The appearance of a true whore of the court read with in the pages and find out how its still practiced today in Cook county Il.

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The business and pattern and practices that perfected child abuse of state actors and how the appearance of child abuse that is widely expected but practiced through out the state to secure Title IV funds illegally enriching the state and county coiffures.

The amount of monies they receive is in the almost billions of dollars each year coming out of Social Security tile fund grants from the federal government.

The appearance a lot of these funds are transferred to general funds and redistributed to not the purpose they where extended for specific use.

The appearance they go to friends of the court or to retirement funds for state actors( which may include Judges ,attorney generals,states attorneys,child reps, guardians appointed by judges or state actors,and others the trail of funding fraud abuse.

Thanks DW for showings us all the actors!


Because I was forced into telling a lie about him when I was eight years old put him in prison.

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this is how some gals and child reps start either this or a restraining orders .

My dad has been in prison for decades for a crime he didn’t commit, all because I was forced into telling a lie about him when I was eight years old. Help my dad get pardoned by signing my petition.

Fred –
When I was eight years old, my mom scared me into telling a lie that would change the course of our family’s life.
One day when I was at home watching my dad work, I came out of the bathroom and my mom asked me if my dad had ever touched me. Confused, I said no. But then she asked me again. And I said no. She kept asking, and I kept saying no, until she became angry and threatened to beat me with a belt until I said yes. I was too young to know that my mom was using drugs at the time, and I was scared. So I said yes.
My dad was convicted of sexually assaulting me and has been in prison for over 15 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Now that I’m an adult and a mom, I’m working hard to right this wrong that should have never happened. I started a petition on asking for the Governor of New York to pardon my innocent father. Click here to sign my petition.
I remember sometimes during dinner my mom would make excuses to leave so she could find drugs. When my dad would try to stop her, they would fight, and I would cry. Now I know it’s because he wanted her to stay home with the family that he was working so hard to keep together.
After my dad was sent to prison, my siblings and I went to live with my grandmother. I told her the whole truth: that my dad had never touched me, and that my mom taught me all the words to say that would get him in trouble. My mom even admits now that this happened during one of her drug binges, and she doesn’t know why she did it.
I’ve been fighting to set my dad free with this evidence since I was 15 years old — but all of my appeals have been denied. I was recently interviewed about my story by national news, and I believe that this wave of public support can help my case. That’s why I started this petition to pressure Governor Cuomo into pardoning him. Will you help me by signing?
Thank you so much for your support.
Chaneya Kelly

The appearance of a true liar scumbag 30 year veteran

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The appearance of stealing moneys from other parents only to try to look good has its marets of doing this for so long .

The appearance that the DOJ has been watching for some time now is funny ,The list from over 20 plus year of gals and now to include child reps not following the statues which has more than an appearance of  statuory fraud in many case that have been pulled and looked at ….

Smile we have seen plenty of what you do in many court rooms to have turned over enough  to let the legislature know what fraud on what level that has more than state involvement of federal dollars….

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“Who is Judging the Judges.” Well next who is watching the IARDC ?

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 I know that we all have submitted documents supporting our claims.To the news as well as to the DOJ whom is here visiting Crook county  i mean Cook County il.

All this week at 9:00 PM, WGN will do an investigative report on “Who is Judging the Judges.”  I think we need to bombard them with examples of the failures of the JIB; and we need to encourage them to do an investigative report regarding the failure of the ARDC as well, particularly as it relates to Child Reps/ GALs.

Here is the link:

Make a comment on the webpage.  Let’s find a contact person for WGN and offer to be interviewed (stating that you supporting documents and others with similar complaints).

Please forward this email to others so that they can take action as well.

Guardian ad Litems, destroyers of children and families for federal dollars Title IV monies billions of dollars …

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Custody expert revising $133K bill after CBS Atlanta investigation

Posted: Jul 11, 2013 5:24 PM CDTUpdated: Aug 23, 2013 2:47 PM CDT

By Jeff Chirico – email

FULTON COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) -CBS Atlanta News has learned attorney James Holmes is revising his $133,000 bill in a custody case, in which he served as a guardian ad litem, after reporter Jeff Chirico questioned his fees and his recommendation.


  • Protestors: Judges are putting children back with abusers

    About two dozen protestors held signs and wore neon green shirts that read “Shame on you, Judge Goger” and “Shame on you, Judge Lane” as they marched outside the Fulton County Courthouse Monday.

    Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger came under fire because of a recent order requiring a 10-year-old girl to live with her father, who was twice arrested for abusing her in a recent custody hearing.

    Continue reading >>

As a guardian ad litem, Holmes is responsible for advocating for the best interest of a 10-year-old girl whose identity CBS Atlanta News is withholding.

Last month, Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger ordered the girl live with her father despite allegations he had sexually abused her. Holmes and a court-appointed custody evaluator, Howard Drutman, recommended that the girl’s father receive primary custody of his daughter.

CBS Atlanta News obtained an e-mail Holmes sent to the parties, indicating his fees for working on the case from Spring 2012 through April 22, 2013 totaled $133,000.89.

Eighty-percent of Holmes’ fees are being paid by the father, who is reportedly a millionaire.

Two weeks after CBS Atlanta aired the investigation that called into question the amount of fees charged, reporter Jeff Chirico obtained an e-mail indicating Holmes is changing his bill.

“All [b]illing [s]tatements are currently under review and revision for submission to Court,” read the e-mail.

