The biggest crock of shit headline of 2015! so far anyway.

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The biggest crock of shit headline of 2015!
so far anyway.

U.S. foster care system offers hope for children at risk

There is apparently a push to recruit new foster care and adoptive parents this time of year, so they start pouring out the warm and fuzzy bullshit.

This time of year it is important for them to pour on the bullshit because of the November being “National Adoption Month” where they liquidate the assets. This causes some foster parents to get out of the business because they finally have your kid of their own and can live just as well off of the adoption subsidies.

Sadly, many stolen children never get adopted into these wonderful happily ever families. Some even… age out. When that happens, there isn’t as much hope.
– As many as 36 percent of those who age out of the system become homeless, while 56 percent become unemployed.
– Roughly 27 percent of male foster children will be jailed after aging out.
– Less than half of emancipated youth who age out graduate from high school and fewer than 12 percent graduate from college.
– About 40 percent of aged out foster children become parents as a result of unplanned pregnancy.
This info comes from another warm and fuzzy bullshit article where they show the perfect happily forever after family in an attempt to recruit more. In reality though, it’s a real struggle. They f_ck these kids up before they find them the forever homes.
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Anonymous said…
Yes they feed people a line of bull,basically sale the public and children a dream that very quickly turns into a one way no way out downward spiral to destruction! I would know bc im a former foster kid.I was ripped from my home several times and placed in foster care, and then returned bk home, removed again, returned bk home, and removed again and this caused me more harm than good! I went from a semi abusive home with my mother to a foster home to be treated like trash that was unwanted and undeserving to be in thier home, I was beaten, belittled, and molested in Mr.Adkins home, where he also was molesting his five year old biological daughter as well.
Over the three different occasions that I entered foster hell/care I was treated like a prisoner or house slave rather than a child!
I was made stay in my room 80% of the time and the other 20% was either spent doing chores or going to therapy and dr.appointments. I rarely got to go outside to play or play with other kids,most kids would shun me bc I was weird to them and I got called “dumb lil orphan girl” so I never had no real friends other than my foster brothers and sisters and I couldnt stay in one home or school system long enough to even try to make friends and my social worker never listened to me or believed me when I told her I was being abused and she blamed me, over time I got tired, emotionally numb, and became by Cps standard, a damaged unruly child, and I would run away from the foster homes and get picked up by police and held in jail, made see psychiatrist wich labeled me with “RAD”, ODD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and clinical depression and was placed on a very harsh regimen of drugs(Risperdone, Chlonopin, Ritalin, lithium, and Prozac).These drugs made me so sick and hard for me to concentrate or even function. I was flanking in school a nd had severe behavioral problems wich landed me in group homes as a teen bc fosters didnt want to deal with me and nobody wanted to adopt a damaged and problematic child. So at age 16 I ran away from yet another foster placement and this time even the social workers gave up on me, they never attempted to find me and I lived on the streets, sleeping in junk cars, park benches, under bridges, crack houses or wherever I could find a warm place to lay my head, I ate out of dumpsters, or begged for food, or stole to get food, and sometimes id find a church or soup kitchen, but it was few and far between to get a clean hot meal! I filled out applications for jobs, id wash up in gas station but id wear dirty clothes until I could find someone to wash them for me, and I finally got my first job at a daycare at age 17, and after I worked there a few weeks I filled out application for public housing assistance and the very day I turned 18 i was in my first apartment. I had no high school diploma so I was stuck in minimum wage jobs and I had no permit or drivers license until I turned 21when I finally saved enough money to buy my first cheap used car. My point is my whole life was a fight and a struggle to just stay alive, foster care never made my life betteror any easier, it made it three times harder and it offered no help while I was in, thier care for life skills, job skills, or any assistance of any form! I done it all wo thier help and I succeeded. Im 35 now and I have been constantly herassed by CPS bc of my own two kids wich are now in foster care and ive been fighting for two years to get back. CPS DAMAGED ME AND NOW THEY CLAIM I WAS OR AM SO DAMAGED I COULD NEVER BE A GOOD RESPONSIBLE PARENT TO MY KIDS SO THEY FEEL BEST OPTION IS TO TERMINATE MY RIGHTS AND ADOPT OUT MY KIDS!!!!! CPS DOES NOT PROTECT KIDS, OR IF THEY DO THEY SURE DIDNT ME!


The appearance of abuse in Family Courts System Expensive, Inefficient And Abusive to children ,,,,

March 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

Opinion: Family Court System Expensive, Inefficient And Abusive


Text Size

On Feb. 26, there was a historic vote at the state Capitol in which family court Judge Leslie Olear was only narrowly reappointed by the legislature. This vote came after public protests which gained media attention and after legislators were called into action to address the serious problems in our state’s family courts. After this vote, some members of the legal community understandably rushed to defend Judge Olear, claiming that the votes against her were politically motivated and only in response to complaints being expressed by a “small number of family court critics.” This is simply not the case.

