800 babies dead how many more sights like this the appearance they have this is the US as well?

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Mass grave with bones of up to 800 kids found in Ireland
Remains thrown in septic tank by nuns at home of unwed mothers

03 June 201414:16News
(ANSA) – London, June 3 – The bodies of as many as 800 children have been found in a mass grave in western Ireland at a former home for unwed mothers run by nuns between 1925 and 1961, Irish media reported.
Many of the children died of disease and malnutrition and their bodies were thrown into a septic tank.
The discovery in Tuam, where nuns from the Bon Secours order ran the home for pregnant unmarried women, sheds more light on a dark period in the history of Catholic Ireland, where pregnancy outside marriage was often treated as one of the worst possible crimes.
Police are continuing to investigate and media reports say that the Catholic Church is discussing construction of a memorial to the children.
Irish Central newspaper quoted local historian Catherine Corless, who says she recalled growing up the so-called “Home Babies” who she said were segregated by nuns at school and treated badly by everyone.
She said that she was moved as an adult to research what became of the children, and through a regional health board tracked down the records of the deaths of 796 children at the home.
The records listed names, birth dates and sometimes included cause of death for each child.



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