When contacted, Holmes would not explain why he’s changing his bills.

“They don’t need to make that much money, when they’re preventing the child from being protected,” said Deb Beacham, executive director of My Advocate Center, a resource group on child custody issues.

Responding to the bill revision, Beacham issued a statement which reads “It is very concerning that a guardian ad litem would even be considering altering all of his billing statements for the purpose of trial.”

“If the billing statements were accurate when submitted, and when they were paid, why would there ever be a need to alter all of them, in order to submit them to the court?” asked Beacham.

In May, a CBS Atlanta investigation exposed a shocking lack of oversight of guardians ad litem in Georgia.

According to a document filed in the custody case, Drutman and Holmes recommended the custody switch because they said the mother was subconsciously “re-victimizing” her daughter by not letting her progress past the abuse.

The father was arrested in 2009 and 2011 in Fulton County and Colorado, respectively. Charges in both states were dropped due to insufficient physical evidence, according to court documents filed in the custody case.

Those records also said five separate assessments supported the girl’s “outcries” of sexual molestation.

In his first 10 months on the case, Drutman, a psychologist, charged the family $27,406.25.

According to a document filed by the mother’s attorney, Drutman had no “significant specialized training in assessing or treating cases of sexual abuse.”

Drutman did not return messages left by Chirico. When questioned at his Roswell office, Drutman closed the door and wouldn’t explain his fees or his custody recommendation.

According to an email, Holmes charged $133,000.89 for a year’s work on the case. He indicated in the email that he had only received $59,586.94, and netted $43,879.96 as of April 22.

Holmes also refused to talk to Chirico about his fees, or his custody decision.

Beacham said she wonders whether money influenced the decision.

“[The father and his attorney] brought on the right custody experts to manage the case, make the case more layered and complicated, so everybody’s making a lot of money by sitting on the evidence,” said Beacham.

Goger’s judicial assistant said the judge had no comment.

Copyright 2013 WGCL-TV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

The state’s failure to protect children from abuse

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The state’s failure to protect children from abuse

Here is a draft of Sunday’s editorial:

Dozens of young children were abused by a Salem foster parent before he was caught and sent to prison. And then the incidents were hidden from public knowledge.

This might be the most widespread abuse by any single foster parent in Oregon history, involving several dozen children. It is scary that the man was approved as a foster parent, although the state has since raised its standards for evaluating potential foster parents. But it also is deeply troubling that the government, whether intentionally or inadvertently, did not publicly disclose this case.

To this day, officials say it was someone else’s responsibility to inform the public. But this case was so horrible that every agency involved should have ensured that happened. To do otherwise would leave the impression that officials wanted to keep this case out of the public eye.

Lawsuits reveal abuse

The case didn’t come to light until state and federal lawsuits were filed June 21 on behalf of the victims. The lawsuits allege that the state Department of Human Services inadequately vetted James Earl Mooney and his then-wife as prospective foster parents and subsequently ignored signs of sexual abuse involving the foster children placed with the couple.

Mooney pleaded guilty in January 2012 to five counts of first-degree sodomy and was sentenced to 50 years in prison, which seems too short a term in light of the many crimes to which he confessed. His wife, who did not face criminal charges, divorced him.

The lawsuits seek $22 million on behalf of 11 then-infants and toddlers who were placed in the Mooneys’ care, with the possibility that as many as 50 more victims could be added if they can be located.

These are allegations, yet to be proved in court. But the stated facts would make anyone wonder how Mooney ever got certified as a foster parent.

State made bad choice

He and his wife were 22 at the time, living in a small apartment and married for only six months when they sought to become foster parents.

There is nothing against being young or apartment dwellers. But starting a marriage is difficult as it is. Caring for medically fragile children, who need extra-loving and patient people who can handle their emotional problems, is exceedingly hard as well. To combine the factors of new marriage, difficult foster care and cramped living quarters would seem like a recipe for disaster.

Yet the state approved the Mooneys for that work.

There is nothing in the lawsuit to suggest that the Mooneys had any special expertise for serving those children. Rather, it details a dysfunctional growing up for Mooney, listing a series of red flags about his judgment and behavior.

As a result, the lawsuit contends:

“DHS knew and should have known that very bad things were going to happen to the Plaintiffs [the foster children]. From approximately February 2007 through May 2011, there were ongoing and escalating signs and symptoms of psychological distress occurring in the Mooneys’ DRS-certified home that were consistent with and suggestive of sexual abuse and/or child abuse. The information that was being reported in the Plaintiffs’ ongoing case plans and medical reports included evidence of anxiety and self harm, such as biting, hitting and pulling out hair and scratching, fecal smearing on objects and walls, suspicion of Defendant Mooney and improved demeanor upon learning that Mrs. Mooney was present.”

Children have more rights

Those accounts, and the graphic details that accompany them, portray a profound failure on the state’s part. Yes, the state now does a better job of evaluating foster parents, having adopted more stringent standards in 2009-10. The 2013 Legislature also passed a bill of rights for foster children.

Most foster parents are trustworthy, diligent and ethical care providers. Still, four years of rampant abuse occurred on the state’s watch, harming an untold number of children and sending a foster parent to prison. Are today’s safeguards sufficent, or will Oregonians someday look back at someone else with the same horror as James Earl Mooney?


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Well dressed and the appearance of what our for fathers dreams that have been crushed and shattered beyond any essemblance of what a reasonable person would hold to be true.

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