NICKNAMES OF DCF (Department of Children and Families)

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NICKNAMES OF DCF (Department of Children and Families)

By Randy Kluge
I had a nice conversation with Brena Slater from DCF the other day, where she told me how great a company DCF is — and how the organization provides such a valuable and quality service.  So, I thought I would do some research to find out who else thinks so.   Here is a sampling of what nicknames people are giving DCF in their online stories:
What DCF nicknames are

Brena Slater

Destruction of Children & Families
Destroyers of Children & Families.
Money hungry, home wrecking jerks
twisted the truth
The whole DCF system is a man bashing session, no concern for kids.
DCF is communist
Family victimizers
DCF’s dirty tricks
Child snatchers
baby stealers
social wreckers

78% Hate Dcf

Well Brena, hmmm…. maybe you should do some research too!
DCF Florida Save Our Children

15 comments to NICKNAMES OF DCF (Department of Children and Families)

  • Chris

    I think of a small Asian man selling babys in an alley would be more reasonable “You pay now or baby die!” U food be ready in ten minute. Take a leason from Mr Woo DCF.

  • Child snatchers

    baby stealers

    social wreckers


    • Randy

      Thank You for your support

    • Randy

      DCF is crooked and do not care to go on there own words. Best interest of the child.Why does DCF not practice there own statement?Dulce was crying and saying to me want out Daddy want out want you. I will here Dulce say that every day of my life. I agree DCF are Child snatchers,baby stealers,social wreckers, and God and many more things.

      Thank you for your comments.

  • In New Hampshire-Destroyer’s of Children, Youth and Families

    • My heart goes out to you unhappygrammy.It is called dhr in alabama. These animals do not have to have any evidence or proof of wrong doing, just their opinion is all that is required here.The pinheads that we elect as judges agree with whatever these evil, money hungry sickos say. I would bet they all laugh their way to the bank thinking how easy it is to pull all this off. When they all do have to pay for all the families they have destroyed it will be too late for them to seek forgiveness. Sincerely, eddie, a broken hearted pawpaw

  • Elina Whitmore

    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. -Albert Einstein.

    It is time that we Americans take a stand and work toward “cleaning house” and clean up not only Dept of Children and Families but any other department that needs cleaning out.

  • Conservative Woman


  • Linda Smith

    Spawns of the devil!

  • Luna

    inhumane services of government supported abuse


    People with the mind set of a rapist only as an organization that rely’s on funding based on how many children they project to kidnap under pretense of the law

  • robin

    in arizona its C.P.S. childrens prison system

  • anonymous

    DCF– Department of Children Fuckers

  • Lori Martin

    Death of Children Families Scarred

  • john stagg

    When I think of the dcf I think of male haters, nazi ss, gestapo agents. Family haters and God haters. These creatures are sooo biased that they really believe that stealing and torturing children is exceptable behavior. They really believe they are doing good when they are really doing evil.


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