the appearance here lies some 25 of the Sickest Foster Child Molesters of 2016

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Move Over Pizzagate: 25 of the Sickest Foster Child Molesters of 2016 – Part 1 of 3
Posted: 26 Dec 2016 11:50 AM PST
In order to show what a huge problem this is, I am going to highlight some of the sickest and most disturbing cases of 2016. Of course this is only a few of the 300 or so links from just this year on the subject of sexual abuse in the child welfare system. We don’t know how many cases didn’t make the news because the government doesn’t track it. What we do know is that this is an ongoing problem because more and more are getting busted all the time. We also know that just in the state of Nebraska alone, they are now investigating 36 cases of children sexually abused while in foster care. I doubt we’ll get the details of these cases though. We’ll have to wait and see.

It only goes to show you that pedophiles who haven’t been caught yet are great at passing their background checks.

This will be a 3 part series. Just doing it makes me want to puke but it’s got to stop.

1. Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu

“Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu is accused of victimizing children as young as 8 years old.”

He has taken in over 140 boys in the last 20 years in Long Island New York, and now stands charged of sexually abusing many of them. As it stands now, there are more than 30 complaints against him.
Foster Father Charged With Sexually Abusing 5 Boys on Long Island
2. Matthew Cable

Matthew Cable of Wausau Wisconsin was arrested back in July for sexually molesting a foster child under he age of 13.

Cable and his wife were in the process of adopting the child as well.

Police: Wausau man molested foster child
3. Edgar Torrance

Back in November, Edgar Torrance from Conway Arkansas was sentenced to 12 years in jail for the rape and second degree sexual assault of a 6 year old foster child in his care back in 2015.

They’re gonna love him in Jail.
Conway man gets 12 years for sexually assaulting foster child

4. Clarence C. Garretson

Back in May of this year, Clarence C. Garretson plead guilty to molesting 5 different foster children as young as 9 years old in his care from the years 2000 to 2014.

Garretson is now facing 15 years per count.
Foster Parent Pleads Guilty to 5 Child Sex Charges
5. Lawrence Oxton

71 year old Lawrence Oxton, a sick fuck from Belfast Maine was convicted back in February of molesting a 9 year old foster child in his care. Lawrence will now spend the next 9 years of his life in jail. If he survives that, he will spend the rest of his life on probation.
Former Belfast foster parent sentenced for assaulting child
Long-time Belfast Foster Parent to Prison for Molesting Girl in His Care
6. Ciera Beauchamp

A foster mother by the name of Ciera Beauchamp from Indianapolis Indiana, along with two other women was charged with forcing a teenage foster child in her care into prostitution so that she could help them pay the bills.

Although she is not guilty of sexually abusing the child herself, she’s still a sicko worthy of mentioning here.
Foster mother, other women charged for promoting prostitution of teenager


7. Irvin Dewberry

This piece of crap named Irvin Dewberry, from Murfreesboro Tennessee was arrested back in October for molesting a 10 year old girl in his care.

He was charged with two counts of child rape and two counts of sexual assault.

Murfreesboro foster parent arrested for rape, sexual battery of child
Murfreesboro foster parent accused of raping 10-year-old girl
8. Pastor Tommy Lynn Bailey

Tommy Lynn Bailey who was a Pastor of a church in Oklahoma plead guilty to a deal that got him only 5 years and a $15k fine with $15k restitution to the victim who was a young foster child in his care who he molested over a 7 year period.

I’m sure God has special plans in store for him too.
Former Altus pastor pleads guilty to abusing foster child


Government Telling Us How to Raise Our Kids? Family Courts # 1 offender?

