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Hate Language— Examples
An Auschwitz Alphabet— Have we learned so little?
An Auschwitz Alphabet

Compiled, and with commentary and original content by, Jonathan Wallace jw@bway.net

Arbeit Macht Frei
Block 10
Clothing and nakedness
Filth and cleanliness
The Judge
Tomorrow morning
United States
Yesterday and Today
Zyklon BCollected Quotes from Feminist Man-Haters
Early Hate — It starts in kindergarten
The only good male is a dead male — That is what a shelter worker had to say after a 5-week-old boy was starved to death in a Toronto shelter. If he would have been allowed to live, he would only have grown up to be another gender terrorist. It could have been written by a feminist.
The speech that kills, by Ursula Owen
A feminist flyer (caution, contains obscene language) at an American college and the refutation of it and other obscenities like it.
Canadian Governments at all three levels sponsor anti-male hate propaganda used to vilify all Canadian men.
Update 2007 05 21: Over the years a far more insidious and all-pervasive trend manifested itself ever more increasingly in advertising, mainly on TV. We are becoming inundated with a steady stream of subversively very effective ads and commercials designed to belittle, vilify, slander and demean men and boys, apparently in an attempt to promote the idea that men are simply no good and that women are far superior to men. It appears that the promoters of such ads for the products whose sales they try to boost feel that they can’t achieve their aim without putting men down.
Fortunately, many people (a large portion of them women) are being put off by such put-downs of men in ads such as those that show men behaving like idiots or even like animals (e.g.: the ads by the makers of Whiskas, a cat-food, who try to boost sales of their product by showing men behaving like cats – even defecating in open view in a litter box. If I were a man who had to fund the purchasing of cat food, I would not do so for Whiskas, not even if my life were to depend on it.
At any rate, open opposition to such ads is slowly emerging (off-site). It remains to be seen whether common sense prevails against all-out anti-male indoctrination through ads.


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