Title -IV funds and Judge Schuster and her cronies The appearance of her retirement housing funds from 604 evaluators and other scumbag lairs.

August 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

For those who do not know, Monday, Judge Schuster issued a $10k body
attachment. I had a status call. Even though I now have attorneys
representing me, I am required by court order to be there. (Part of the
harassment package to screw with me and keep the threat over my head that
they can/will jail me whenever I walk in the courtroom.) Beforehand, one of
the court watchers overheard my old GAL (He has not been in the case for 4
years; but is pissed about the spotlight we have been putting on GALs), Ex’s
attorney, and court bailiff were discussing what Judge Schuster said she was
going to do that day. (Sounds like pre-determining case, bias, ex parte
communications (by proxy?)).

After the first part of fireworks, the case was passed. I also had an
appointment with HFS (Judge has been hounding for months because I had not
met with HFS yet. I was I the system, I had proof of regular communications
requesting an appointment date. I had only recently been given one. Judge
Schuster was claiming I was delaying the appointments.) within the next 20
minutes. (We were already over an hour in this “status call.”) My
attorneys felt there was no reason for me to remain at court; and if I
missed the HFS appointment, Schuster would lock me up. (Another Judge
Schuster created catch-22 where I would lose no matter what.) And since I
already appeared in court and was presently represented by counsel, I would
have a good argument against that part of the catch-22. Not surprisingly,
when they went again before the judge, my attorneys stated where I was, and
Judge Schuster tried to put in the record (luckily, we had a court reporter
present) that I failed/refused to show up for court and she was holding me
in contempt. My attorneys clarified the situation. If they knew Judge
Schuster like I know Schuster, I would not have clarified it and filed
against Schuster because there would then be an Order claiming I
failed/refused to appear; and a court transcript with me on it. So the
Order was changed to I failed/refused to “re-appear.” Judge Schuster issued
a $10k body attachment.

Tuesday, one of the advocates I court-watch for every so often stated that
she saw my Ex’s attorney hanging around her courtroom without a case being
called and leaving when she left. (Looking to have me locked up or
coincidence?) I know from the past that the ex’s attorney has followed me
or the judge has kept tabs on me because I have been questioned by both
(Yes, the judge does much of the examination/cross-examination, if not all
of it at times) regarding how much clients are paying me. The question
usually starts with “How much did your client pay you for your court
appearance on July xx, 2014 in Judge X’s courtroom.” (And I keep saying to
myself and everyone else that there is no collusion.) Although I have never
said it, my thought is “What the fuck are you doing, stalking me?” I have
court tomorrow. And not surprisingly, my vacation with my daughter begins
next week and I have a series of medical appointments. (Again,
coincidentally, my jailings seem to be statistically linked to my time with
my daughter and my medical appointments, ensuring a high impact on them.)

While I am friends with many of the bailiff’s there, Monday, I had one who I
barely know ask me what Schuster has against me because I am the talk of the
division and everyone is speculating that there is something personal going
on because they have never seen anything get this out of hand. I have been
asked multiple times if Schuster and I had an affair that went very bad. I
do not associate with scum like her.

This is just this week. There are several other incidences where the bias
is very evident.

I have been told by many that Schuster has stated to several people (and me
in court when there is not a court reporter) that she will “break” me. I am
too stupid to be broken. My resolve only gets stronger.

Thanks for all your support. If (when) I get locked up, I am sure that the
word will get out.


Michael D. Gerhardt
Law Offices of
Gerhardt & Haskins LLP
730 West Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois 60661
NEW FAX: 312-284-4815


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