DHS punishes child by alienation from entire family ,Such great leadership all should follow this crap?

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DHS punishes child by alienation from entire family
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A children’s charity has said it has seen a sharp rise in the number of reported cases of sexual abuse.Play
A children’s charity has said it has seen a sharp rise in the number of reported cases of sexual abuse.on.aol.com

Star Myers
Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Awareness Examiner
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March 25, 2014
In the last 6 months I have been following a case where a 6 year old revealed to Dhs, counselor, and anyone else who would listen very gruesome details on sexual abuse. This child was not given a forensic exam. Child was in fact interviewed in hallway in the middle of school doorway with kids earshot away. Yet she still revealed. I am not sure if I would tell anyone my bra color in those conditions. She is brave and courageous. I hope she knows someday how proud her family is as well as this writer.

At first visits were stopped for a week. At that point they never investigated perpetrator but instead mom. Mom must have coached her because she told details. Amazing thing with children is they don’t lie about abuse except when denying it for self protection. Children don’t recall details to lie over and over. There are a few things that haunt my mind at night that were said by this child. I will never forget and can’t stop until this child is home where she belongs.

Next they call perpetrator to tell him coming out in few days. They discuss fishing and worms. They do not go in the house where incident happened.They do not interrogate him. The mom goes to court and ends up with supervised visits.They get great supervisor who watches closely. Dad is threatening, abusing mentally and cursing at child within first 5 minutes. Shows me his true colors. He was violent, scary and gave me goosebumps.

Dhs calls hearing and tells no one nothing.They take the child to foster care despite a list of family members wiling to take the child. They take child 2 hours away from school, family,dance and church. Can you imagine how she feels? Seems she is being punished. Visits are granted for mom and dad only for 1 hour. She has older siblings she is incredibly close to. She is not allowed to see siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews or grandparents.

What must this child think? She tells a secret and she is imprisoned far away from family? What would you think? What is the purpose considering the standard is to allow visits and they go above and beyond to stop visits.Siblings are well respected members of the community. I can’t help but feel this child must be thinking she did something “bad”. That was what I thought as a child. Most everyone I know who was sexually abused thinks along the same thoughts.

Her brother has been an avid fighter in this to help and protect his sister. He wrote countless letters which may or may not have been burn material. After nearly 6 months he writes one with a little sarcasm because they wont respond. They surely respond by dragging it out in court to chastise him. Really? It seems like they enjoy torturing the family. Most people would be worse after 6 months of being ignored. Each day I pray for this child. I hope she finds her way back where she belongs with her big loving family and the pain inflicted upon her by this corrupt local government can be easily forgotten. It is my big hope that the officials have consequences so they realize everyone has to 2B Accountable! More information see: http://www.voices-amplified.com

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