Sad state of affairs wake up?

February 17, 2015 § Leave a comment


By _J.B. Williams_ (
February 16, 2015

The state of our nations’ disunity is epic. Our once great nation is in an
accelerating death spiral and nobody seems to know who to blame or what to
do about it, no matter how obvious the answers to those questions.

Unfortunately, most Americans have been carefully trained to focus all
attention on the election process, as the sole means of holding their “public
servants” accountable for their misdeeds. Before one election ends, the
next election campaign season begins, and the people find themselves trapped
in a constant campaign state, as they repeatedly miss the forest for the

When all else fails, return to the basics… Keep it simple, because the
more complex the problems, the more simple the solutions must be. Complex
solutions are never carried out. Simple solutions work…

In this case, we are experiencing a period in history when everything
established by our Founders is under assault, most of it already destroyed. One
needs to look no further than the preamble to the U.S. Constitution to
confirm it, or beyond the Declaration of Independence to know what to do about

At Our Foundation

The people, through the consent of the colonies, created the Federal
Government in the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and the people, stated for

what purposes they created that system of self-governance in the preamble

• In order to form a more perfect union;
• To establish Justice;
• To insure domestic tranquility;
• To provide for the common defense;
• To promote a general welfare;
• All of which is to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our

Everything that follows in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is
erected for the sole purposes stated in the preamble, those six simple reasons
for all of it. All six of those purposes have been violated by the Federal
Government since, and so long as the people allow it to continue, they
have no _Representative Constitutional Republic_
( and they never will have it again.

The Violations are Obvious and Many

To form a more perfect union? – Our country is divided more than at any
previous time in our history. No matter whom we elect or who controls the
chambers of Congress, the approval rating of the people remains in the single
digits, indicating 90% disapproval, which might be the only thing Americans
are actually united on today, although they will disagree on the reasons
for that disapproval.

The current Administration is bouncing between 36-50% approval, depending
upon which poll you believe and what day you look at the poll. At best,
half of the people support the perceived direction of this administration and
half stand totally opposed to the reality.

Nearly every Supreme Court opinion, unrestrained by the Supreme Law of our
Land, is divided in a 5-4 “social justice” ruling, leaning slightly left
or right of center depending on the issue at hand. No matter which branch
of the Federal government we look at, the nation is totally divided on each,
as are the branches themselves. We are no longer even trying to form a
more perfect union. Our disunity has almost reached perfection…

To establish Justice? – Which justice are we talking about? Constitutional
Justice, equal protection under the law, and equal application of our
laws, governed by the Supreme Law of the Land? The solemn Oath to “faithfully
execute the laws of the United States and to at all times protect and
preserve the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of this land?” – Or, social
justice, the misuse and _common law_
( subversion of Constitutional law, allegedly for the “
greater social good?”

What we have at the moment is worse than a totally lawless society. In a
totally lawless society, anarchy, no one follows the laws and the will of
the people can eventually prevail, just as it did following the anarchy
leading up to the American Revolution.

What we have today is tyranny, wherein the common law-makers, interpreters
and enforcers can operate completely outside of the law and beyond any
constitutional authority with impunity. They make, interpret and enforce laws “
unequally” between their loyal subjects and their dissenters, who think
they are free to dissent in the open, until the I.R.S. seizes their assets,
or until DHS labels them a “potential domestic terrorist,” or until they
are lynched in public opinion by the complicit propaganda media.

There is NO honest effort to provide any form of Justice in America today.
People are sitting in prison right now, without ever having broken any
laws, some of them, without even a legitimate Grand Jury indictment for or
legitimate prosecution of their alleged crimes, in direct violation of the
Bill of Rights. The courts are no longer restrained by the written laws of
Congress. They are free to make up their _common law_
( on a whim, to suit the political agenda
of the Federal Government, of which they are a part.

To insure the Domestic Tranquility? – Are you kidding me? Race crimes are
on the rise, most of it black on black crime, the rest a result of
intentional race-baiting by this administration, its minions in congress, and the
press, or fueled by an increasing sense of futility reaching from sea to
sea. Islamic terror all over the globe has exploded on Obama’s watch, as the
threat of new Islamic terrorist strikes on U.S. soil increases hourly.

Our kids are not safe… Our senior citizens are not safe… Our
neighborhoods are becoming increasingly unsafe… Inner cities are not safe… Areas of
our country are “no go zones” due to Islamic enclaves, Hispanic gang
activity, black riots and looting, or Mexican drug cartels controlling the border
areas. College campuses are becoming less and less safe, as are many
churches and public K-12 schools. St. Louis, Detroit, San Diego, Chicago and
numerous Southern border towns are not fit to live in.

The open borders and illegal amnesty policies of the current lawless
administration insures that there can be no domestic tranquility in America,
maybe ever again. The administrations tyrannical rule by “Executive Order or
Action,” without any regard for “faithfully executing the laws of this land,
” further guarantees that there can be no peace or tranquility in America,
until these violations have been remedied.

