Judge Joseph Polito of Joliet, IL; Lifelong Pervert

The state of Illinois presented Joseph Carmen Polito with a law license in 1968.
The State of Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board found Joe guilty of the following misconduct.
In April 2012, the Chicago-Sun Times revealed that Joe was illegally using courthouse computers to view his favorite porn sites. In fact, over a six-month period of time Joe the Perv visited at least 243 porn sites.
Some of Joey’s favorite porn sites included the following:
Joey the Perv’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defenses
Joey blamed his illegal porn surging on government owned computers on a nearly lifelong addition to porn. Joey told the Judicial Inquiry Board that he was ashamed for being outed. Joey then had the chutzpah to say that viewing porn did not affect his performance as a judge. Clearly, Joey missed his calling as a standup comedian.
Jimmy further told the Judicial Board, I used pornography as a crutch to deal with my feelings of inadequacy. For 60 years this was an inner conflict — I was ashamed, I didn’t feel good about it and tried to stop. The only way I knew to address it was in a confession with a priest (Former Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez).
Joey said his addition to port began when he was a child (ca. 1955).
He claims that he is now (60 years after the fact) receiving professional help and attends a Sexuality Anonymous support group at the Ted Haggard Institute for Perverts located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the Patron Saints for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Illinois Supreme Court punished Joe the Perv by gifting him with a complimentary 60-day suspension from the bench.
As we speak (ca. April 2013), Judge Polito remains sitting on the bench in Joliet, Illinois.
AND the appearance he is going behind on his old case and telling others what to do is very prevelant . And he is the most walked around judge in the court house and across the street glad we are paying him to stay fit when real charges of miss apropation of state and county funds IF his buddy in the states office will do it ?
Judge Gerald Kinney of Joliet, IL; Apologist for Judicial Perverts

The State of Illinois presented Gerald Richard Kinney with a law license in 1975 after he graduated from Loyola University Law School in Chicago.
Judge Kinney is the presiding judge for Will County, Illinois.
During an investigation by the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board into the egregious misconduct of Judge Joseph Polito of Will County for his use of a court computer to surf for porn, Judge Kinney proved that he was a die-in-the-wool cheerleader for the Judicial Misfits.
The Board demanded court records from Judge Kinney documenting Judge Kinney’s use of courthouse computers to surf for porn.
Judge Kinney insisted for months that the documents were judicial records that the public had no right to see. He finally released them after the Illinois Attorney General’s office wrote in a legal opinion that the list of porn websites was “unrelated to any judicial function [and] is not a judicial record.” (Chicago Tribune)How in the hell can anyone argue that records of the porn sites that Judge Polito visited were “judicial records” and the public that paid for the computer and Internet services had no right to see them.
For addition information about Judge Joseph Polito’s misconduct, go to the URL listed at the end of this article.
This moronic buffoon (my apologies to buffoons) should have been tossed off the bench for putting forth such a hyperbolic (BS) defense on behalf of Polito the Perv.
As we speak (ca. April 2013, Judge Kinney continues to sit as the presiding judge in Will County.
Judge Joseph Polito of Joliet, IL; Lifelong Pervert
Today’s Judicial Misfit is: Will County Illinois Judge Daniel Rozak

