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Mother Says Chicago Police Have Failed to Properly Investigate My Child’s
Sexual Abuse Allegations & Courts Want Me to Return Him to Abuser

Chicago – A Hispanic mother claims that the Chicago Police Department Special Investigation Unit has failed to investigate her child’s case properly. The mother says that the police instead of protecting her child are trying to accuse her of using the CPD for a custody case. Lucy Vega’s 4 year old son since birth has had supervised visitation with his biological father, per verbal agreement with both parents and grandparents.

Lucy Vega in 2009 discovered horrific child pornography and incest web sites on her then spouse David Manilla’s personal and work computers in their home. She also found published stories about incest authored by Mr. Manilla. Ms. Vega also found very graphic photos of her spouse placing aerosol cans in his anus. She also found letters from underage girls with photos that were in a box Mr. Manilla kept hidden in their home. Upon discovering this criminal like behavior she immediately filed for divorce in fear for their infant child. In her desperation she files for divorce on with a standard agreement that included joint custody.

David Manilla never appeared in court for the divorce and signed documents in agreement for a speedy divorce and accepted supervised visitation as long as Lucy Vega agreed not disclose what she found on his computers as he was concerned that his employer the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown would be aware of his deviant behavior and inappropriate actions at his workplace.

January 4, 2013 Cook County Circuit Court Judge Santiago orders the mother to give the child to the father for a three day week end visitation. The mother tried to provide documents regarding father’s abnormal sexual behavior to the court and Judge refused to look at documentation and pictures. On January 6, 2013 when the child was returned to his mother there was a complete change in his behavior. The child was constantly grabbing his buttocks and pulling on his pants. Ms. Vega took the child to his doctor because the child complained of pain in his rectum.

The child when seen by his pediatrician and immediately tells doctor that his father placed little balls in his rectum which caused him a lot of pain. The doctor immediately contacted DCFS to notify of the sexual abuse, she also sent mother to the U of C Hospital for follow up. DCFS is scheduled to meet with Ms. Vega and per case worker to close out case. Doctor who reported abuse has never been interviewed by CPD or DCFS.

A Hispanic organization has reached out to the Chicago Police Department to inquire about the manner in which the investigation was conducted. LULAC is scheduled to meet with the Chicago Police Deparment’s Special Investigation Unit and Commander Roy who over sees this department next week. The Chicago Police Department has advised that the case is closed.

Lucy Vega said, “This is a nightmare! I am being treated like a criminal for protecting my son. They are hurting my son by not thoroughly investigating his allegations. They took my son into a room for 15 minutes to talk to him, then they say to me here he is and we will contact you, end of investigation. CPD, DCFS the courts all of them are doing nothing to help keep my son safe. Can someone please help my son!”

Maggie Rivera LULAC National Midwest VP stated, “As LULAC defending the Civil Rights of Latinos of all ages is our commitment and we will stand side by side with Ms. Vega and her son until JUSTICE prevails.”

Advocates for the mother say that many police departments have significant pressure and increasing workloads on front line staff and inconsistencies in file management practices. The advocates also say that the residents of Chicago want to have every confidence that their police department is committed to ensuring a consistently high standard of service in child abuse investigations.

Julie Contreras of LULAC of Waukegan said, ”This mother feels that the CPD and DCFS from day one have provided a hostile environment for her family instead of helping them. If this investigation was not handled appropriately, this is a complete violation of her and the child’s Civil Rights.”

Advocates and victims of Child Abuse will gather in front of the Chicago Police Department’s Special Investigation Unit with the mother to pray and ask the CPD to re-open this case and protect this innocent child.

When: March 8, 2013
Where: 3510 S. Michigan Avenue
Time: 11:00am


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