Democrats Should Not Be Allowed to Orchestrate the Republican Primaries?

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Democrats Should Not Be Allowed to Orchestrate the Republican Primaries

Posted: 10 Mar 2014 08:51 AM PDT

There was a fine kerfuffle this weekend, where one-woman media monopolist and serial fabricator Carol Marin decided to libel my friend Dan Proft.    Marin lead off with this ominous warning (since removed)

Dan Proft, a dark presence in Illinois politics, likes to pose as a defender of principled conservative values. Values he touts on his WLS-AM radio show and through his Liberty Principles PAC that lends support to political candidates.

Before going into a screed condemning Proft and his Liberty Principles PAC for distributing  hateful advertising against candidates who are agreeable with Marin (and disagree with Proft).  I understand it is a grave sin to disagree with Carol Marin in Chicago, but in this case, Proft and his PAC did not publish or distribute the material that Marin dislikes.  So Proft being a lawyer, and not a shrinking violet sent her this:

Your (latest) hit piece on me is as inaccurate as your previous.

You are wrong on the facts.

My PAC sent out no mailers with “men kissing other men” or anything else you would term “homophobic”. You are confusing my PAC with another PAC because I know precisely the mailers you are talking about and they were not from me. All you had to do was look at the “paid for” on the mailer to distinguish whose mailers were whose. Apparently you either didn’t do that or didn’t care to properly attribute work product.

In fact, my PAC has supported candidates with a divergence of opinions on marriage. If you had inquired, you would know that in the ’12 election I supported state legislative candidates Bob Kalnicky who supported civil unions and Jonathan Greenberg who was a proponent of what he would term marriage equality. How’s that for “gay bashing?” My PAC has supported candidates who have different views on marriage and different views on the pro-life question. How’s that for intolerance?

If you had inquired, you would know that while I am a social conservative, my PAC exists to support candidates committed to the economic liberty policy agenda. This is a point I have made explicitly to our donors and subsequently honored.

My mailers on the topic of Sandack’s flip-flop on marriage redefinition explicitly said, “Regardless of your view on the issue, you cannot trust your vote with Ron Sandack because you cannot trust his vote.”

My communications on the issue re: Sandack have all been on the matter of trust–a recurring problem with your golden boy. Trust not “homophobia” or even Sandack’s vote on marriage is the issue at bar in this primary. I’ve developed that theme on a wide range of other issues related to the Sandack record including spending, immigration, and taxes. See the attached cable TV spot, for example. Is this “homophobic” too?

Your lack of due diligence to make sure you actually knew what you were talking about and had the facts right–like I did and do with Sandack–is despicable.

Your description of me is projection. You hold yourself out to be a person of (journalistic) integrity and yet you feel no compunction about hyperventilating hit pieces based on demonstrably incorrect information.

I want an apology and a retraction.


Which did just that, as Marin (for once in her life) published a semi-retraction and rather lame apology, but it was head and shoulders better than her reaction to her various attacks over the years on anyone who dares to disagree with her.

I made a serious mistake in an earlier version of this column. It is a mistake that is mine and mine alone and for which I apologize to Dan Proft, political operative and WLS radio talk show host.



Flash back to last week, where all four Republican candidates for Governor met in a debate at the University of Chicago, moderated by none other than Carol Marin via one of her many media personas, newsreader at NBC-5, WMAQ.

Throw in a special guest host appearance from David Axelrod, and it is no surprise that the tone of the debate had very little to do with the issues of importance to Republican voters, rather it highlighted the tired issues that Democrats trot out whenever they see their candidates in trouble for the multiple disasters they have brought on Illinois.  Here’s Eric Zorn:

Moderator (sic) Carol Marin tried to pry sound bites about abortion rights from the four men looking to challenge Gov. Pat Quinn in November. “Would you ever join in an attempt to roll back or restrict some abortion rights?” she asked.

It was a good question. All across the country, states governed by Republicans have been trying to make access to abortion harder by imposing rules and regulations designed to shut down clinics and discourage women seeking their services.

And though the economy and education are major issues, folks on either side of the abortion debate do vote on it.


Well, NO, it is not a good question.  The State of Illinois has very little to say on this issue, which is determined by Federal Law.  Aside from regulatory enforcement, the Law is peripheral at most to the Governor’s job in Illinois.  Of course, Marin (and Zorn) know this, so they trot the issue  out every few years to try to paint even the mildest of Republicans as “extreme” (this on an issue where 58% of voters self-identify as Pro-Life).

Bruce Rauner (and the other candidates) did a good job swatting off Marin’s taunts:

“I don’t have a social agenda,” he said. “I have an economic and education agenda. We’re going to lead a revolution in our state … we need transformation in our economics and our education, and I’ll lead that.”

But it begs the question…Why on earth are the Republicans at a debate hosted by the leader of the Left Wing of the Democratic Party, being “moderated” by a Left-Wing Hack, neither of whom have the best interests of the Republcan Party (nor the taxpayers of the State of Illinois) in mind?

Couldn’t the Republicans rent pretty much any auditorium and hire any of the excellent conservative hosts to moderate a debate? How about Charlie Kirk, a 20 year old Social Media whiz and solid conservative who is very active in Illinois politics and Media? How about Tom Bevan, an evenhanded and very popular media figure who runs Real Clear Politics? How about pretty much anyone in the State other than Marin and Axelrod?

The Republican Party has many legitimate internal disputes. We absolutely need no one from the Democratic Party to manage our disputes for us. We waste our candidate’s time, waste our donor’s money and do nothing to promote the Republican Party by having Democrats orchestrate these events.  It’s time to swear off of Carol Marin and David Axelrod as hosts for anything to do with the Republican Party.

John Powers is the President of the Chicago Daily Observer.

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