Judge Daniel (Il Dulce) Rozak of Joliet, Illinois is an embarrassment to all well-intentioned and practicing tyrannical-despots.
On August 11, 2009, Judge Daniel (aka, Il Dulce) Rozak yet again proved he was an absolutist-bully when he sentenced Clifton Williams to six-months in jail for criminal contempt upon his magisterial court (Is there another kind?).
And what criminal conduct did Mr. Williams engage in? Well folks, he had the unmitigated audacity to “raise his hand” while “yawning.” However, to be excruciatingly fair to Judge Daniel Rozak, he claims it was a “loud yawn” that caused him to “break from the proceedings.” (Chicago Tribune)
The temerity of Mr. Williams to yawn coupled with raising his hand is conduct that can not be tolerated in a civilized society, let alone the majestic courtroom of any Judge, and in particular that of King Daniel Rozak, right? If this kind of egregious criminal conduct is not severely punished, then what kind of contemptuous conduct would our aristocratic judges be subjected to in the future?
One could only imagine Judge Daniel Rozak’s reaction if some 85-year-old Grandma accidently passed gas (not an anomaly among the elderly) in his imperial courtroom. Clearly, Judge Rozak would have no choice but to find her guilty of criminal contempt and sentence Granny to at least 12-months of hard time. Of course if Granny were to protest by saying, “What kind of crap is this Your Honor?” then Judge Rozak would be obliged to increase the sentence to 24 or more months in jail.
Judge Daniel Rozak’s sentencing of Mr. Williams is so absurd that it doesn’t even pass the involuntary laugh test. This buffoon (my apologies to buffoons) should rightfully be tossed off the bench. Mr. Williams’ father said, “I was flabbergasted because I didn’t realize a judge could do that.” (Chicago Tribune) With all due respect to Mr. Williams’ naiveté, judges can do any damn thing that want. And if ya don’t believe it, just ask Judge Daniel Rozak and those of his ilk!
Contrast Mr. Williams’ punishment of six-months in jail to that imposed by our esteemed Judicial Disciplinary Commissions in regards to egregious criminal and/or quasi-criminal conduct engaged in by judges. Here are a few examples proving that we (that’d be you) are held to a much higher standard of conduct then members of the judiciary.
  • Multiple instances of perjury: punishment – complimentary reprimand
  • Thefts of public funds: punishment – none
  • Use of the “N” word: punishment – attend racial sensitivity class
  • Sexual assaults on female staff: punishment – complimentary reprimand
  • Surfing for porn on government computers – punishment – complimentary reprimand
  • Sexual harassment of court employees: punishment – attend sensitivity class
What can we expect in the future from Judge Daniel Rozak? Will he order that those who enter his courtroom will be made to “genuflect” and/or “bow” when the King approaches his throne? After all, doesn’t his exalted position as caliph, czar, sultan, and Chief Potentate of the Will County District Court demand such respect? Hail to Caesar!
Judge Michael Chmiel of Illinois; perjurer,  moron, ethically impaired

Judge Michael Chmiel apparently believes it is appropriate to lie under oath.

On Saturday, June 16, 2007, Judge Michael Chmiel improperly [illegally] held a special court proceeding to help a political ally’s brother to stay out of jail. Cool!
Recently, The Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board laughingly said that Judge Michael’s actions were willful misconduct that harms the administration of justice and brings the office into disrepute. Disrepute you say? Yeah sure!
The illegal court proceeding came about after Cary police arrested truck driver David W. Miller on charges of obstructing justice and a host of traffic-related offenses. Miller took off after being stopped by the police so as to prevent the officer from weighing his vehicle.
After his arrest, Miller was transferred to the County lockup where he would have to remain until Monday when a judge could set his bond. Miller’s brother, Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller (another ethical twerp) went into action on his brother’s behalf by calling Judge Michael Chmiel to intervene. Bob Miller and Judge Michael Chmiel have been friends and political associates for many years. Mr. Miller has contributed funds to Judge Michael Chmiel political campaigns in the past.
Judge Michael Chmiel and Bob Miller worked together on the election campaign of Illinois Supreme Court Justice Bob Thomas. It was Justice Thomas who subsequently appointed Judge Michael Chmiel to a circuit court judgeship. A little quid-pro-quo if ya will! Obviously, Justice Thomas didn’t much give a damn that Judge Michael Chmiel wasn’t qualified to sit on the bench. The only qualification required of Justice Bob Thomas was the fact that Judge Michael Chmiel was a reliable bootlicker who was willing to don a pair of industrial strength knee pads.
The Judicial Commission complaint further alleges that later, on October 12, 2007, during sworn testimony before the Board regarding the aforementioned special bond hearing, Respondent made false and misleading statements [perjury], and otherwise failed to disclose Robert Miller’s involvement in causing that hearing to have occurred.
Even though it cannot be disputed that Judge Michael Chmiel is a felonious perjurer and ethical gnome, it is highly likely that his punishment will result in him receiving a “complimentary reprimand” from the Illinois Supreme Court.
Sources: The Daily Herald – Judicial Commission



