Chris Mackney Suicide – Father-in-Law’s Role

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Chris Mackney Suicide – Father-in-Law’s Role
Friday, May 9, 2014 7:34

(Before It’s News)
scamodo-edit.jpg(left, Pete Scamardo, father-in-law)
After Christopher Mackney, 45, a father of two, committed suicide just before New Years, his suicide note went viral. (It detailed how his ex-wife and the court system had destroyed him.) Michael Volpe reveals that there is another dimension to this story not mentioned in the suicide note. Chris learned of crimes committed by Dina Mackney’s father, Pete Scamardo:
Mackney, 45, committed suicide Dec 29, 2013 – See more at:
Mackney, 45, committed suicide Dec 29, 2013 – See more at:

“Pete Scamardo committed a gruesome murder in 1968 but escaped jail because he hired Percy Foreman, one of the greatest litigators of all time. He was convicted of accomplice to commit murder, though he ordered it, and got probation. After the trial, he moved to Virginia and reinvented himself as a real estate mogul.
When Chris Mackney married jewelry designer Dina Scamardo , he wasn’t told of her father’s past. Chris only found out seven months into the divorce. Scamardo hired the toughest sob attorneys and they did all they could to destroy Chris from that moment forward.”
Background- Upscale Jewelry Designer Has Husband’s Suicide Note Expunged from Internet
by Michael Volpe
I’m an investigative journalist and my definition of an investigative journalist is someone who inserts themselves in a situation someone somewhere wants kept hidden, and they report on that. While many on the internet have made Dina Mackney the focus of this situation, that is not entirely accurate.
dmdesigns.jpgIn fact, the center of power and influence in this situation, according to my investigation, is not upscale jewelry designer Dina Mackney, but her father, Pete Scamardo. What he wants kept hidden is his involvement in the 1968 murder of his friend and business partner, Sam Degelia Jr.
Scamardo paid $2,000 to have Degelia Jr. killed in order to collect on insurance money.
In fact, Scamardo, a very successful builder from Virginia, didn’t reveal this information to Chris Mackney while Mackney dated his daughter, during their marriage, or during their divorce. Mackney found this out on his own in June 2008, when the divorce was several months old.
At that point, the tenor of the divorce changed. Dina Mackney fired her lawyers, Ain & Bank, and hired a law firm headed by Jim Cottrell, which advertises, “we’re not the type to settle, so have your pocketbook open.”
The revelation of this murder, which is in fact public information but not well-known, was at the center of the calculus of everything going forward.
Many who read this will likely not be most interested in the murder, and that’s because like everyone they approach this story through the lens of their own ideology, but if you want to understand what really happened, stripped of ideology, you need to start with this brutal murder, a murder actually committed by the hitman, Charles Harrelson, whose son is the actor Woody Harrelson.
On May 10, 1991, he was featured in the Washington Times, and this time it was due to an $80 million lawsuit filed against him by the Virginia bank, Chevy Chase bank. That story too failed to mention the murder of Sam Degelia and Scamardo’s role in it.
Since the 1970s, Scamardo has been a defendant or plaintiff in more than one hundred lawsuits just in Fairfax County, Virginia.
christopher-mackney.jpgChris Mackney, left, also accused Scamardo of doing an end run around Virginia laws and using his daughter as a front in order to get a horse racing license.
“I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that my wife and her father were involved in a felony conspiracy, during the course of the marriage when Mr. Scamardo used his daughter to obtain a Virginia horse racing license.”
Mackney’s claim about the horse racing license raises another question…how did Pete Scamardo, a convicted accomplice to murder, get a real estate license? I posed that question in an email to Amanda Pearson, the media relations person for the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, but she didn’t respond to the email.
Now, here’s the tentatively titled chapter: The Murder of Sam Degelia Jr.




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