the sidelines, Illinois children will continue to suffer with no assurance that they could be the next victim of the Illinois Family Law Business, a 50 billion dollar a year business.  HB 5425 is so close to the most critical victory of getting passed the House Judiciary Committee.   We can win – but ONLY if you get in the game right now!

Click on below for full list of Illinois House Judiciary Committee members. There are 6 Republicans, 10 Democrats and Rep. Welch has already signed on has a co-sponsor.   Make the calls(respectfully, but insistent) TODAY!!!


Evans time is running into a mess of what has unfolded … DOJ DOJ …..

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Sneed: Evans seeks to calm jury pool as verdict on his stewardship nears

By MICHAEL SNEED March 20, 2014 8:06PM

Circuit Court Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans is interviewed his Daley Center office Wednesday April 6 2011 Chicago. Circuit Court of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans is interviewed in his Daley Center office on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 in Chicago. | Richard A. Chapman~Sun-Times


Updated: March 21, 2014 2:22AM

Out of Order!

Cook County Circuit Court Chief JudgeTimothy Evans is trying to stave off Judgment Day.

Sneed’s blast Wednesday of Evans’ stewardship over a sloppily run court system — which is being audited by the lllinois Supreme Court — hasn’t stopped him from continuing his successful campaign of fawning over the judges who keep re-electing him.

◆ To wit: Sneed’s criticism prompted Evans to immediately dispatch a kiss to his black-robed electorate at the Circuit Court of Cook County.

In a memo addressed to all court judges and employees, Evans stated:

“It is important for you to understand that I am proud of you and our court system and how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication to it and the litigants we serve.

“Unfortunately, overly broad, speculative assertions on the integrity and authority of the justice system continue to arise. We are not perfect, as no one in any field, profession or branch of government is perfect, but half-truths and innuendo are reckless and do more harm than good . . .

“I encourage you to continue to perform the fine work on which the public, the legal community and our sister court agencies know they can rely.”

◆ Buckshot: Evans’ leadership of a bollixed court system, which condoned a run amok probation and pre-trial department, is now under the microscope of the Illinois Supreme Court — which is this/close to releasing a critical report.

◆ Backshot: The probation department is being audited for claims it lost track of hundreds of convicts, some of whom allegedly raped or killed while on probation; and had a shoddily run pre-trial system used by judges to determine who goes or stays in jail.

◆ Upshot: Evans suddenly dismissed his acting adult probation chief, Jesus Reyes — whom he appointed in 2005 — on Monday.

◆ Shock shot: Yet, Evans, who refused to replace Reyes despite serious management complaints for years, is continuing to allow Reyes to serve as the Circuit Court’s “advisor for research and policy”!

◆ Penalty shot: A top Sneed source familiar with the court’s probation and pre-trial services division, who asked to remain anonymous, claims: “Giving Reyes this job is a joke. Reyes never initiated a policy during his time in office.

“He even refused to develop a critical incident protocol,” the source said. “We carry guns. Anything could result in a critical incident. The police had an incident protocol. We didn’t. We begged Reyes to develop one. No dice. He never responded to car incidents and shootings involving office workers,” he added.

Stay tuned.

Hair’s the deal . . .

An inadvertent photo tech slip on the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times Thursday looked like Gov. Pat Quinn had a bad trip to the barber.

◆ Let’s set the record straight: Quinn’s head of hair may be white, but it’s very much there. Check out this tress trip down memory mane.

Noah’s ark . . .

There’s a Chicagoan in the cast of actor Russell Crowe’s new film, “Noah,” which is being pitched for endorsement by Pope Francis . . . a la actor Mel Gibson’s hit flick: “The Passion of the Christ.”

◆ Translation: The youngest of the four sons of the biblical Noah, a child called Japheth, is being played by Leo McHugh Carroll, who is the grandson of Special Olympics Chicago founder Jack McHugh and his late wife, Rosemary. “Leo loved having Crowe and actress Jennifer Connelly as his ‘parents’,” said a family source. “His twin, Lucas, played actor Matt Damon’s son in the film “The Informant.”

The ring thing . . .

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