Judge Susan J. McDunn of Chicago; bigoted homophobe, ethically sterile

Sadly, this certified bigoted loser continues (ca. May 2011) to sit as a Circuit Court judge in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago). She began her insignificant career on the bench in Chicago in 1992.
In the past, the Illinois Judicial Commission filed misconduct charges against the Dishonorable Susan J. McDunn. That ethics complaint related to Susan’s bigoted conduct while she presided over two adoption cases in the Adoption Court that involved lesbian partners.
In each case, both the Guardian Ad Litem (children’s court-appointed lawyer) and the Cook County Department of Supportive Services recommended that the adoption petition be granted. However, Susan the Bigot wasn’t concerned with the opinions of professionals employed to look out for the best interests of the children involved in these two adoption matters.
Let me tell you what Boyz and Girls, the only opinion in McDunn’s demented and prejudiced mind is hers! Put simply, since she was a die-in-the-wool homophobe who had no qualms about engaging in unethical and/or quasi-illegal conduct in pursuit of her prejudices against homosexuals. In her demented state of mind, gay folks are not entitled to the constitutional protections of “equal protection.”
Eventually, Susan the Bigot was removed from these two adoption cases. However, when the presiding judge issued orders granting the adoptions, Susan too further judicial actions that were calculated to frustrate and void the adoptions. Put simply, Susan’s conduct was analogous to what one would expect from members of the Aryan Nation and/or the KKK in taking actions based on their biases.
The Judicial Commission stated in its findings that Susan the Bigot’s “bias against homosexuals resulted in her making rulings contrary to Illinois law and in her advancing her own personal beliefs over the legal rights of the parties who appeared before her.”
For her egregious misconduct that included violating Illinois law and the due process rights of the adoptive parents, the wimps, enablers and apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Illinois Supreme Court found it appropriate to not punish her in any manner. Put simply, she was given the proverbial wink and a nod by these certified buffoons.


Judge Steven Vecchio of Rockford, Illinois; ethically impoverished

Unfortunately for the citizens of the Rockford, Illinois area, Judge Steven Vecchio sits on the 17thCircuit Court in Winnebago County.
Previously, Judge Vecchio was charged by the Illinois Judicial Commission with engaging in a pattern of misconduct, which included the following:
  1. Intervened in a number of matters involving police action on behalf of personal friends
  2. Used his position as a judge to affect or influence police conduct in matters not before him
For his repeated attempts to “fix cases/tickets,” the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Illinois Judicial Commission punished Judge Vecchio by not taking any disciplinary action of any kind against him.
Is it any wonder that the folks in Illinois and elsewhere lack respect for our so-called judiciary?
This certified loser should rightfully have been tossed off the bench. What a joke!


Judge William G. Schwartz of Illinois; Evil Il Duce Wannabee

Judge Schwartz has unfortunately been sitting as a judge on the 1st Circuit Court in Jackson County for many years.
In the past, Judge Schwartz’s stepson applied for admission to the Southern Illinois University School of Law. As an alumnus of Southern Illinois Law School, Judge Schwartz sought the advice/assistance of certain Law School faculty members and administrators in regards to his stepson’s application.
Despite Schwartz’s efforts, his stepson was denied admission to the Law School. Law School administrators likely perceived he would be yet another Dufus like his step dad and told him to take a hike.
Immediately following his stepson’s rejection, Judge Schwartz decided it was time to teach those at Southern Illinois Law School a lesson they wouldn’t likely forget. Towards that end, Billy the Bully banned all law students from Southern Illinois from appearing in his court room as retaliation for their rejection of his stepson’s application.
As punishment for his imperialistic msconduct, the wimps and enablers sitting on the Illinois Supreme Court gifted this certified loser with a complimentary reprimand.
As we speak (ca. May 1011) this Dufus remains on the bench as a circuit court judge in Jackson County, Illinois. What a joke!