This vote came after scores of parents, adult children of divorce, grandparents, attorneys and business executives testified until the early morning hours in front of a task force in January, after more than 630 parents signed a petition demanding legislative reforms of the family court’s broken guardian ad litem (GAL) system, and after legislators were inundated with thousands of complaints about our family courts from parents, as consumers of the family court system’s services.

In an op-ed piece submitted to the Law Tribune, Kimberly Knox, president of the Connecticut Bar Association, fell back on well-worn industry rhetoric trying to blame the actual victims in this scenario — the thousands of parents and families who have been financially devastated and unfairly denied access to their children solely due the problems in our family courts. The vote on Feb. 26 was not about a judge and what was in her best interests. The vote was about parents, children, families, citizens and taxpayers and what is in our best interests. The protests and the vote reflected how expensive, ineffective, abusive and damaging our family courts have become.

Unfortunately, Olear did not come before the legislature with a stellar record. In 2011, the state Supreme Court overturned a custody case ruling made by Olear where Chief Justice Chase Rogers expressed strong constitutional concerns. The opinions of the family law attorneys who testified in favor of Olear have a vested interest in doing so. The question should be asked how many parents and adult children of divorce testified – those impacted by the judge’s rulings. It is quite unfortunate that these voices and opinions are seldom solicited or heard.

What legislators heard (and responded to) were complaints about children being arbitrarily separated from their parents and parents forced to pay for supervised visitations to see them. Parents being jailed for not being able to pay outlandish GAL fees. Parents being jailed for not being able to pay outlandish GAL feesThis same scenario has become the operational norm in our family courts, not one only associated with a small number of “high-conflict cases.”

The majority of the family courts’ time is consumed by the growing number of 3,400 or so custody cases it hears. It is the underlying politics and misguided policies of the family court itself which created this crisis – and one which is harming parents, children and families.

The vote signaled that citizens are no longer tolerating the status quo and expecting far better of our legislature and judiciary. It reflects a historic shift in attitudes and approaches towards family law happening not just here in Connecticut, but nationally and internationally as well. Connecticut is characteristically late to the game.

Many states have already enacted sweeping changes in their family laws and made shared parenting a standard. Maine reformed its GAL system last summer, following states such as Maryland, which eliminated GAL immunity. The chief justice of New York State and a task force in Delaware both proposed opening their family courts in order to “eliminate the atmosphere of corruption.” The chief justice of Canada called the country’s family courts “beyond the point of simple repair” and a Royal Commission is examining ways to replace their system with “something else.”

Connecticut’s family courts are in a state of operational dysfunction solely due to a self-inflicted legal monstrosity it created and of epic proportions. We have the largest Practice Book in the country, as our judiciary has essentially been allowed to write self-serving legislation.

None of the people in the fast growing family court reform movement deny that custody cases can be difficult. This is not the issue. The issue is that in this state, we have allowed a very small group of family law attorneys and GALs to directly and adversely impact family court operations in a manner designed to personally enrich them at the expense of parents and families. This has created a situation where 85 percent of the cases before the court involve a pro se party, as no one can afford the agenda being promoted by these individuals. To be clear, this group does not represent mainstream legal thought in this state and many attorneys are increasingly speaking out about this.

Our state’s GALs are almost exclusively family law attorneys who enjoy complete immunity and been granted quasi-judicial authority – this is not common elsewhere in the country. Our GALs are not held to any standard of performance or excellence and they are not licensed or monitored. They are allowed to bill with impunity with the expected results. GALs in this state legally trump a parent’s right to be a parent as soon as they are assigned to case. These individuals are allowed to make life-altering decisions directly impacting children and families as judges routinely outsource their judicial authority to them – for the entire life of a case and child. This is misguided, unethical and simply wrong.

Too many of our judges operate with the misguided belief that parents are to blame and inherently flawed, invalid, and incapable of parenting solely because they have dared to approach the Court for help or have a dispute with the other parent. Instead of making effective rulings, even simple cases are allowed to drag on for months and years as children and families suffer and parents are literally bankrupted in process. Concerns for their clients expressed to the family court by well-meaning attorneys and professionals, fall of deaf ears as these people are shut out of the system.

Along with many others, I attended and watched the recent hearings of a task force assigned to study the costs of custody cases. Ms. Knox did not. This task force failed its legislative mandate as it was chaired by two “full-time GALs” who blocked every effort by other task force members to collect and analyze meaningful financial cost and operational metrics data related to custody cases. This may explain why many legislators have little faith in what the task force ultimately recommended.