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Why Is the Government Telling Us How to Raise Our Kids? (Image: Dreamstime) SHARE ARTICLE ON FACEBOOKSHARE TWEET ARTICLETWEET PLUS ONE ARTICLE ON GOOGLE PLUS+1 PRINT ARTICLE ADJUST FONT SIZEAA by ABBY W. SCHACHTER December 26, 2016 4:00 AM Bureaucratic busybodies interfere with parenting and say they’re doing it for the children. The headline says it all: “Proposed Bill Would Expand Parents’ Rights, but Critics Say It Goes Too Far.” What exactly is too far when it comes to parents’ rights? In the case of this story from Fort Worth, Texas, it means that “critics” think parents shouldn’t have the right to know what their children are doing at school. Opposing this belief is Texas state senator Konni Burton, who authored the legislation. She believes that parents should be allowed access to their kids’ personal information, rather than protecting their child’s alleged right to privacy. The fact that legislation is necessary to correct the imbalance between parents’ rights and the separate, independent rights of their minor children is one of the defining characteristics of our current age, one in which the government at all levels has become involved in the private lives of families, dictating child-rearing standards and penalizing parents who do not follow the rules. This condition of overbearing state interference in the lives of families is pervasive, though not coordinated, and is the central reason I wrote my book No Child Left Alone: Getting the Government out of Parenting. Xby TurboMac The range of activities and choices that have been taken out of the hands of parents only to be decided from on high by politicians, school administrators, and unelected bureaucrats and regulators range from the seemingly innocuous — allowing kids to play unsupervised — to the nearly barbaric — removing children from their parents’ custody because they are obese. The government is telling women what to do with their bodies in the form of pressure to breast-feed, while government departments like the Department of Agriculture and regulatory agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission are making life less tasty by restricting the diets of American schoolchildren and less fun by banning games and toys. As attorney Scott Greenfield noted on his blog after a New Jersey mother was arrested for leaving her toddler in the car unattended for no more than ten minutes: This isn’t a matter of parenting “best practices,” but whether the failure to adhere to a bubble-wrapped vision of child-rearing forms the basis for criminal prosecution, for inclusion on the child-abuse registry, for loss of civil rights, perhaps career, home, and even the right to remain parent to a child. It all started innocently enough when I enrolled our fourth child in state-licensed day care. We had come to expect and accept all the rules — detailed instructions about how to cut up fruits and vegetables sent from home, a prohibition on plastic bags coming to school, the mandates about slathering children in sunscreen, etc. But I was not prepared when the day care explained that my one request, that my son be swaddled à la baby Jesus for his naps, could not be honored, since the state had banned the practice in licensed facilities. The stated reason for the ban, which has been adopted in more than just my state of Pennsylvania, was safety. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics does not define swaddling as medically necessary, and because the busybodies who wrote the guidelines (funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) that became the law argue that any blankets in cribs could potentially harm a child, swaddling has been outlawed. The fact that this regulation is prophylactic — there are no recorded injuries to infants from swaddling at day care — is not relevant because current safety standards are based on the possibility of harm rather than evidence of such. I eventually got permission from my doctor to have my baby swaddled, but it took a lot of effort and I wondered whether I was alone in thinking that the government had no business deciding for me and the day-care operator what was the best way to care for my kid. I also set out to discover if the experience I had was mirrored elsewhere, and if other parents had suffered from nanny-state parenting. It turned out I didn’t know the half of it. The same “what if” or “worst first” thinking — as Lenore Skenazy, the founder of the Free Range Kids movement and the author of my book’s foreword, has defined it — has been applied in too many other areas of life. Sledding is banned on public hills in various cities because someone might get hurt and the municipality might get sued. A dad in Connecticut was cited for disorderly conduct when he argued with police who wanted him to remove his kids from the banks of the frozen Susquehanna River even though nothing untoward had happened besides a family enjoying an icy wonderland. “This small incident,” the father, Charles Eisenstein wrote on his blog, “reveals a lot about our society.” He continued: First is the presumption that legally constituted authority should decide what an acceptable level of safety is for oneself and one’s family. I suppose going out onto the ice was more dangerous than staying indoors or on the sidewalk, but I deemed it in my children’s best interest to be outdoors in this amazing ice world. Assertions of independent judgment by parents as to the best interests of their offspring are exactly what government nannies are trying to prevent. You might want to make your own kid’s lunch, but when there are government-empowered food inspectors at your kid’s school looking into their lunchbox, you may find that your turkey-and-cheese has been replaced by cafeteria chicken nuggets, as happened to Heather Parker of Raeford, N.C. Some school principals have banned home-packed lunches entirely because they believe menus determined by the geniuses at the USDA are more nutritious than what parents will decide to pack themselves. Assertions of independent judgment by parents as to the best interests of their offspring are exactly what government nannies are trying to prevent. Who gets to determine what’s in the best interest of children is muddy water when it comes to schools in general. In many states, children’s weight and height information is collected at the public school and each child’s body-mass index is calculated, all without permission of parents. The government argues that while it has access to students in its schools, it has the right to collect such basic health information. Some schools don’t stop at collecting this personal information, however. Instead, letters warning that children may be at risk for obesity have been sent to parents. At the same time, parents in Florida are having a very hard time getting their kids’ schools to do the healthy and inexpensive thing by allowing kids to run around during recess. And the parents in Florida aren’t alone. Not only has recess been limited or eliminated at many schools, but what games and activities are allowed during “free play” periods have been restricted. Tag, dodgeball, gymnastics, swing sets, and running have all been banned at one school or another in the name of safety. When parents demand a change, it can take herculean efforts like protests and petitions to get schools to listen. Happily, the advocacy can work, as when Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo signed a law mandating recess at the state’s elementary schools. In the most heartbreaking instances of the state determining what’s in the best interest of the child, dozens of kids have been removed from their parents for being morbidly obese. The doctors and legal scholars who justify these removals argue that the best interest of the child is being served by the state’s taking control of their lives. But ask the parents and children to whom these removals have happened and you hear a different story. “They say it is for the well-being of the child,” explained Anamarie Regino, ten years after she was temporarily removed from her parents’ custody for obesity. “But it did more damage than any money or therapy could ever do to fix it.” There are two important lessons to draw from all this government-run child-rearing. The first is how improperly we are defining private life and public life. Only in a world where a healthy population is defined as a public good can the state justify breaking apart families over a health problem that will cause no harm to anyone but the sufferers. MORE EDUCATION AN ODD CHOICE TO HEAD TRUMP’S EDUCATION TRANSITION TEAM NEW STUDY SHOWS THAT FIRING BAD TEACHERS HASN’T GOTTEN MUCH EASIER HOW THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT SHAMES RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS — AND HOW IT CAN STOP The second lesson is that there are both individual parents and groups of advocates across the country who are focused on returning the rights of parents to raise their own children. These parents — Captain Mommies and Daddies, I call them — have had run-ins with the overbearing state and decided to advocate on their own behalf and on behalf of their kids. Then there are organizations like the Family Defense Center, which provides legal defense for parents caught in the child-welfare and legal systems. At the goal is to amend the U.S. Constitution and support state laws to empower parents. And the National Association of Parents wants to shape public policy on parents’-rights issues through education and advocacy. As commonplace as nanny-state parenting has become, it will take tremendous effort to change the tide of public policy and the overprotective culture that has brought us to our current situation. But being a good parent, and a good citizen, has never been easy. And it remains as necessary and important as ever. — Abby W. Schachter, a Pittsburgh-based writer, blogs at

