Murdered Father Andrew Maul it speaks for it’s self sick parents?

April 15, 2017 § Leave a comment

Murdered Father Andrew Maul

Andrew Maul was shot and killed while sitting in the Jacksonville Municipal Building parking lot near the Police Station. The accused murderer is Robert Gill, ex father-in-law of the slain father. More details
On January 6th, 2016 at 9am at the Morgan County Courthouse, the accused Robert Gill will be appearing in court and Illinois Fathers is putting together a group of court watchers to attend. The point man for this effort will be Illinois Father’s member Mr. Brian Caldwell If you can attend please contact Brian.

On November 25th, 2008 a similar event unfolded where Steven Watkins was shot and killed, also by a member of the in-laws. Illinois Fathers teamed up with the Watkin’s followers and introduced to the Illinois legislature, “The Steven Watkins Visitation Interference Bill”. Efforts were ultimately successful in getting the bill passed. However, on the negative end, to this day, the late Steven Watkins parents still are not allowed to have visitation with Steven’s daughter, despite the fact that it is court ordered. The mother continues to flaunt the new law without consequences.

Although all the details are still not out in the Andrew Maul case, it appears to be a similar case of the Mother and her extended family feeling entitled to absolute ownership of the children, and the fathers who try to fulfill their paternal responsibility end up paying the ultimate price. We hope that some of you can join us on January 6th at the Morgan County Courthouse in Jacksonville.

In an earlier newsletter, we explained that by encouraging you, our membership to take the time to participate in the Kroger Rewards Program could turn out to be a very helpful move for this organization. The more of our membership that can take the time to obtain a saver’s card and sign it up with Illinois Fathers as the receiving organization, the larger a check Kroger will send to Illinois Fathers at the end of every fiscal quarter. We have also learned that a number of stores bearing names other than “Kroger” are actually affiliated with Kroger and are also part of the Rewards Program. These stores are, Ruler, Jay C, Food 4 Less, Kwik Shop, Gerbes, Foodsco, Quik Stop Market and Turkey Hill. We should also clarify that if you get your Savers Card signed up with Illinois Fathers, you are not losing your savings that you get anyway from using the savings card. No surcharge is added to your receipt. Essentially, you are out of pocket absolutely nothing, except for what you are spending on groceries already. If you are a shopper at any of these grocery outlets, please consider taking the time to get a Savers Card and go online to You then click on the link for your State, (Kentucky, Indian and Illinois), then you enter the 12 digit number on your Kroger Card. Our organization is named Illinois Fathers and our organization number is 47773. Once you complete the process, it might take a few days for your card to start working for Illinois Fathers. When it does start, you will notice a message at the very bottom of your Kroger receipt that reads, “Thanks for joining us in supporting ILLINOIS FATHERS”

Another fundraising opportunity is Amazon. If you shop at “Amazon Smile” anytime you shop at Amazon, you can also benefit Illinois Fathers. More information can be found on our facebook page.

Thank you for being a part of Illinois Fathers
Steven Westerfield
Illinois Fathers


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