A Tragedy in the Family Court System: Judge Phillip Robinson (Tennessee)

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A Tragedy in the Family Court System: Judge Phillip Robinson (Tennessee)

Posted on January 13, 2014 by 

jailby Tina Swithin

Prior to embarking on my own custody battle, I was very naive and trusting. I walked into our Family Court System believing that the system was designed to protect my children and your children. I am your normal, everyday mom. I sit here typing in my sweatpants with my hair thrown into a bun. My weeks are spent running my children to playdates, gymnastics and birthday parties.  I am not online spending countless hours researching conspiracy theories or picketing court houses although the latter seems more and more appealing as I delve further into this nightmare that I now know as the Family Court System.

Every single person in America should be aware of what is happening in our Family Court System. A complete overhaul is in order. While I am thankful that I had a decent, honest Judge assigned to my case, it still took me 4 long years to protect my daughters when the writing was on the wall within the first three months.

Today I was made aware of a case in Tennessee that has left me baffled and wanting to grab a picket sign and start marching on the steps of a certain Tennessee courthouse.

This week,  the loving mother of two small children was thrown in jail for following the recommendation of a Social Worker and two Judges in Wisconsin. This mother was advised not to bring her children for visitation with their father who resides in Tennessee. She was strongly advised to protect her children because a third party reported to Children Protective Services (Wisconsin) their suspicions that the children might have been abused by their father. After a forensic investigation was conducted, the Social Worker in Wisconsin suspended the fathers visitation rights effective immediately. During the forensic investigation, one of the boys stated that his father had touched him inappropriately and left him unattended on multiple occasions. As instructed, she followed the orders from the Social Worker.

In addition to the orders from the Social worker, there was a temporary restraining order in place against the father which was signed by two Judges in Wisconsin and therefore, the mother was legally prevented from bringing the children to Tennessee. If the mother would have followed through with the visitation and disregarded the legal advisement from Wisconsin, she would have been held accountable by the Wisconsin Courts.

As any concerned mother and law-abiding citizen would do, she followed the law. Because she followed orders in Wisconsin, this mother was thrown in jail by circuit court Judge Phillip Robinson of Tennessee. As of this morning, she was released from jail however, this mother is facing serious jail time and could potentially lose custody of her children at the hands of Judge Robinson. His ruling was handed down to “make a point” that she should not have disobeyed his order. Davidson County (Tennessee), the State of Tennessee and everyone in the United States of America should be aware of what this Judge has done to a loving mother who was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.

This is one of those situations that leaves you wondering if there is more to the story however, after further investigation, I can tell you that this mother is being unfairly targeted.  According to witnesses who were in the courtroom, the out-of-state Social Worker and lawyer both testified in a court of law that they advised this mother not to put the children in the fathers care. Having jail time on her record will now prevent her from carrying her LMT license and therefore prevent her from financially providing for her children with her trained skill set.

Please consider signing this petition and sharing this blog to bring awareness to what is happening in Judge Robinson’s courtroom. A Judge’s ego should NOT come before his oath to act in the best interest of the very children that he was appointed to protect.




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