Il gets 182 million on just one Title program how much goes to lisa medians office like IV -d program?

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One state gets 182 million from elderly SS money. Title IV-E
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January 8, 2015 ·
In 2014 the state of IL DCFS received $182 million dollars in federal funding for their foster care title IV-E funding. They seem to get bonuses or additional funding for out of state children with medical conditions and physical disabilities. They need to get the FBI in there to clean up this system and return Isaiah Rider and any other out of state adults/ children (Isaiah’s an adult now in his home state) that they continue to benefit financially from. As if that’s not bad enough but they are not providing safe care or homes and children are being abused in the name of “protection” and they claim they don’t have enough funding?? Where is the money going ? Is this human trafficking? There seems to be financial incentives here.

Dear State of Illinois;
Release Isaiah Rider from your custody immediately. Enough is enough already. He is a Missiouri resident and always has been. He’s not even currently residing in your state. He’s living in Missiouri right now and is considered an adult in his home state . He never lived in your state except for the 5 months of forced foster care after taken from Lurie’s ICU because mom requested different care for him. He was then thrown to the wolves in a bad area, traumatized and crimes were committed against him that you are now trying to cover up as well and all conveniently done in the name of “protection”. How can an agency over 500 miles or 8-10 hours away possibly decide the welfare of an individual? How is it ever in the best interest for another state to decide whats best for another states resident ? This doesn’t make sense to any one. Who is benefiting from this, because it’s certainly not Isaiah ? You have caused him and his family enough harm . You are still receiving federal funding for Isaiah since you are not allowing him to go home (where he has requested over and over time and time and Missiouri also recommended) to live and so he is still classified in your IL “foster care” but yet in Mo? Again not making any sense here. He was abused and traumatized in your state care and custody sadly just like many of the other unfortunate children/ adults that are currently being brought to our countries attention. It seems your state needs to focus on your own issues instead of causing issues and harassing out of state residents who were only visitors seeking medical care and you are now torturing them and their family for months on end and benefiting from their suffering financially. Then on a whim decide to extradite him back to Chicago against his will as if he has committed a crime. Should he require medical care you insist on sending him to medical facilities who have said they can’t help and even most recently refused care and yet you deny him going to the facility who said they feel they can help his rare complication. Is this making any bit of sense to anyone ?? It’s actually completely asinine. This has gone on long enough. 9 months too long and you seem to have your hands full right now , so let Isaiah Rider go. Again, he’s not living in your state, he’s an adult in his own state and he’s not your resident to be trying to control and he wants nothing to do with you! . Stop bullying this young man and his family and trying to cover up the crimes that have been committed against him! The longer this goes on the more insane and obvious it becomes to EVERYONE. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. – signed, concerned tax paying and law abiding citizens.


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