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Legally kidnapped

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Legally Kidnapped
Return to sender. Parental kidnapping spikes around the holidays.
Assembly Of First Nations Wants Control Of Native Child Welfare
Why services need to understand the financial impact of care proceedings on parents
‘Why are kids fleeing from juvenile homes?’
Investigation After Foster Baby Dies: Adoption Was In Motion
ACS employs more bosses than abuse caseworkers
Indiana DCS struggles to keep up with pace of child abuse reports
Karnataka man rapes 17-year-old foster daughter, gets her pregnant
Return to sender. Parental kidnapping spikes around the holidays.
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 05:40 AM PST
One of the unpleasant realities of divorce is that parents who share custody of their children often have to spend the holidays without their kids.

The mom or dad who has primary custody will put their child on an airplane or watch the other parent drive off with them in the back seat. The expectation is that the child will be returned in a week or two. Unfortunately, that expectation is sometimes crushed when the other parent doesn’t return the child at the agreed upon time.

More >> Return to sender. Parental kidnapping spikes around the holidays.
Assembly Of First Nations Wants Control Of Native Child Welfare
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 05:34 AM PST
Canada’s treatment of First Nations children received international attention at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington.

More >> Assembly Of First Nations Wants Control Of Native Child Welfare
Why services need to understand the financial impact of care proceedings on parents
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 05:22 AM PST
This time of year is an expensive one, undoubtedly so if you’re a parent. Bombarded by television adverts from at least October, Christmas infests every part of our lives, and parents feel it keenly.

