50/50 parenting should be the default position in divorce – think about it!

April 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

Divorce courts in America are destroying any chance of maintaining the children’s mental health by interfering with parenting, promoting conflict by discouraging mediation and encouraging that a divorce should be an adversarial proceeding, as well as encouraging the racketeering that goes on when judges enrich court-appointed attorneys, counselors and therapists by appointing them in an open-ended instead of limited fashion and only when necessary.Courts are the wrong place for divorce decisions to be made as they are inherently an adversarial proceeding. We need mediation outside of the court to be the default position in any dissolution of a marriage, particularly if it involves children. We need a complete overhaul of laws related to dissolution of marriage, as well as about probate issues such as guardians for elders – another area of court abuse of families.Judges, lawyers, and most of the court-appointed hacks knows as GALs, child representatives, and evaluators (often who make their business promoting conflict to draw out their appointment and make more money in this cottage industry) end up raping the estates of families and even taking the children’s college funds to pay for their fees.Instead of promoting stabilization and financial security, the judges and lawyers work hard to end careers, teach children to be entitled and view parents as only deep pockets, promote parental alienation and defamation, as well as

via 50/50 parenting should be the default position in divorce – think about it!.Study: Illinois Worst State in America to be a Taxpayer

Posted: 16 Apr 2015 07:00 AM PDT

For Illinoisans who rushed to get their taxes filed by midnight last night, it’ll probably come as a surprise that a new study from WalletHub ranks Illinois as the worst state in America to be a taxpayer.

That’s right, 51 out of 51 – ranking even below Washington, D.C.

As the Chicago Tribune’s Geoff Ziezulewicz reported:

We have a gargantuan budget deficit and a governor intent on various spending cuts to ameliorate that deficit.

Unfunded pension obligations mass on our horizon, not to mention a whole mess of Chicago bond debt.

But on April 15, National Tax Day, Illinois has yet another reason to be fiscally glum: A new study has named the Land of Lincoln the worst place in America to be a taxpayer.

The survey, by WalletHub.com places Illinois 51st among states and the District of Columbia when it comes to paying out to the man.

Even after adjusting for cost of living, WalletHub had Illinois 43rd on the list. …

Being last on that list wasn’t Illinois’ sole claim to fame in WalletHub studies this year.

We were also found to pay the second-highest amount of property taxes.

The Prairie State is second only to New Jersey in highest property taxes.

Coincidentally, Illinois is second only to New Jersey as far as the mass exodus of net outbound migration of residents too, according to the annual United Van Lines survey.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the math here.

Thus far, the report has been picked up by the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and Reboot Illinois. Coverage was rather matter of fact, at least so far.

We’re waiting to see if any of the local broadcast TV news networks bother to mention it as well.

Interestingly, left-leaning blogger Rich Miller, who’s been pushing to restore the 67% income tax hike almost every day, has thus far ignored this finding.

Same goes for many of his colleagues in the professional pontificating business: Mark Brown, Neil Steinberg, Laura Washington, etc.

As we’ve said before, the data — including Rich Miller’s beloved 67% income tax hike — show that Illinois has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. But for those in the media who’ve never met a spending proposal they didn’t like, God forbid we even discuss cleaning up and streamlining state spending before raising taxes on hard-working families again, and compounding our ranking on what the media should view as that notorious list of worst states for a taxpayer.

We’ll continue monitoring the press coverage.

John Jay



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