The appearance this rabbit holes brings big political friends with so we can just call this the PORN county court house

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The appearance that the fox was and is watching the hen house in this

case is watching the    PORN COURT HOUSE ? 




So the real ? is was judge kinny being bribed by the other porn judge ? Will the inspector general step in? Or is the DOJ have a hand on all the miss givings going on in this court house?×44/crop/44×44%2B0%2B3/×44/crop/44×44%2B8%2B0/×44^/crop/44×44%2B0%2B3/ know as will county court house has the appearance to be renamed PORN county court house ?

Former Will County Board Member Names Judges, Lawyers & State’s Attorney in ‘Revenge Porn’ Plot Story
Former Will County Board member Kathleen Konicki tells a sordid story of “revenge porn” in an affidavit she penned in hopes of getting back “intimate” pictures she says were passed around by former boyfriends.

Posted by Joseph Hosey (Editor) , May 21, 2014 at 07:01 PM
Kathleen Konicki. Credit: Will County Board
Kathleen Konicki. Credit: Will County Board
Kathleen Konicki. Credit: Will County BoardJudge Gerald Kinney. Credit: Chicago Law BulletinWill County State’s Attorney James Glasgow. Credit: Will County State’s Attorney’s Office
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Former Will County Board member Kathleen Konicki has been fighting for the better part of a year to get back “intimate” pictures she says were passed around by former boyfriends.

Komicki has petitioned for a protective order and filed a lawsuit against two men she claimed as former flames—Joliet attorney Timothy Rathbun and New Lenox resident John Bassett.

Now Konicki, who represented Homer Glen as a Republican on the board, has penned an affidavit detailing a sordid story of “revenge porn” that names judges, lawyers and the county’s top prosecutor as characters in her passion play.

In her affidavit, Konicki said former Will County Judge Roman Okrei, who was advising her as an attorney, encouraged her that Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow would vigorously prosecute her case.

Okrei told her Glasgow might see her case as a “timely and appropriate vehicle for himself as an elected official to step forward into the public fray of revenge porn and take the lead,” the affidavit said.

“He said that my timing couldn’t be better, because the problem of vindictive men lashing out at women by posting intimate pictures on the Internet (‘revenge porn’) was widespread and on the verge of getting public attention and publicity,” Konicki wrote. “He said that women from all walks of life, across the nation, were being targeted with revenge porn.”

The state’s attorney’s office never did take up Konicki’s case—she said Okrei told her “Glasgow has been advised not to get involved, since he, himself, had been sent the pictures,” the affidavit said.

Okrei told Konicki Glasgow confirmed he “had received the pictures, saying he had deleted them and not distributed them,” according to the affidavit.

Konicki believes Will County Judge Gerald Kinney received her “revenge porn” pictures as well, according to her affidavit. Konicki tried to get both Judge Kinney and State’s Attorney Glasgow to submit to depositions about the pictures.

Check out the entire affidavit—and all the people Konicki claims are involved in the saga—here.


Comments on the judges

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Fhenz2001's avatarFhenz2001· 1 day ago

Keep UP the good work mark!

1 reply · active 1 day ago


KW's avatarKW· 1 day ago

Concise and calling for the public to wake up. Keep the heat on Mark ! Not surprising that Mr Berrios’ name comes up when property tax “irregularities” are brought out for his acquaintances. Curious about the special exemption that judge took since I could not locate a word about it on the assessor’s website – or is it just for the “connected”.

Betty's avatarBetty· 1 day ago

Ok report, but I’d like to see more on the Judges at the criminal courts where it wreaks corruption.