Judge Christopher Perrin of Springfield, IL; liar, ethical dwarf

Judge Christopher Perrin is a Sangamon County Associate judge.
Recently, Judge Perrin’s fellow jurist, Judge Robert Hall was forced to resign after he was found guilty of fixing a traffic ticket. The traffic ticket in question was issued to Judge Perrin’s daughter. For more on Judge Robert Hall’s conduct, go the URL listed at the end of this article.
After Judge Hall was forced to resign, the Judicial Commission filed ethics charges against Judge Perrin in regards to the ticket-fixing of his cohort, Judge Robert Hall.
In a lame attempt at levity, Judge Perrin had the chutzpah to claim that he didn’t ask Judge Hall to fix his daughter’s traffic ticket. Surely, Judge Perrin missed his calling as a standup comedian.
Perrin’s attorney admitted to the Judicial Commission that he had violated four parts of the Code of Judicial Conduct, which are:
  1. Filed to comply with laws and conduct himself in promoting public confidence in the judiciary’s integrity and impartiality (What integrity is this fool speaking of?)
  2. Rule not allowing familial relationships to influence his judgment or conduct
  3. Prohibition against initiating or considering pending matters w/o all parties present
  4. Failing to maintain high conduct standards to preserve independence of judiciary
As could be expected, the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Commission ruled that Judge Perrin wasn’t guilty of any misconduct. This just further proves that Judicial Misfits are held to a lower standard of conduct then everyone else in Illinois.
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Perrin continues to sit on the Sangamon County District Court.
Former Judge Robert Hall of Springfield, IL; ticket-fixer, congenital liar


Ex-Judge Robert Hall of Springfield, IL; ticket-fixer, congenital liar

For many, many years, Judge Robert Hall sat as a Sangamon County (Springfield) Associate Judge.
During his undistinguished career on the bench, Bobby was charged with egregious misconduct by the Illinois Juridical Commission.
Subsequently, Bobby was found guilty of fixing a traffic ticket on behalf of the daughter of his fellow jurist, Judge Christopher Perrin. After a conversation between Bobby the Fixer and Chris (Judge Perrin) the Fixer, Bobby dismissed a traffic ticket against Chris’s daughter.
Bobby unlawfully initialed a court document falsely claiming that the state’s attorney’s office had moved for dismissal of the case against Chris’s daughter when in fact the prosecutors never made such a motion. In fact, court records prove that no prosecutor was present when Bobby threw the case out.
Knowing he’d likely be removed from the bench, Bobby did what any coward would be expected to do; he resigned before the Supreme Court did it.
Due to the fact that Judicial Misfits in Illinois are held to a lower standard of conduct than we are, Bobby was never criminally charged for ticket-fixing or for falsifying a public record.
Do ya really think this was the first time that Bobby fixed a ticket for another judge, attorney friend and/or a family member? Of course not! This was the first time that someone ratted had the courage to rat him out.
Bobby’s resignation from the bench allows him to retire and collect an annual pension of somewhere around $140,000 a year. Who was the moron that said “crime doesn’t pay?”


Judge John Fleming of Chicago; misogynist, lifetime porker

Unfortunately, John Fleming has succeeded over the years (beginning in 1996) in duping the voters in Chicago into electing and then re-electing him as a Cook County Circuit Court Judge.
Since 1980 through 2013 (33 years) John Fleming has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough. It is obvious why no self-respecting law firm in the Chicago area ever offered Johnny a good paying job. If it weren’t for government largess (pork), Johnny would likely be relegated to seeking employment as a greeter at a local Wal-Mart, if they’d have him.
In the past, Judge Fleming sat on a case involving Anthony Abbate, a Chicago policeman who was charged with viciously assaulting a young female bartender. The assault was caught on tape pummeling, pounding, beating, kicking and dragging the 125 pound bartender. It should be noted that Abbate weight about 250 pounds.
Abbate became incensed when the bartender refused to serve him more drinks as a result of his conduct and the disturbance he had caused. That’s when Abbate began to assault the bartender.
Luckily for Abbate, his criminal case was assigned to Judge Fleming the Misogynist and Chief Apologist for misconduct involving Chicago policeman. Fleming punished Abbate by gifting him with a complimentary sentence probation and 130 hours of community service.
Of course if someone other than a cop were to appear before Judge Fleming for assaulting a cop, I’m sure he’d sentence him to a maximum prison sentence.
Hopefully, Judge Fleming was able to have Officer Abbate reimburse him 100% for the cost of the industrial knee pads he purchased on Abbate’s behalf.
Unfortunately, for the good folks living in Chicago, Fleming remains sitting as a Cook County Circuit Court Judge.


