The appearance that our children only a profit center for these people?

February 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

We are back in the legislative session fights.

Sen. Mulroe is the sponsor of SB57 (the new IMDMA – divorce statute). When drafting this he consulted with the various “stakeholders.” (I discussed this with him back in September because his definition of “stakeholders” was the Bar Associations, not the parents’ groups. And we know the Bar is only interested in creating fights – revenues for attorneys.) So we got what you can expect when only one side (the malicious side) is included in drafting a bill. Can you say – fuck the kids and any parent who wants a meaningful relationship with their child. Because that is exactly what we got. It leads to worse results than what we presently have.

For example:

-Want your kids school records? Too bad. We don’t need to follow federal FERPA law according to SB57.
-Pay more than 65% of your pay in child support? (While in jail, they want you to pay 100%. Most of our jobs do not pay us while we are in jail, if we have a job at that point. So what is the thought process on this one?). Why not? Nonetheless, we can ignore federal law that limits child support to 65% of your pay.
-That Right of First Refusal Bill that we drafted and worked hard on and passed unanimously last session. SB57 guts it – It now only applies to parents who have joint custody (ones who may need it less than most who are forced into a sole custody arrangement.)

And this is only based on a 30 minute review of a 212 page document.

For your information, Senator Mulroe is a practicing attorney and a member of our biggest opponent (Illinois State Bar Association – ISBA) in moving forward with family law reform.

Call Mulroe NOW – Just a 60 second call. (217) 782-1035 or (773) 763-3810. Let him know you are a “stakeholder,” and active advocate, and are pissed, etc. If you feel the need, let him know that you feel that he is a sellout to the Bar Association. (Yes, the ISBA gave Mulroe campaign money.)

Light his phone up.


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