The biggest crock of shit headline of 2015! so far anyway.

January 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

The biggest crock of shit headline of 2015!
so far anyway.

U.S. foster care system offers hope for children at risk

There is apparently a push to recruit new foster care and adoptive parents this time of year, so they start pouring out the warm and fuzzy bullshit.

This time of year it is important for them to pour on the bullshit because of the November being “National Adoption Month” where they liquidate the assets. This causes some foster parents to get out of the business because they finally have your kid of their own and can live just as well off of the adoption subsidies.

Sadly, many stolen children never get adopted into these wonderful happily ever families. Some even… age out. When that happens, there isn’t as much hope.
– As many as 36 percent of those who age out of the system become homeless, while 56 percent become unemployed.
– Roughly 27 percent of male foster children will be jailed after aging out.
– Less than half of emancipated youth who age out graduate from high school and fewer than 12 percent graduate from college.
– About 40 percent of aged out foster children become parents as a result of unplanned pregnancy.
This info comes from another warm and fuzzy bullshit article where they show the perfect happily forever after family in an attempt to recruit more. In reality though, it’s a real struggle. They f_ck these kids up before they find them the forever homes.
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1 comment:
Anonymous said…
Yes they feed people a line of bull,basically sale the public and children a dream that very quickly turns into a one way no way out downward spiral to destruction! I would know bc im a former foster kid.I was ripped from my home several times and placed in foster care, and then returned bk home, removed again, returned bk home, and removed again and this caused me more harm than good! I went from a semi abusive home with my mother to a foster home to be treated like trash that was unwanted and undeserving to be in thier home, I was beaten, belittled, and molested in Mr.Adkins home, where he also was molesting his five year old biological daughter as well.
Over the three different occasions that I entered foster hell/care I was treated like a prisoner or house slave rather than a child!
I was made stay in my room 80% of the time and the other 20% was either spent doing chores or going to therapy and dr.appointments. I rarely got to go outside to play or play with other kids,most kids would shun me bc I was weird to them and I got called “dumb lil orphan girl” so I never had no real friends other than my foster brothers and sisters and I couldnt stay in one home or school system long enough to even try to make friends and my social worker never listened to me or believed me when I told her I was being abused and she blamed me, over time I got tired, emotionally numb, and became by Cps standard, a damaged unruly child, and I would run away from the foster homes and get picked up by police and held in jail, made see psychiatrist wich labeled me with “RAD”, ODD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and clinical depression and was placed on a very harsh regimen of drugs(Risperdone, Chlonopin, Ritalin, lithium, and Prozac).These drugs made me so sick and hard for me to concentrate or even function. I was flanking in school a nd had severe behavioral problems wich landed me in group homes as a teen bc fosters didnt want to deal with me and nobody wanted to adopt a damaged and problematic child. So at age 16 I ran away from yet another foster placement and this time even the social workers gave up on me, they never attempted to find me and I lived on the streets, sleeping in junk cars, park benches, under bridges, crack houses or wherever I could find a warm place to lay my head, I ate out of dumpsters, or begged for food, or stole to get food, and sometimes id find a church or soup kitchen, but it was few and far between to get a clean hot meal! I filled out applications for jobs, id wash up in gas station but id wear dirty clothes until I could find someone to wash them for me, and I finally got my first job at a daycare at age 17, and after I worked there a few weeks I filled out application for public housing assistance and the very day I turned 18 i was in my first apartment. I had no high school diploma so I was stuck in minimum wage jobs and I had no permit or drivers license until I turned 21when I finally saved enough money to buy my first cheap used car. My point is my whole life was a fight and a struggle to just stay alive, foster care never made my life betteror any easier, it made it three times harder and it offered no help while I was in, thier care for life skills, job skills, or any assistance of any form! I done it all wo thier help and I succeeded. Im 35 now and I have been constantly herassed by CPS bc of my own two kids wich are now in foster care and ive been fighting for two years to get back. CPS DAMAGED ME AND NOW THEY CLAIM I WAS OR AM SO DAMAGED I COULD NEVER BE A GOOD RESPONSIBLE PARENT TO MY KIDS SO THEY FEEL BEST OPTION IS TO TERMINATE MY RIGHTS AND ADOPT OUT MY KIDS!!!!! CPS DOES NOT PROTECT KIDS, OR IF THEY DO THEY SURE DIDNT ME!


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