Illinois Judge Jan V. Fiss a scofflaw; moron, ethical dwarf

On March 20, 2007, Judge Jan V. Fiss pled guilty to illegal transportation of alcohol by a passenger and was given a complimentary sentence by a fellow judge. The complimentary sentence was a $500 fine and sixty days of court supervision.
The criminal conduct came about while Judge Jan V. Fiss was engaged in a booze-fest with yet another Judicial Misfit by the name of Judge Patrick Young. Judge Patrick Young is a well-known and highly-respected Judicial Drunk in the Belleville, Illinois area.
On December 3, 2006, Judge Jan V. Fiss was a passenger in Judge Patrick Young’s vehicle and was well aware that the accomplished hooch-hound (that’d be Judge Patrick Young) had been hittin’-the-sauce all day. In fact, Judge Van V. Fiss well knew that Judge Patrick Young was plastered to the gills when he voluntarily jumped into the passenger seat of this elbow-crooker’s car.
Despite his superior knowledge that Judge Patrick Young was under-the-sauce, Judge Jan V. Fiss allowed this accomplished lush to drive the car, thereby endangering the lives of innocent folks.
To assure that Judge Patrick “The Swill-belly” would not have to suffer the indignity of running out of booze while driving drunk, Judge Van V. Fiss agreed to bring a little hooch on board.
As expected, the enablers/apologists on the Illinois Judicial Commission punished Judge Jan V. Fiss by presenting him with a “complimentary reprimand.” However, an unreliable source indicated that two members of the Commission objected to this rather harsh punishment. The first being a fellow by the name of Igor Stolichnaya and the other being Mr. Jack Daniels.
Judge Jan V. Fiss continues to sit on the bench; albeit with the caveat that he is only two-sheets-into-the wind rather than his normal three or four.



Former Judge Michael Cook of Belleville, IL; druggie

The state of Illinois presented Michael C. Cook with a law license in 1978 after he graduated from the University of Michigan Law School.
For several years, Michael was employed as a St. Clair County Circuit Court judge. Cook presided over at least 90 percent of the drug court cases in circuit court. In addition, Cook decided if felons were complying with their rehabilitation efforts.
In an ironic twist, Michael was recently charged by federal prosecutors with possessing heroin and having a gun while illegally using controlled substances. Mike pleaded not guilty and was released on bond and then entered a drug rehab facility.
The Feds raided Mike’s home and hunting cabin in Pike County where his former colleague, Judge Joe Christ died of a cocaine overdose in March 2013.
Mike had about 225 current drug cases and they have all been transferred to another judge as a result of his arrest.
Since 2010, Mike’s handled over 500 criminal cases ranging from shoplifting to murder. Some of those who have been found guilty can now come back and demand new trials due to Mike’s criminal conduct.
All that’s left now is to see if the Illinois Supreme Court has the courage to order that Mike’s law license be permanently voided.
As we speak (ca. June 2013), Michael practices at 12 West Lincoln Street in Belleville, Illinois.