More >> Why services need to understand the financial impact of care proceedings on parents
‘Why are kids fleeing from juvenile homes?’
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 05:19 AM PST
Taking the incidents of children fleeing from juvenile homes seriously, the Rajasthan High Court asked the government to submit a report by January 9. The court asked why the children were fleeing from juvenile homes and what preventive steps have been taken by the authorities.

More >> ‘Why are kids fleeing from juvenile homes?’
Investigation After Foster Baby Dies: Adoption Was In Motion
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 05:16 AM PST
Police are investigating after a foster baby dies, just weeks before his adoption, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The 17-month-old boy’s adoption was in motion before his life was suddenly lost.

More >> Investigation After Foster Baby Dies: Adoption Was In Motion
ACS employs more bosses than abuse caseworkers
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 05:12 AM PST
The city’s beleaguered child-welfare agency has become bloated with bosses under Mayor de Blasio, with honchos accounting for more than one-quarter of its workforce — and even outnumbering the caseworkers sent to investigate suspected child abuse, an analysis by The Post has found.

More >> ACS employs more bosses than abuse caseworkers
Indiana DCS struggles to keep up with pace of child abuse reports
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 05:10 AM PST
For the first time in recent history and despite an emphasis in recent years on keeping troubled families together, the number of Indiana children in foster care has risen dramatically as reports of abuse and neglect continue to grow.

More >> Indiana DCS struggles to keep up with pace of child abuse reports
Karnataka man rapes 17-year-old foster daughter, gets her pregnant
Posted: 18 Dec 2016 06:18 AM PST
A man had allegedly raped his ‘foster daughter’ at Chikkanayakanahalli town and the incident came to light after the girl conceived.

More >> Karnataka man rapes 17-year-old foster daughter, gets her pregnant

Parental Alienation Judges and Liars need training

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Phillips flags parental alienation and calls for ‘targeted’ training
December 3, 2016Cristina Cavilla
Phillips flags parental alienation and calls for ‘targeted’ training
The Shadow Minister for Justice, Elliott Phillips, has called for the targeted training of Gibraltar’s judiciary, lawyers and other professionals to better recognise instances of parental alienation.
Parental alienation involves the psychological and emotional manipulation of a child with the sole purpose of destroying the loving relationship they once shared with a parent.

It is an issue that arises from family breakdowns and custody disputes and is a growing phenomenon that Mr Phillips hopes to raise awareness of and the “devastating” consequences it can have on children as well as the ‘alienated’ parent.
“One of the things that concerns me the most is that we are really at the embryonic stage of all of this in Gibraltar,” Mr Phillips said highlighting how the United States, in particular, has gone leaps and bounds in recognising and identifying parental alienation syndrome.

The appearance they could be wrong in all their findings

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ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration and Public Disciplinary and Disability Information as of December 5, 2016 at 9:00:00 AM:

Full Licensed Name: David John Wessel
Full Former name(s): None
Date of Admission as Lawyer
by Illinois Supreme Court: May 3, 1982
Registered Business Address: David John Wessel
205 W Randolph St Ste 1630
Chicago, IL 60606-1894
Registered Business Phone: (312) 558-3000
Illinois Registration Status: Active and authorized to practice law – Last Registered Year: 2016
Malpractice Insurance:
(Current as of date of registration;
consult attorney for further information) In annual registration, attorney reported that he/she has malpractice coverage.
Public Record of Discipline
and Pending Proceedings: None

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Like this one M.R.24458 – In re: L. Tod Schlosser. (May 18, 2011)

Disciplinary Commission.

The motion by the Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission to approve and confirm the report and recommendation of the Hearing Board is allowed, and respondent L. Tod Schlosser is DISBARRED.

Order entered by the Court.

Recent Disciplinary Decisions from Supreme Court | Recently Filed Complaints and Reports | Announcements | Schedule of Hearings | Clerk’s Office Services


This page contains links to recently filed opinions and announcements of disciplinary decisions issued by the Supreme Court and the dates listed below. The list is sequenced in inverse chronological order with the most recent filing at the top. Click on a date listed below to go to the opinions and/or announcements issued on that date.NEW FILINGS

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