In summary, the legal industry and judiciary need to recognize that the world has changed. As with many other movements, social media has brought together thousands of parents, progressive lawyers, former judges, concerned mental health professionals, business executives and legislators on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, uniting us in a common cause. A cause which cuts across all political lines, all social and economic classes, all genders and race classifications.

We have three branches of government because when one of these branches goes astray and operates in a manner which violates the Constitution and ignores basic civil and due process rights, the other two must step in to take correction action. Having no other recourse, citizens have properly turned to the legislature and the legislature is responding – which mirrors what has happened in many other states.

Parents who have suffered for years due to the problems in our family courts are the actual experts and our voices must be heard – not just those of the legal industry. This is the very best way to run a government and court system – for the people, of the people, and by the people.

Peter T. Szymonik is a portfolio manager at UnitedHealthcare, where he works as a liaison between business technology executives and the legal and compliance teams. He is a former member of the executive board at Cummings & Lockwood and has served as the state chair of the Council of Litigation Management. He is also the father of two young sons and has been working with state legislators on family court reform for many years.

“I’m a 13 year girl and I’m still forced to see my abuser and molester. My father.”

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posted on NOVEMBER 22, 2013

I'm a 13 year girl and I'm still forced to see my abuser and molester. My father.

“What you looking for Maria?”

Boonton, New Jersey, United States IP Address: Law Offices Of Maria A. Cestone ( [Label IP Address] Referring URL: (No referring link) Visit

“I’m a 13 year girl and I’m still forced to see my abuser and molester. My father.”

I’m a 13 year girl and I’m still forced to see my abuser and molester. My father. After 8 years of court, its still going on. As a child, I was always told to “shut up”, ”don’t you dare tell anyone that”, and “he’s only playing”. I went to speak to a judge at the age of 7 and again 9. There was 3 judge between the almost 8 nine years. I spoke to only one judge and he listened. He took me out for 4 years. I was put back in after the new judge came around with an observer. She left and I was taken out again. New Supervisor again.

The history of abuse includes smashing me into wall saying “I will kill you”, having firecrackers thrown at me, molestation in the shower, dragging me by my next with a jump rope, pushing me on the ground and into near by objects, etc. (Many I’ll detail in private.)

At one point when I said “I’m telling the therapist at the age 7, he told me “Don’t you dare. You’ll never see your family again if you do.” To be honest, I was scared of him. Still am. But, my brother and sister still have to very often. Sometimes I only see them 2 times a week. Then they come back. Then back to him. It worries me that my they go there. They haven’t spoke to anyone. He hurts them. My sister tells me stories how she’ll wake up with him on top of her. Or when he slapped and punched each of them.

Next judge comes around I’m put back in. I spoke to a “lawyer” for me. But she hasn’t done anything. She was one of the only people who didn’t shut me up. Instead she said “Oh we have go now”. Right after I told you details about how he molested me. Observer doesn’t say anything while I sit there and he mentally abuses me.

I recently confronted him at a SUPERVISED visit and it didn’t turn out well. I was yelled at by him, and two other parties. The observer sat there and said nothing as I sobbed and cried. I was told “Oh, That’s Bullshit!”, “tell me when I molested you”, “Your lying”, “you mother said that”, “You mother brainwashed you”. I was also yelled at about how I wouldn’t talk to the other “guests”.

Might I add I have tapes I would like to send you if you reply.

I was puking and trapped at that point. In a bathroom with didn’t help considering I was molested by him in one. I couldn’t take it. He isn’t normal at the slighted point.

There are many other details I’ll direct message you if you read this.

Thank you.

Beth Pensa
Twitter: @bethpensa

Psalm 71:4
Deliver me, my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of those who are evil and cruel.


DHHS the appearance of more than foul play with dealing in children matters.

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AUGUSTA (WGME) — State Health and Human Services managers are in hot water. They’re accused of failing to aggressively respond to reports of possible child abuse at day care centers. Today, the state’s Government Oversight Committee voted unanimously to investigate the Department of Health and Human Services’ “Child Care Licensing Division”.

Last month, CBS 13 investigative reporter Jon Chrisos looked into complaints of abuse and neglect at the sunshine childcare and preschool in Lyman. The daycare has since closed. Now, two DHHS child care inspectors have come forward, accusing the child care division of sitting on abuse and neglect reports for months, even years, before taking any action.

We spoke to State Senator Emily Cain, (D) Orono and co-chair of the Government Oversight Committee, about the allegations. Senator Cain says “We want all families to feel their children are safe when they’re at child care providers across the state of Maine. And we’ll make recommendations to the department about ways they can improve the outcomes and make sure we’re keeping children safe.”

DHHS Child Care Licensing Division Director Kenneth Albert says the department will add eight or nine inspectors to ease the caseload. He says that will lead to more effective monitoring of the state’s 2,000 daycares.

