It’s always the appearance of a true scumbag that rips off the students and the state .

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“While the students and taxpayers should be pleased to see Dr. Breuder leave, they’ll be angry at this secretly negotiated
and outrageously large severance package.”

College of DuPage Awards Severance LUMP SUM
to embattled President Robert Breuder

“A wanton betrayal of students and taxpayers…”
Vice Chairman Kathy Hamilton, College of DuPage

By Jodi Cohen and Stacy St. Clair | January 23, 2015
Click here to read Chicago Tribune article
By Robert Sanchez and Christopher Placek, Jan 23, 2015
Click here to read Daily Herald article

COD President Robert Breuder will never admit it, but our heat helped push him into “voluntary” retirement. Unfortunately, the board conferred one of the largest severance packages in Illinois history.

Listen to my three minute public comment battling this outrageous compensation package.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier at College of DuPage, Board Chairman Erin Birt and a six trustee majority led by Kim Savage, Nancy Svoboda, Dianne McGuire, and Joe Wozniak voted to confer $762,000 in severance to embattled President Dr. Robert Breuder.

Only Vice Chairman Kathy Hamilton battled the lunacy. Click here to watch her courageous speech.

Watch how the discussion is squelched, transparency opposed, & how quickly the vote was called on the compensation package.
Non-responsive lawyer answers regarding the pension question.

This is blatant student and taxpayer abuse.

By our calculations, over the next fifteen months, Dr. Breuder will make nearly $1.4 million in compensation: roughly $625,000 in salary and benefits and $762,677.77 in a LUMP SUM severance bonus. Just in case you didn’t know, College of DuPage is a junior college.

Then, there’s our unanswered question of Breuder’s pension: the LUMP SUM will likely be treated as “pensionable salary.” This means millions in pension spiking to life expectancy. Additionally, Breuder’s starting pension payment could rival his active salary.

Last night’s resolution could cost students, local taxpayers and statewide taxpayers millions of dollars. Click here to read General Counsel of State University Retirement System Karen Goodman’s response on pensionable lump sums.

Compounding matters, the board acted in secret. Breuder’s golden parachute was negotiated in secret and the details were kept secret- and were not read during the meeting. A copy of the “contract extension” was emailed out hours after the meeting by the college spokesperson. Click here to read the document.

We believe that this violates the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Legal options are being reviewed in regard to an immediate Open Meetings Act lawsuit.

In Illinois if you’re not suing, then you’re just not serious. Help stop the corrupt practices.

Please donate to American Transparency’s effort legally enforce transparency and the open meetings law in Illinois. Please click here to donate $25, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 today.

For The Good of Illinois

Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois


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