‘false flag’ operation the purpose of which is to instill fear in the World population.

January 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

Though various reasons have been advanced to explain these anomalies, they
continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate. The secular view can be found
anywhere from Lame Street Media and Disinformation agents on the Internet
to those who pursue secular Truths, and on to those who relate the latter
to Biblical Prophesy.

As we are seeing in France in the past couple of days, people are rallying
around a ‘false flag’ operation the purpose of which is to instill fear in
the World population. This event is being reported as France’s 9-11.
France is blaming it on the Mossad, but those of us in the know realize that
there are layers of actors that eventually will be traced back to the
Jesuit/Vatican Criminal Cartel, the organization behind it all. They employ the
Hegalian Dialectic and use front men to execute it. Many times the latter are
under some form of mind control, and set off by ‘trigger words’.

These events, inter alia, are being used to cover up what has already
entered our Solar System and is anticipated to be upon us within two years, or

Regardless, those of us who have relentlessly followed these numerous
subject areas and events are familiar with what is soon to come – – the Nemesis
System. Revelation 8:11 describes it as “Wormwood”. It includes a brown
dwarf sister star to our Sun, and consists of a total of eight planetary
bodies, some of which are moons with the main emphasis on the Planet Nibiru,
said to be approximately 5x the size of our Earth.

The latest information on it can be obtained by visiting Marshall Masters


Beware of the fact that government indoctrinated disinformation artists
abound on this information and do not be swayed by it. Many astronomers
function on government grants. Government worldwide are controlled by the
Jesuit/Vatican/Secret Society/Illuminati/Freemasonry Satanic consortium and have
kept this information hidden for centuries.

Also see:


The Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy (5:46 min.)

Keep an eye out for a blue star.

Multiple videos – Let these videos play – one after the other

To wrap it all up, see Isaiah 26 thru 29, which aligns with the Hopi
Prophesy oft quoted by various knowledgeable students of this subject that
reinforces the Hopi Prophesy passed down through their generations from the last


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