Court denies Madigan petition to stop state worker pay

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Court denies Madigan petition to stop state worker pay
Lisa Madigan lost the first round in her quest to stop state worker pay during Illinois’ budget impasse.

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An alternative to tax hikes

A plan to balance the state’s budget without tax hikes.

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Rauner’s budget needs more spending reforms

The governor should reject tax hikes and push for the structural spending reforms Illinois needs to fix its fiscal crisis and improve its economy.

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Illinois has higher property taxes than every state with no income tax

Despite taxing both sales and income, Illinois has higher property taxes than every single state that does not charge an income tax.

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We urge all AILA members to take the following steps:

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THIS IS VETTED! PLEASE share! (See comments for link)
URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Virginia Legislation
Senator Richard H. Black recently introduced SB1592 seeking to restrict the jurisdiction of Virginia’s juvenile and domestic relations courts. In short, the bill strips the courts of jurisdiction over juveniles not lawfully present in the United States. If passed, this bill will essentially eliminate all Special Immigration Juvenile cases in Virginia.
This bill is presently in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and is likely to be heard on Wednesday, February 1st. As of Friday the bill was not scheduled to be heard in today’s Committee session.
We urge all AILA members to take the following steps:
Contact your representatives to express the devastating effect this bill will have on children and families.
Contact the Committee members (a chart listing the Committee members is below);
Reach out to others in the immigrant community; and
Attend the Committee meeting on Wednesday.
We know that not everyone will be able to attend the Committee Meeting, but at a minimum everyone can take 5 minutes to contact their representatives and the Committee members.
In addition to the SB1592, there are two other problematic bills pending.
HB2001 Requires the governing board and each employee of each public institution of higher education to cooperate in the enforcement of federal law by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement on the institution’s campus, in any noncampus building or property, and on public property, as such terms are defined in relevant state law.
HB2004Requires the annual executive summary submitted by the governing board of each public institution of higher education to the General Assembly and the Governor to indicate the number of undergraduate students enrolled full time who are not citizens of the United States and the number of such students who receive annual financial assistance to attend such institution in an amount greater than 25 percent of the total annual cost of full-time undergraduate Virginia student tuition and room and board.
Members of Senate Courts of Justice Committee:
Mark Obenshain (Chair)
Richard Saslaw
Thomas Norment
Janet Howell
Louise Lucas
John Edwards
Ryan McDougle
Richard Stuart
William Stanley
Bryce Reeves
Benton “Ben” Chafin
Creigh Deeds
Glen Sturtevant
Chapman Petersen
Mark Peake

How many times does the child’s constitutional get violated to have parents is directly related to attorneys and judges ?

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If there was no litigation the appearance the scumbags wouldn’t get extortion monies out of the noncustodial parent is just unjust and business as usual in ILLINOIS.

State actors The CASEWORKER?

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Who is this person? Is this employee of a state agency that just knocked on your door a civil servant in the traditional sense? Comparable to what? A judge? An attorney? A police officer? A Doctor?
The caseworker at your door, insisting upon seeing your children, without a warrant, is getting ready to make your life a living, breathing hell. For at least the next two years. And at the end of it, there is a 85% chance you will walk away without your children, financially bankrupt, emotionally destroyed, suffering from PTSD and clinical depression, with homicidal tendencies towards that piece of crap caseworker that knocked on your front door, just two years ago. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’m going to keep saying it…..THAT CASEWORKER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!
That person is being paid through your tax dollars to take your child away from you forever. That’s right! Your very own government has used the taxes you paid all your life to create and build a fool proof way to confiscate children for forced adoption. All that garbage we were taught about civil rights, democracy, justice in the American court system, and social services being an agency that protects children was designed with careful forethought and planning to turn us into the docile creature that opened the door and let a human trafficker in and basically gave them permission to steal your children.
How did that happen? You were taught to trust those in authority over a very long period of time. It started in kindergarten and culminated in your high school civics classes. So how could that government employee be at your door to harm your family? Because over the last 50 years or so an elite sector of America has decided its a good idea to clean up the welfare roles and eliminate undesirable citizens from the ranks of “acceptable” society! Who are these elite? Why your elected officials of course! It is well past time to do something about the confiscation of America’s children.
We must join in active resistance to this tyranny and start dealing with these slime balls who are coming in the front door of our homes, with no warrant in most cases, to steal YOUR children. They are paid out of your tax dollars. In many states they are not even required to have a degree and of the states that do require a degree that degree can be in anything. The caseworker is making life decisions about your family and their degree could be in basket weaving or agriculture.
This person may be an addict, alcoholic or predisposed to certain psychological illnesses. The caseworker may have had interactions with law enforcement, but because of the hiring practices of child protection agencies, that information is never revealed to you.
This person is making decisions about your family based on a pre conceived program of forced removal with the actual goal being adoption to strangers because that’s where the money is. You know…. the blank check funding provided to these agencies thru the Adoption And Safe Families Act of 1997(federal adoption incentives) that is their job security and paycheck.
That’s why you cannot believe one word that comes out of their mouth, do not believe their stated purpose, KNOW that they are confiscating your children to get a paycheck. period!
The service plan is a distraction to keep you occupied. To keep your attention diverted from the true goal of CPS which is to place your children into forced adoption because YOU have been found unacceptable by your government.
When you sign the service plan, you have just handed your children over to the federal government through a state agency. What is happening to the American family that is targeted as unacceptable is exactly comparable to the relocation camps of WW2. You need to fight that caseworker and everything that caseworker is requesting of you like you are fighting a deadly enemy. Because that is exactly what they are. Agents of a social cleansing process put in place with your federal tax dollars to get rid of YOU! Give it some thought and approach this situation like the mortal enemy it is. We must unite in active resistance to an unjust court, backed by an even more unjust legal system, all put in place by the henchmen of our government….yep…..THAT CASEWORKER.