STILL NOT FREE's avatarSTILL NOT FREE· 1 day ago

The Crook County courts are the worst! Judge Nancy Katz had a case before her but then her Lesbian partner died and she was allowed a paid sabbatical for months. She has the reputation of being a man hater and has a practice & pattern of Alienating Parents from their children. In one instance one of her cases was sent to the court room to Judge Jacobias (removed since from family court) who in open court stereo typed a Hispanic father as “macho and violent” by just looking at him. Stopped visitation of his child who identified abuse at hands of step father. Jacobias sent her to therapist (friend) Beth Wilner who contributed to Alienation and advised medicating child who attempted suicide numerous times and pleaded with all professionals to be with her father. Judge Katz had final hearing 3yrs later & made final decisions & forced bankrupt father to pay child support to abusing Parental Alienator. Father has not seen child for 2yrs. Child remains institutionalized. Court room cartel destroying our children! No one is watching or doing something about abuse by Judges.


All Family Court and Probate Court Judges – look to maximize money for lawyers, GALs, therapists, etc. who are friends of the judge.

Judge Katz – lesbian with a cause.

Judge Mathein – hates anyone who fights for justice.

Judge Nega – believes that the law and the Constitution do not apply to family court. Never wants to hear the law, just character assassination.

Judge Haracz – Plain stupid. Afraid to make a decision.

Judge Lopez – believes that the impossible is easy. (“You want a Modification in child support, just ask for it.” But show me a judge that will actually grant it.)

Judge Fernandez – In her own little world.

An other fine piece on Judging the Judges | Will County Pro-se

[…] more:… My addition not […]

Read more:

None of the judges we identified returned our phone calls.

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For many of us, the only image we have of a judge comes from movies or TV shows. For the next four nights, we’re going to show you a lot of them by asking a simple question: Who is judging the judges?  You might be surprised. Our joint WGN investigation with the Medill Watchdogs of Northwestern exposes where the majority of least qualified judges are coming from.

For the first time ever, as the curtain draws back allowing cameras in Illinois to peek into some courtrooms, viewers are getting a glimpse at the absolute power behind the robe.  Cameras have yet to be allowed in Cook County and unless you are before a judge, you probably can’t name any of the 400-plus judges or which ones you voted for in the last election.

Two decades ago, the leaders in Springfield tried to fix the problem of too many unknown judges by breaking up the massive list into smaller bite-sized subcircuits. It seemed like a win-win, these subcircuits. Neighbors could meet the judicial candidates because they lived there. The winning judge would be from their community bringing more minorities to the bench. In Cook County, that even meant Republicans. A good idea with good intentions, but like the old proverb says, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

When asked what he thought of subcircuits, Anton Valukas, a lawyer and Chairman of Jenner & Block said, “I think they’re terrible.”

Nearly 30 years ago, Valukas as U.S. Attorney oversaw the prosecution of one of the largest court scandals in the United States: Operation Greylord. Charges of bribery, fixing a murder case, even a wiretap in a judge’s chamber led to 92 indictments including the conviction of 15 judges. According to Valukas, “All of a sudden everybody got religion, as they say in the trade. So I would say corruption is not the issue right now.”

Instead, Valukas says the problem is weak judges created by the subcircuit system.

“The issue right now is competence and the fact that you continue to have politics involved in this process always opens the door to the potential of corruption in the future. So why have a system that does that?” he says.

He added that unlike judges who run countywide, the candidates who run for one of the 15 smaller subcircuit seats rarely face tough challengers. Most are always backed by the Democratic Party, they rarely have to prove their judicial chops to win.

“I think it probably has not been the best way to improve the quality of our judiciary,” said Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin. Suffredin is also the attorney for the Chicago Bar Association, a group that rates the qualifications of judicial candidates. “I think if you look at the judges who have had problems in the last 20 years, a greater percentage of them have been elected from the subcircuits than have been elected countywide.  I think those who are elected countywide are vetted in a much different way.  It’s a tougher race to run.  I mean this is a huge county.  And they have to present their credentials to a lot of different people,” said Suffredin.