What is it that we know about the state funded child abuse of the cottage industries of harvesting our children for federal title monies?

March 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

Please comment with what moves you or how it has happened . If you want to be posted just facts and statuatory violations or criminalized  retribution against you or the scumbags that did it to your family if you would like to share ….

What will they come up with now ? Alienation of affections, and more….

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Another couple says CPS demanded they divorce to get kids back

Posted: Feb 14, 2014 9:58 PM CSTUpdated: Feb 14, 2014 9:58 PM CST

By Randy Wallace, Investigative Reporter – bio

HOUSTON (FOX 26) -The Matthews’ have 5 kids.

They admit a fight they had back in 2009 was a bad one.

“It doesn’t mean the kids are in danger it doesn’t mean the kids are abused because your having an argument with your spouse that gets kind of loud,” Devin Matthew said.

The fight brought the cops out and in turn Child Protective Services.

The domestic violence charge against Aaron Matthew was knocked down to a disorderly conduct charge.

Still that fight had the couple’s 5 kids in state custody for 14 months.

“Probably the most horrible time in my life and his too,” Devin Matthew said. “You can only see your kids on certain days at certain times you can’t kiss them goodnight you can’t do anything as a family.”

If she wanted them back Devin Matthew says CPS told her she had to get a divorce.

We beat them at their own game,” Devin Matthew said. “I started recording every conversation with them, I started documenting everything.”

The Matthews’ say they learned alot from their battle with CPS.

They say they hope advice they give can help others who find themselves at odds with the state agency.

“Do not talk to them force their hand if you’ve done nothing wrong,” Devin Matthew said. “Force them to get a warrant to talk to you, your kids. Lawyer up as soon as you can.”

Read more:

The appearance that some ABUSE at state levels have been in play for it to reach this point of federal monies to be questioned. This is going on in Illinois as well the appearance that many agencies are involved and across the state lines.

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Kentucky risks losing federal child abuse funds

Feb. 12, 2014   |
Home of the Innocents campus / C-J photo

If Kentucky’s lawmakers don’t act soon, children in our community and across the commonwealth will lose out on $9.2 million in matching federal dollars to care for victims of child abuse and neglect. We simply cannot afford to let that happen; the need is too great!

Kentucky’s lawmakers must take action now to make the more than 7,000 neglected, abused and battered children across our state apriority. Children who have been placed in the state’s custody because of parental abuse and neglect need our support now.

In order to access the federal matching dollars, Kentucky must find an additional $13.5 million in the state’s $10 billion annual budget. To put it in perspective, we are asking lawmakers to allocate a tiny fraction of a penny for every dollar in the state’s budget to care for the most fragile children in our hometown communities.

We at Home of the Innocents are proud to stand up for Kentucky kids on this very important issue. We are joining more than 30 non-profit agencies across the state that care for more than half of the children in Kentucky’s foster care system.

Home of the Innocents has been our region’s open arms to children in crisis since 1880. The Home provides loving, therapeutic care to children who are victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect; medically fragile children; and children with autism and other behavioral health diagnoses. Open Arms Children’s Health is our pediatric practice that meets children’s needs for all medical and dental care.

We are proud to be part of Children’s Alliance, the voice for our most vulnerable children.

Our agencies fulfill the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s mandated responsibility to care for children whose parents have not properly cared for them. We care for the state’s most fragile children with trained foster parents in our communities and caring professionals on residential campuses across the state.

For many years, the state has been unable or unwilling to cover the full costs of caring for children in the foster care system. Our Children’s Alliance member agencies raise nearly $20 million per year thanks to more than 60,000 citizens, businesses, churches and foundations to cover the gap. We work diligently to make sure those dollars — every dollar we receive — provide the care our children need.

  • 1
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  • (Page 2 of 2)

    But our agency and other Children’s Alliance member agencies are struggling to keep up with growing demand and the increasing cost of serving kids in need. Without additional funding, some agencies will be forced to reduce services, the number of children served, or sadly, some will even be forced to close their doors.

    Additional state and federal funding will allow our agencies to make essential investments in home and family preservation services, therapeutic foster care and residential care.

    If you believe Kentucky should allocate sufficient funds to care for our state’s most vulnerable children, please call or email your state legislators. You can make your voice heard. Please go and click on “Who’s My Legislator.” Or call (800) 372-7181 and leave a message for your legislator.

    Please tell them you are standing up for the thousands of neglected and abused kids across our commonwealth.

    Ask them to support the Children’s Alliance initiative to add $13.5 million to the budget that will generate $9.2 million in additional Federal funding for agencies across Kentucky who care more than 4,000 of Kentucky’s children in the foster care system.

    Tell them to invest in our future by investing in our children today!




    Board Members

    Home of the Innocents

    Louisville 40206


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