The appearance of a true whore of the court read with in the pages and find out how its still practiced today in Cook county Il.

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The business and pattern and practices that perfected child abuse of state actors and how the appearance of child abuse that is widely expected but practiced through out the state to secure Title IV funds illegally enriching the state and county coiffures.

The amount of monies they receive is in the almost billions of dollars each year coming out of Social Security tile fund grants from the federal government.

The appearance a lot of these funds are transferred to general funds and redistributed to not the purpose they where extended for specific use.

The appearance they go to friends of the court or to retirement funds for state actors( which may include Judges ,attorney generals,states attorneys,child reps, guardians appointed by judges or state actors,and others the trail of funding fraud abuse.

Thanks DW for showings us all the actors!

” Brainwashing Children”

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This page ” Brainwashing Children” has some very good pieces on Parental Alienation. Please take the time to view the page and like it! Take the time and then take a stand against Alienation! Take a stand against Child Abuse! Let’s put the Children First! Parents, if you love your children as much as you profess to, especially on Facebook….. then don’t be an Alienator! Don’t be That Parent!!!! ~Mary Prayne

This agency is run by Pamela Lowery it collects over ($900,000.00) out of social security dollars every year we believe it has topped over 1 Billion but they won’t disclose thanks Pam for being an honest public official.

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I consider Pam Lowry the number 1 obstacle to child support reform. I have heard her lie to legislators, committees, and any advocate looking for reform, seen her take over Committees she is not appointed to, bash men/non-custodial parents (even if that means making non-custodial mothers collateral damage), deny FOIAs and obstruct access to information, subvert fairness, And the list goes on.

Here is something of hers that I regularly run across (peppered with numerous lies:

A Word From the Director – Pam Lowry (IL)
Pam Lowry is the director of Child Support Services for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. She came to the child support world from a public sector fiscal and accounting background when she was asked by the child support administrator at the time to work on the new child support requirements of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities and Reconciliation Act. She has been working in child support ever since and was named the director in 2005. NCSL spoke with her to get her perspective on the changing world of child support policy. Here are her thoughts:
Q: How has child support policy changed since 2005?
A: The largest change, even since the late 1990s, has been the shift in approach to consider the circumstances of both parents instead of focusing on just the custodial or noncustodial parent. Child support agencies are also distinguishing cases by those who are willing to pay but are unable, versus those who can pay, but won’t, and applying different strategies to each type of case. There has been an added element of family strengthening tied to child support which has gone well in Illinois and more noncustodial parents are willing to come in and talk.
Q: What are the primary issues facing child support?
A: The primary issues facing the child support world are aging technology and a reduction in resources. The child support requirements came in the 1980s and 1990s and in order to be cost effective, a lot of child support enforcement mechanisms and services are automated. When the technology is old and the resources are reduced, it is harder to be as accurate or effective as we would like to be.
Q: What are the biggest obstacles you are facing?
A: States have seen a reduction in resources following the recession and those financial constraints on state budgets are big obstacles.
In addition, knowledge and perception of the program, and the cross-over that child support has with other agencies and services is important, but it is a complicated and difficult thing to follow. If the child support programs across the country had a solid and consistent way to help legislators, or the public, understand what we do it would help.
Q: What do you want legislators in your state to know?
A: Two things. One, child support is a program that supports self-sufficiency for families and is a good value. Second, the child support program has been working hard to address inequities that people perceive in the system. Establishing and collecting child support is not about punishment, it is about both parents being economically responsible to their child and hopefully emotionally responsible as well.
Q: You have some fairly robust programs to assist incarcerated parents who owe child support. When did that start and where are you now?
A: Illinois has had a program to assist incarcerated parents for about 10 years. It started by working with inmates on establishing paternity and child support orders and then we turned to addressing the accumulating arrears and the interest that is accruing while these parents are incarcerated. We work with incarcerated parents to review and modify child support orders. We want parents to come out of prison in a situation to support their children and we realized that the arrears were actively and directly affecting the parent’s ability to find housing or a job following periods of incarceration.
Here is the direct source:

I have used this website to get a general feeling of what legislation is being introduced in States throughout the U.S. There is a specific section for family law.

There is also a database:

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