Ex-Judge Robert Cochonour of Illinois; dumb crook, certified idiot

Ex-judge Robert Cochonour of Cumberland County, Illinois (about 200 miles south of Chicago) is no longer a judge or a practicing attorney (ca. July 2010.)
Despite this fact, I firmly belive that the evidence of his egregious misconduct is highly relevant to further demonstrate that the hyperbolic (BS) claims of the Judiciary that it is an “anomaly” to discover a crooked  judge is pure bunk is in fact highly relevant in disabusing this myth. In truth, at least 50% or more of the judges sitting on the bench in this country and worldwide are certified Judicial Misfits!
On Jan 3, 2003, Judge Cochonour was sentenced to seven years in prison after he pleaded guilty to one felony count involving the theft of property in excess of $100,000 from May 1985 through Nov 1990 as executor of the Estate of Jay E. Hayden. A probate judge later ruled that more than $2 million was misappropriated.
In 2005, Hayden’s estate sued Bob, the First Neighbor Bank and Cumberland County public defender John Cutright for fraud. The First Neighbor Bank you say? Who needs these kinds of neighbors, right? In truth, this so-called neighbor should rightfully have provided its neighbors with an inversed chastity belt for protection, right?
In August 1992, Bob removed CDs from Ms. Hayden’s safety deposit box and forged her signature on bank documents. The bank then issued a cashier’s check for $312,901 payable to one of Bob’s businesses.
On Aug. 20, 1992, the money from Ms. Hayden’s CDs was part of the funds that were wired to the 1st City Bank in Houston, as a payoff for a debt owed by Bob. At the time of this fraud, First Neighbor Bank had knowledge that Ms. Hayden was incompetent and suffering from Alzheimer’s.   Shouldn’t the bank be made to change its name?
In late 1992 or early 1993, attorney Cutright prepared a will and related document, which Ms. Hayden allegedly signed canceling all debts owed to her by Bob
In Aug. 2004, probate Judge Pacey ruled that Ms. Hayden’s will was invalid because she lacked the mental competency to know what she was signing in 1993, a fact well known to Cochonour at the time.
Judge Cochnour’s Criminal Conduct
The following is a short list of the criminal conduct Bobby Baby engaged during the time he cheerfully defrauded Ms. Hayden’s estate:
  • Took out a loan for more than $100,000, and subsequently stole the money
  • Continued acting as executor of the estate (paid himself total fees of $360,000) after becoming a judge even though judges are prohibited from practicing law
  • Used $382,000 from the estate to pay off a personal debt
  • Transferred $185,000 from the estate to a bank account he set up in the name of a relative
  • Ripped-off Ms. Hayden’s mother by borrowing $312,000 from her, and later had her sign a will (prepared by his crooked friend) forgiving the loan
Judge Cochnour’s Hyperbolic (BS) defense
Bobby testified in a deposition in 2006 that he stole from Ms. Hayden’s estate to cover losses in his family’s horse and oil businesses. Well, I guess that makes it acceptable conduct for a Judicial Misfit, right?
Judge Cochnour’s so-called criminal punishment
For stealing well over $1 million Bobby only served 2 years and 8 months in prison before being released on a work-release program.
Willie Sutton’s comment of yesteryear that, “I rob banks because that’s where the money is,” should in Bob’s case rightfully be changed to “I steal from the elderly and infirm because I’m a judge and moreover, because I can.”
Judge Cochnour’s taxpayer funded pension
The most disgusting part of this story is that after Bobby admitted his guilt, the so-called prosecutor cut a deal with him that allowed Bobby to continue to receive a $76,650-a-year judicial pension. The only reason this felon receives a pension is because the black-robed criminals in Illinois made sure that regardless of their criminal conduct while in office, they would still receive a publicly-funded pension for the balance of their miserable lives. Who is the buffoon that said crime doesn’t pay?
Selling of Judge Cochnour’s property
In March, 2007, an auction was held to dispose of Bobby’s assets in order to repay the money he stole from Ms. Hayden’s estate. The auction netted $1.725 million for 500 acres of farmland and other assets belonging to Bobby.
How appropriate is it that some of Bobby’s property was located in Crooked Creek, Illinois. A home belonging to Bobby is expected to be sold later at a separate auction.
Bobby’s St. Louis attorney, David Warfield, said “He doesn’t have much left.” That’s pure bunk because we know this crook will be receiving a taxpayer-funded pension of $76,650 a year for the balance of his stinkin life.
I seriously doubt that any of the hardworking and overtaxed residents living in the Toledo, Illinois area are shedding any tears because Ol’ Bobby “doesn’t have much left, right?



