Shame on these people that support HB1452 we will challenge the Constitutional federal and state ones.Shame on the Appearance that ISBA this will insure more litigation and most of all destroy all families

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There is a Rally in Springfield on Monday, April 7, 2014. The rally is from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. And during that time, groups of people from the rally will be visiting with legislators, asking them to fill out the yellow co-sponsor slip. I cannot express how effective this is. We NEED you there. If you are driving or need a ride, you need to contact Steve Westerfield. He needs to know: If you are driving, how many people can you take and the area you are leaving from. If you need a ride, what area are you in. We want as many possible people there as a show of force, and teams of people visiting legislators. (Visiting legislators has to be done before noon.) We already have two different carpools driving down from Chicago. If you need a ride, please contact 217-899-4303



IT’S HIGH NOON AT THE NOT-OK CORRAL. The bad news is that the children of Illinois cannot win if we stand alone like Marshal Will Kane. The good news is we have almost always won when we stand together. They said we would never find a sponsor for HB 5425, never get passed the Rules Committee and never, ever get passed the ironfisted, Berlin Wall House Judiciary Committee. Today, HB 5425 has 17 cosponsors, HB 5425 passed the Rules Committee and victoriously passed the House Judiciary Committee with a 9 to 3 vote. It was a uniquely glorious moment when major Illinois television markets picked up our HB 5425 testimony and full length video clips are now on


Our 9 to 3 victory out of the Judiciary Committee was an immediate wake-up call to the divorce industry. All of a sudden, the 50 billion dollar divorce empire is striking back with a phony competing bill namely HB1452, the Burke Omnibus Bill. Within 2 days after HB 5425 passed 9 to 3, the Burke Bill is somehow now in a neck to neck race with the only real shared parenting bill – HB 5425. And if the Burke Bill prevails, it will be used as a weapon to stop all family law progress for decades. We have nonstop tried to negotiate and reason with Rep. Kelly Burke to no avail. Recently, I asked Rep. Kelly Burke face to face why she took the 35 percent minimum parenting time out of her bill and she uttered words I will never forget, “Because some judges and some lawyers don’t want it.” Tragically, Rep. Burke has sold her loyalty to dark forces that keep Illinois children subjugated to the divorce industry.

Just like in the 1998 animated classic Prince of Egypt, the dark, charlatan forces of the Illinois family law industry are trying to send a loud and clear message that they are in charge and democracy is just an exercise of futility designed to keep the masses pacified. “You’re Playing with the Big Boys Now,” is their theme music ( and they are Jedi Masters of political trickery. Throughout history, you must believe before you can achieve. There can be miracles when you believe ( ). Take heart, victory is at hand if YOU follow the action item list below.

There comes a time in every well-lived life when a person must ask themselves, “Are there any more bold moves left?” The answer is yes and the boldest move you can make today and for the next week is to follow the action list below. Please remind everyone you know that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great crisis, did nothing.

Rhetoric aside, here’s what you can do to stop Burke’s Bill HB 1452 and to support HB 5425.


Priority Number 1: KNOW THIS…WE have always won with your phone calls. Call, call, call…every representative in the state. There are 118 representatives and we need 60 “YES” votes in a full house vote. Make it your personal democracy project. Throw a call party and invite everyone you know who can operate a phone, especially children. IT WILL TAKE YOU ABOUT 2 MINUTES PER PHONE CALL TO SAVE A CHILD’S LIFETIME BOND WITH THEIR PARENT. REPRESENTATIVES DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO BE AN EXPERT ON THE BILLS…THEY JUST NEED THE PHONE CALLS TO KNOW YOU WANT THEM TO SUPPORT HB 5425 and that you want the representative to NOT support Burke’s Bill HB 1452. Here is the link to all representatives;


Arguments in SUPPORT of HB 5425, the only real shared parenting bill;

First and foremost, ask the representative(or secretary) to fill out a yellow co-sponsor form in SUPPORT of HB 5425 today or at least vote “YES” on HB 5425 during the upcoming full House vote.

HB 5425 has strong bipartisan support including 17 cosponsors and is from the people of Illinois not from wealthy special interests.

HB 5425 provides maximum shared parenting at a time when kids need both parents the most. Current law has not produced this outcome.

HB 5425 provides that court determined good parents get to choose a shared parenting plan which is not the real norm now.

HB 5425 will minimize the negative impact that custody battles have on children. Today’s norm maximizes conflict.

HB 5425 prevents domestic violence. Today’s family court norm stresses all parents to the max. HB 5425 does NOT make ANY changes to the Order of Protection pursuit process for alleged victims of domestic violence and actually preempts violence. Burke’s Bill encourages maximum conflict during divorce and encourages the incubation of violence.

HB 5425 represents what all parents, grandparents, relatives and children want, need and deserve…shared access to children to facilitate even bonding.

HB 5425 represents the real, long standing recommendations of the Illinois Family Law Study Committee. Burke’s Bill betrays those recommendations.

HB 5425 contains maximum judicial discretion while providing for maximum parenting time. Current judicial discretion is not working toward even bonding because of the cookie cutter approach of 4 hours a week and every other weekend.

Arguments against Burke Bill;

Ask representative(or secretary) to NOT support – vote “NO” on HB 1452, the Burke Bill because;

It has only one sponsor, Rep. Kelly Burke but is backed by wealthy special interests.

It contains no minimum parenting time for court determined good and fit parents.

HB 1452 promotes maximum conflict and promotes the divorce court pressure cooker that all too often leads to domestic violence.

HB 1452 only serves those who profit off of the misery of Illinois children.

IF HB 1452, the Burke Bill, prevails then Illinois children will be stuck with bad law for decades.

April 11th is the deadline, but things will probably happen sooner, so start calling today!!! Be friendly but firm in your support of HB 5425 because your fair share of democracy is on the line. Limit your daily per citizen calls to each representative to a reasonable norm.

Priority Number 2: Come to the Capitol in Springfield to demand shared parenting on April 7th, 2014 from 8am to 3pm. Meet your representative that day and utter the long overdue words, “Children need BOTH parents now more than ever – Please SUPPORT HB 5425.” Capitol Blueroom Press Conference concerning shared parenting HB 5425 at noon.

Priority Number 3: If you have time, please email me any responses you get on the above at

Will Representative Kelly Burke’s Titanic Bill HB 1452 successfully sink the best interests of Illinois children? Will the noble HB 5425 hit the deviously placed IceBurke and sink? Will the dark ages of Illinois family law continue? YOU control the outcome of this dramatic episode of democracy. Call, Call, Call all Illinois state representatives today!!! Here’s the link again;


Explanation of Bill:

HB 5425: Divorce in this country all too often means that children lose sufficient contact with at least one of their parents. Most people don’t know that the standard “visitation” schedule for non-custodial parents in the State of Illinois is 4 hours a week and every other weekend. No matter how good and participatory a parent has been this is the standard time allotted to almost all non-custodial parents. This makes bonding, especially even bonding, next to impossible, over the course of a child’s first 18 years of development. HB 5425 is a quantum leap forward towards a remedy. This bill takes the target off the backs of Illinois children going through divorce and custody. If a judge determines that both parents are good and fit, the non-custodial parent will be allotted at least 35 percent minimum parenting time weekly to facilitate, enable EVEN bonding with both parents. The bill has strong bi-partisan support and will die unless people call in support. I co-wrote HB 5425 along with Attorney Mick Gerhardt(then filtered through the Legislative Reference Bureau). So, if you have any further questions please contact us.



Richard Thomas

“our guy in Springfield”

Illinois Fathers




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