To provide for the common defense? – The Obama Administration has spit in
the face of every U.S. ally and made friends with every known terrorist
group in the world, all of them in some way affiliated with The Muslim
Brotherhood, which Obama has made part of his administrative cabinet.

The enemy is not at the gate, they are in the White House, and all
branches of our Military, as well as all National Security agencies and again,
congress. Instead of providing for the common defense of the United States,
our Federal Government has turned all National Security assets on the
American people, and infiltrated the highest levels of our Government. They are
protecting known illegal invaders, instead of keeping their oath to prevent
any illegal invasion of our country from foreign influences.

Instead of enforcing the Uniform Rules of Naturalization established by
Congress, they have thrown them all out the window via “Executive Action”
without any such constitutional Executive authority. They have become
entirely destructive of all reasonable efforts to provide for the common defense
of the United States, both here and abroad.

To promote a general welfare? – Not to provide welfare to all, but to
promote things that are in the best interest, or the general welfare of all
American citizens. Our government threatens the general welfare of all
Americans by using taxpayer funds to pick winners and losers, including providing “
general welfare benefits” to people who have no right to be in our country
at all.

During the Great Depression, 30% of Americans were out of work and
dependent upon some form of government assistance for their very existence. Those
soup and bread lines were quite visible to all, and there was no mistaking
the poor state of our economy. Today, more than 40% of Americans depend
upon some form of government assistance, while the government and their press
tell you how great the Obama economy is doing. The American Dream is no
longer the freedom to work, earn and own, but rather to see how many free
gifts one can rob from the taxpayer’s treasury.

Freedom and Liberty have been traded for free cell phones and ObamaCare…
all of it at the expense of the general welfare of all Americans and the
future of freedom and liberty.

To secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves? – This is the entire
purpose of everything our Founders created. If the actions of our Federal
government result in the loss of individual freedom and liberty, for any or all
decent, honest self-reliant productive members of society, it has become
destructive to the purposes of the people and the nation as a whole.

Without true constitutional justice, domestic tranquility, an adequate
common defense of our nation, our heritage, our fundamental reverence for
freedom, our language and traditions, or the general welfare of all who were
endowed by our Creator with the inalienable Right to Life, and the Pursuit of
happiness under our own steam, there is no Liberty.

Not only can there be no Liberty for ourselves, we have doomed all
posterity to a substandard life of poverty under tyrannical governments focused
only upon its own wealth and power.

What Americans have allowed to happen to themselves, out of ignorance,
apathy and cowardice is bad enough. But the life we are dooming our children,
our grandchildren and their children to, is inexcusable and unforgiveable.

I challenge every reader to go examine the _Bill of Rights_
( , and discover
that there is nothing in those Ten Amendments that our Federal Government
has not already violated, repeatedly. Still, it is allowed to continue.

Every Politician is to Blame

Without exception, every member of congress that fails to hold the
Executive Branch fully accountable for its misdeeds is _complicit_
( by that failure. Every member of the
Obama Administration who is knowingly and wantonly undermining the will and
freedom of the people is guilty of _treason_
( . And every member of the U.S. Supreme Court who fails to
uphold and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights is also guilty of
treason and _misprision of treason_
( . There can be no social justice where there is no respect for
Constitutional Law.

But who is to blame for these politicians?

Every American citizen who sits idly by, allowing these politicians to
destroy our Constitutional Republic without rising up in defense, is
responsible. Every American who votes only on what their government can do for them,
ignoring what their government is doing to them, is responsible.

Every American who through ignorance or apathy just stumbles through life
as though none of this will ever affect them personally, or can see the
threat we all face from within, but lacks the courage to stand in outrage, to
stop the destruction of our once great nation, is responsible.

Every American more focused upon their own individual pet agendas than the
best interest of our Republic, the freedom and liberty of all Americans,
is responsible.

Every American who thinks they can solve these problems in a few more
elections, without ever holding any elected servants accountable, is

Every American waiting for someone else to solve the problem, or refusing
to set aside their own pride or ego in order to band together in a
formidable force, is responsible.

Freedom is not for fools or cowards…. The reason our Federal Government is
getting away with all of this, is our nation is full of fools and cowards,

If you are looking for a solution, find a mirror. Enforcing every letter
of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is the only solution, and if you are
waiting for anyone else to do it, it will never get done.

But I will tell you this right now… there is no solution to the condition
of our Federal Government that does not begin with _Impeachment of the
entire Obama regime_
( . If you are
going to run away from this one, nothing else you do is going to fix
anything today.

If you think you can defend freedom and liberty without a fight, you have
already lost. Freedom is not easy, it never was. Freedom has always come at
a very high price indeed. But it is worth every penny, every drop of
blood, for without freedom, there is no peace, no tranquility, no prosperity, no
liberty and eventually, no life. The United States will be saved by the
American people, or it will be lost forever. No politician is the solution…

Every politician is part of the problem….


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