This is a resource where citizens can find information about the courts, example pleadings, procedures, rules, laws, information about judges,  the clerk and other court players.

This is to help the pro se (self-represented) litigant to educate themselves on how to understand and write pleadings (court papers) and where to find forms, where to file forms and pleadings, and how to file as a poor person (in forma pauperis or indigent status).

The court system has very inflexible rules and procedures and the pro se litigants cannot succeed unless they have access to this information. At the founding of our nation, most people represented themselves as there were so few attorneys.  Now the system seems to discourage and inhibit self-representation, seemingly in order to give attorneys a guaranteed income and guarantee their excessive fees with a captive market.  Many people cannot afford attorneys and therefore are  instantly at a disadvantage as it seems these days that you cannot win without a high priced attorney.  We hope to reverse that trend.


This blog does NOT represent legal advice or information.  It is NOT written by an attorney.  It is meant for educational purposes only. You use this information at your own risk and must verify it yourself. We always suggest that you check your legal pleadings with a licensed attorney.


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