The Divorce industry in Illinois is about redistribution of wealth and TITLE IV A-F state actors getting fat and the appearance they facilitate child abuse.

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I was forwarded this article of yours and I have to say it is 110% correct. Men have zero rights in Cook County when it comes to divorce and women walk on water no matter what they do. The whole divorce process is just to make the attorney’s rich and to take all your money and the money saved for the child’s future education and put it in their account. I could email you the entire story of my going on almost 3 year divorce coming up next fall, but will keep this one brief if you would like more information because this is driving me crazy at how corrupt this system is and how biased it is against men.

My wife was awarded to be the custodial parent by Our Son’s attorney despite our home was equipped with video surveillance camera’s and it showed her abusing him. Hitting, shaking, throwing, verbal, etc. She was arrested on a Felony because she got this bright idea to go into one of my private savings accounts and had my email address and got the bank to give her a temporary password and stole 10,000.00 from me.

Would you believe these video clips were never shown to a Judge? My former attorney told me to wait, but the States Attorney told me that was a huge mistake as she would have been arrested on child abuse, but “time” was a problem. Being a former Chicago Police Officer I heard of Statue of Limitations, but never “time”.

She abused Our Son again and gave me this long story via text message and the ER Doctor even pointed the finger at her due to the injury Our Son sustained due to me being right handed and her being left handed and her text messages just did not add up.

DCFS… Total JOKE….. Our Son’s attorney saw these video clips and his name is Lester Barclay and I guess he feels child abusers should be given the children in his eyes. Video’s you can tell meant nothing to him.

Custody Evaluation…. He threw it out the window and went with his own so their went another 8K out of my pocket out the door. Attorney’s just more and more fees and get nothing done.

She even admitted to using illegal drugs to the Custody evaluator and I guess that meant nothing either and no random drug testing for her.

I was a Firefighter/Paramedic and got injured at work and had to have 2 surgeries to correct my back from being injured at a fire and of course being prescribed medications I was labeled by her as a drug addict, but it was taken for a medical problem and never abused as confirmed by my pain management doctor that treated me after my second surgery.

She claimed I attempted to harm myself and claims a high speed chase, high on drugs, etc. Drug test when they took me in showed negative for drugs and she said I said I had myself in garage with car running and CO levels showed normal. How is all that possible?

They seem to take every word out of her mouth as fact, but written documentation and videos of abuse as confirmed by a Chicago Police SVU Detective where it states “Video’s are consistant with abuse” were never even looked at nor was the report.

She stated so many false allegations and her story kept changing with every court document you would think someone would catch on she is lying, but that was not the case.

Our Son is Special Needs and my back is all corrected now and receive a very nice disability check every month from the Fire Department and do not have to work and basically retired where she has to rely on others to care for Our Son and the Courts feel that he is better off with her????

I was former Chicago Police Officer and thought Criminal Court was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life before becoming a fire fighter and have to say they have it together and divorce court here in Crooked County as I will call it needs reform.

They do not care about the Children, it is all about making money and it is sickening.

How does a child abuser, someone who committed a Felony, and admitted to using illegal drugs get custody of a child? I know the only reason she admitted to the drugs is because I had the hard drive with all the video clips on it and figured had no choice not knowing what I had on it.

Also, how do the courts let a person just lie in open court? She just did it today, but the Judge had her head in the sky and I feel just puts her time in just to get through the day and go home. Lester Barclay is totally biased and my attorney even told me he picks one parent from the start and just sticks with that one.

I guess he condones child abuse, drugs, and people who get arrested for Felony’s and say’s….. I think the kids are better off with that parent verses one that can actually be home with a Special Needs Child and was a Chicago Police Officer and Chicago Fire Department Fire Fighter/Paramedic that can devote all his time to the Child.

People I know that have lived this with me said they would never believe all this in a million years, but living this with me they think it is the most ridiculous thing in the world.

I know for a fact if I did the things she did I would be lucky to ever see Our Son again without being supervised with him and she is custodial parent of him.

I know I said I would keep this short, but I was also a dispatcher and can type very fast. If you would like more information on this I am all for joining you in getting this Court System Reformed because it is the most biased thing I have ever seen. The saddest part is with Our Son is he has Autism and we are very fortunate that his major deficit is only speech and that is coming along very nicely now with him almost turning 7.

What hurts the most is he does not want to go back to his own mother and voices it to me, but of course I cannot record this. He use to have tantrums and meltdowns, but her work around was always a brand new toy or the promise of a new one. Evertime I had to drop Our Son off their was always a New Lego set. She had to bribe him to get him to come with her. Pretty sad huh?

Would you like to hear the story more? All her lies that the court ignored? All the facts ignored? The truth of this needs to come out, and contacted others, but it seems no one seems to care. Well I do care and Our Son is my life and last but not least the Custody Agreement only seems to apply to me and not her. She is suppose to pay all out of pocket medical bills in 14 days, but her attorney states this will all be worked out with settlement. I guess their are 2 sets of rules with her and I.

Total Joke this Crooked County Court System and needs reform once and for all. If you want me to share the story with you I am all for it along with doing what I can to help get this reformed because it is time for change and Children should not have to suffer and have decisions made by people who do not even know them or have ever seen them….

I am hoping that you reply to me because this Court System Sickens me and gets my stomach upset every time I think about it.


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