House bill 5425 call and support Illinois families

March 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

As a parent for our children we have to now move forward to educate the people that are destroying the fabric that was a binding family. Much more is needed to let our reps and senators know how we will force ours and others votes, as we move in the future for whats going to work in our state .

Now is the time when all things are a mess in our state we need to help clean up this mess for our future constituents of our great state as we all move to a better and  safe place to call home.

So  as our leaders we all need to remember that Thomas Jefferson he had it right he never gave up the fight against the judicary having the power to usurp unyeilding miss used power for themselves not we the people in our states .

All Parents, be they Male or Female; Father or Mother; Born in America, African American; Mexican American, or any other American Citizen despite their nationality; Blind, Deaf, Developmentally Disabled or those with any other disability or those needing other accommodations; any and all parents unless determined by the courts as a danger to bring physical or mental harm t9 the child or in some other way legally unfit to spend some time with their child, must be now and from this day forward allowed to visit with their child. If the visits require supervision, it is up to the Court to provide supervision at no cost to the parent. In most cases, the person who is required to have supervised visits is also the one paying Child Support and in most of those cases they cannot afford to visit their children because Child Support is non-negotiable. This is unfair and leaves the children hating one or both of their parents. Perhaps our legislators could dig deep in their pockets and help fix this injustice that is being forced upon parents at a very difficult and painful time in their lives and a very confusing and painful time in their children’s’ lives when they need all the love and support they can receive from both Parents.

There are 2 very important things we must do.  Again, every person you ever met needs to be encouraged to do the same.  Here is what we all NEED to do:

1.   File a “Witness Slip.”  Very easy, and essential that we get hundreds of these.  Click here:  Witness Slip HB5425.  Under firm/agency, if you belong to one or are an officer of one, put it here.  Or put “parent,” “grandparent” etc., or something else.  Same with “Title.”  Or, if you have a special “Title” such as: Doctor, Mental Health Professional, Attorney, etc., put that in BOTH the “firm/agency” and “title” blocks.  To view our (“proponents”) tally and our “opponents” click here.

2.   Now that we are in the Judiciary Committee, hound them (each and every one) on the phone.  As Richard said, ask them to ”please sponsor HB 5425 today with a yellow sponsor form.”

Here is their info:

Committee Chair                                              Elaine Nekritz                    (D)          (217) 558-1004

Committee Vice-Chair                                   Ann Williams                      (D)          (217) 782-2458

Minority (Republican) Spokesperson      Ron Sandack                      (R)          (217) 782-6578

Member                                                              John D. Anthony              (R)          (217) 782-5997

Member                                                              John E. Bradley                 (D)          (217) 782-1051

Member                                                              Scott Drury                         (D)          (217) 782-0902

Member                                                              Jay Hoffman                       (D)          (217) 782-0104

Member                                                              Dwight Kay                         (R)          (217) 782-8018

Member                                                              Dennis M. Reboletti        (R)          (217) 782-4014

Member                                                              Elgie R. Sims, Jr.                (D)          (217) 782-6476

Member                                                              Brian W. Stewart              (R)          (217) 782-8186

Member                                                              André M. Thapedi           (D)          (217) 782-1702

Member                                                              Jil Tracy                                 (R)          (217) 782-8096

Member                                                              Arthur Turner                    (D)          (217) 782-8116

Member                                                              Emanuel Chris Welch      (D)          (217) 782-8120

Member                                                              Michael J. Zalewski          (D)          (217) 782-5280

This is not the time to sit back.  We need this to get to the full House.  Start calling.


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