Always ask why because we all have to move forward and break the cycle of abuse.

May 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

Always Ask Why
When we see young people from broken homes, go through drug abuse, alcohol abuse, committing crimes, etc. etc. .. We often hear that they suffered because a parent was absent… It has long been the, “go to response” , that a parent walked away and the other poor parent was left struggling to raise the child / children on their own..doing the best they can! …. But that is Not , always the case! We are seeing more and more that many of these absent parents were not absent of their own accord! They were erased through Alienation with the help of the Alienating Parents’ Enablers! These can include family members, clueless friends, lawyers, Judges and Legislators! Of course, these people, especially the Alienators themselves, will push all blame off on the absent parent, keeping in true Narcissistic fashion. Do a little checking before you start blaming absent parents… Find out why they are absent.. Find out why they are not at the school for functions. Find out why they aren’t at sports events. Don’t listen to only one side! When you do that and sympathize, you become a part of the problem.. Find out what the children were told was the reason they were absent. We have an awful lot of Adult Children of Alienation coming forward and speaking out against the parent who raised them and supposedly sacrificed all for them , because the other parent couldn’t be bothered! They are learning the truth and if the trauma of what they went through as children wasn’t bad enough..they are learning they unwittingly had a part in it, by believing the lies and turning their backs on the Target Parents who love them more than life itself. There has got to be a lot of guilt there! Alienation is Abuse..plain and simple! Call it Gaslighting..Brainwashing..Manipulation and you would be correct on all counts! Whatever you call is Abuse!


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