Evans time is running into a mess of what has unfolded … DOJ DOJ …..

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Sneed: Evans seeks to calm jury pool as verdict on his stewardship nears

By MICHAEL SNEED March 20, 2014 8:06PM

Circuit Court Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans is interviewed his Daley Center office Wednesday April 6 2011 Chicago. Circuit Court of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans is interviewed in his Daley Center office on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 in Chicago. | Richard A. Chapman~Sun-Times


Updated: March 21, 2014 2:22AM

Out of Order!

Cook County Circuit Court Chief JudgeTimothy Evans is trying to stave off Judgment Day.

Sneed’s blast Wednesday of Evans’ stewardship over a sloppily run court system — which is being audited by the lllinois Supreme Court — hasn’t stopped him from continuing his successful campaign of fawning over the judges who keep re-electing him.

◆ To wit: Sneed’s criticism prompted Evans to immediately dispatch a kiss to his black-robed electorate at the Circuit Court of Cook County.

In a memo addressed to all court judges and employees, Evans stated:

“It is important for you to understand that I am proud of you and our court system and how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication to it and the litigants we serve.

“Unfortunately, overly broad, speculative assertions on the integrity and authority of the justice system continue to arise. We are not perfect, as no one in any field, profession or branch of government is perfect, but half-truths and innuendo are reckless and do more harm than good . . .

“I encourage you to continue to perform the fine work on which the public, the legal community and our sister court agencies know they can rely.”

◆ Buckshot: Evans’ leadership of a bollixed court system, which condoned a run amok probation and pre-trial department, is now under the microscope of the Illinois Supreme Court — which is this/close to releasing a critical report.

◆ Backshot: The probation department is being audited for claims it lost track of hundreds of convicts, some of whom allegedly raped or killed while on probation; and had a shoddily run pre-trial system used by judges to determine who goes or stays in jail.

◆ Upshot: Evans suddenly dismissed his acting adult probation chief, Jesus Reyes — whom he appointed in 2005 — on Monday.

◆ Shock shot: Yet, Evans, who refused to replace Reyes despite serious management complaints for years, is continuing to allow Reyes to serve as the Circuit Court’s “advisor for research and policy”!

◆ Penalty shot: A top Sneed source familiar with the court’s probation and pre-trial services division, who asked to remain anonymous, claims: “Giving Reyes this job is a joke. Reyes never initiated a policy during his time in office.

“He even refused to develop a critical incident protocol,” the source said. “We carry guns. Anything could result in a critical incident. The police had an incident protocol. We didn’t. We begged Reyes to develop one. No dice. He never responded to car incidents and shootings involving office workers,” he added.

Stay tuned.

Hair’s the deal . . .

An inadvertent photo tech slip on the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times Thursday looked like Gov. Pat Quinn had a bad trip to the barber.

◆ Let’s set the record straight: Quinn’s head of hair may be white, but it’s very much there. Check out this tress trip down memory mane.

Noah’s ark . . .

There’s a Chicagoan in the cast of actor Russell Crowe’s new film, “Noah,” which is being pitched for endorsement by Pope Francis . . . a la actor Mel Gibson’s hit flick: “The Passion of the Christ.”

◆ Translation: The youngest of the four sons of the biblical Noah, a child called Japheth, is being played by Leo McHugh Carroll, who is the grandson of Special Olympics Chicago founder Jack McHugh and his late wife, Rosemary. “Leo loved having Crowe and actress Jennifer Connelly as his ‘parents’,” said a family source. “His twin, Lucas, played actor Matt Damon’s son in the film “The Informant.”

The ring thing . . .


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