Judge Gloria Chevere of Chicago; unethical dwarf, slacker

The state of Illinois presented a law license to Gloria Chevere in 1981 after graduating from the John Marshall School of Law.
In 2010, Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans reassigned Judge Chevere in response to a FOX Chicago News/Better Government Association investigation into her work habits.
The FOX investigation discovered that Gloria and some of her fellow Judicial Misfits were leaving the court house well before the 4:00 pm closing time set by Chief Judge Evans in 2009.
In fact, FOX discovered Gloria soaking up the sun in her backyard after leaving the court early. In a lame attempt at levity, Gloria told FOX News that she leaves early because she’s so efficient she finishes her work and there isn’t anything else for her to do at the courthouse. Clearly Gloria missed her calling as a standup comedian.
Of course FOX and its viewers should have known that Gloria was lying since her lips were moving.
Gloria obtained her judgeship by acting as a compliant lackey and bootlicker for local political hacks in Chicago for years. She damn sure didn’t get the job because she was the most qualified lawyer in Cook County.
It goes without saying that the $175,000 that Gloria the Slacker receives from the taxpayers in Cook County is the best paying job she’s ever had or ever expected to have.
Must be nice to get paid $90 an hour for performing absolutely no services on behalf of the taxpayers, right?
Isn’t Chicago a great country?





























Judge Cynthia Brim of Chicago; criminal, slacker

On March 12, 2012, Judge Brim was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery after she shoved a courthouse deputy at the Daley Center.
This wasn’t the first time that Judge Brim went off the reservation. While presiding over traffic cases, Brim launched into a tirade in open court that lasted about 45 minutes. Judge Brian Flaherty, who was the presiding judge at the time, asked Brim to leave the courtroom.
In 2010, Brim was assigned to another court after a TV report sound that she wasn’t putting in eight-hour workdays.
These are the kind of certified losers ya get as judges when the only qualification is that you’re connected to the local political hacks.
A criminal trial for Brim has yet to be set. Given the fact that judges in Illinois are held to a lower standard of conduct then everyone else, I don’t expect that the Judicial Commission will take any real action against Brim.
As we speak (ca. March 2012) Cynthia is still a sitting judge in Chicago. Isn’t it nice to know that there’s another robed criminal running amuck in Chicago?
Judge Adam Bourgeois, Jr. of Chicago;  perjurer, deadbeat and ethically insolvent

Sadly, Judge Adam Bourgeois sits on the criminal court in Chicago as we speak (ca. May 2010) and has done so since 1999.
Judge Adam Bourgeois is a repeat visitor to the Judicial Misfit Apple tree as you’ll see below.
Judge Bourgeois’ 1st Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree
In 2001, Judge Bourgeois was found guilty of providing false statements and/or in failing to include required information in his 1999 and 2000 economic interest disclosure statements.
For this misconduct, the Illinois Judicial Commission presented Judge Bourgeois with a complimentary 30 day suspension.
Judge Bourgeois’ 2nd Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree
In 2004, Judge Bourgeois was found guilty for submitting false information (lying) on his application for appointment as a judge in five (5) categories.
The information Judge Bourgeois failed to reveal which he was required to do is as follows:
  • He defaulted on an education loan [Barber school?]
  • He was held in contempt of court re: the defaulted education loan
  • He was the subject of several past attorney-discipline complaints brought by various clients
  • He’d been a defendant in 3 lawsuits, including a 1995 lawsuit for nonpayment of rent
  • He was held in contempt of court re: child support payments
Judge Bourgeois’ Hyperbolic (BS) Defense
Judge Bourgeois had the chutzpah to claim that he merely forgot about of the five matters aforementioned while filling out his application. He further claimed that personal circumstances prevented from focusing on the application.
Personal circumstances prevented you from telling the truth Adam? How can that be? Your lips weren’t moving when you filled out the application, right?
For being a serial liar, the enablers/apologists on the Judicial Commission gifted Judge Bourgeois with a complimentary 60 day suspension.
This is further evidence that judges are held to a much lower standard of conduct then we are. And lastly, isn’t it comforting for Chicagoans to know that they have a criminal sitting on their criminal court?



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