Like the Chicago Bar Association, a host of other legal watchdogs judge the judges on integrity, legal knowledge, temperament, and even punctuality. We checked the rankings and last year, a half-dozen judges elected to the bench failed to win the approval of three or more groups and five of those were subcircuit judges.

According to Suffredin, “I think what they do is create an artificial world in which people run.  One of the things we see is that the candidates who run in the subcircuits in a greater proportion choose not to be evaluated by the Bar Association, choose not to present their credentials to a broader group of citizens to determine why they would be good judges or bad judges.” In other words, they’re avoiding being judged.

Newly-elected Judge Daniel Degnan from the 3rd subcircuit didn’t bother to submit his qualifications. His dad was a top strategist for Mayor Daley. Prior to Election Day; one by one all his opponents dropped out, including a sitting judge. Degnan waltzed unopposed to the bench. Judge Kimberly Lewis was never vetted failing to submit her credentials to any legal watchdog. She beat out a sitting judge ranked qualified.

In 2010, four judges failed to win approval, three of them from subcircuits. In 2008, six out of seven judges not recommended came out of the subcircuit. And in 2006, five out of six judges were also from a subcircuit which raises the question, who’s judging the judges? According to Valukas, “No one! In the subcircuits even fewer than no one if that’s possible. You’re talking about in the subcircuits the likelihood of the person who is judging the judges and most likely to make the decision who’s going to be elected judge is some political boss.”

Take the case of Judge Leida Gonzalez-Santiago. She benefited from the subcircuit law which you recall encouraged neighborhood diversity. She was the first Hispanic woman elected to the bench even though the Tribune reported a Hispanic Bar Association called her unqualified.  Yet she won with the backing of House Speaker Mike Madigan and her own husband, a state representative. And once a judge is elected, it’s pretty much a job for life no matter how competent. Six years later, she won again even after a lawyers group blasted her for putting kids at risk during custody battle cases.

Valukas called it, “A crisis in your world. They’re before a judicial system asking somebody to make a decision on something that could be incredibly important to them. Anything from a divorce case, a child custody case to a property damage case you name it and they are before someone who may not even know the rudiments of the law and whose temperament maybe an absolute disaster. That’s not a way you have a system.”

None of the judges we identified returned our phone calls. The issue of qualification is only one subject we examined. Tomorrow we’ll look at how a system designed to bring minorities to the bench is being abused.

For more information, log on to the Medill Watchdog website.

Read more:

Good old Judge Santiago allowed Respondent’s counsel to question a court reporter,

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Petitioner, )


) No. 07DXXXX

and )




Respondent )


TO: Marcy Newman

205 W. Randolf St.,

Suite 2000

Chicago, IL 60606

Petitioner, JXXXXXX A. XXXXXX’s   Motion for Substitution of Judge



Chicago, IL 60XXX


I, JXXXXX A. XXXXXX, do hereby certify under penalties of perjury as provided by the law pursuant to 735ILCS5/1109, that the above notice and any attached pleadings were [X]hand delivered and/or ____ placed in the U.S. Mail properly addressed to the parties at the address(es) set forth above on or before 5pm on January 17, 2011.





JXXXXXX A. XXXXXX                 )


Petitioner,            )

v.                         )                No.  07D0XXXX


BDZR V. XXXXXX         )

Respondent,         )




Comes JXXXXXX A. XXXXXX, Petitioner, prose (Here after “JXXX”), pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/21001(a)(3) et seq. and moves this Honorable Court for a Substitution of Judge Leida Santiago for cause.  Relevant parts of the rules of civil procedure are as follows;

(735 ILCS 5/2 1001)

Sec. 2 1001. Substitution of judge.

(a) A substitution of judge in any civil action may be had in the following situations:

(3) Substitution for cause. When cause exists.

(i) Each party shall be entitled to a substitution or substitutions of judge for cause.

(ii) Every application for substitution of judge for cause shall be made by petition, setting forth the specific cause for substitution and praying a substitution of judge. The petition shall be verified by the affidavit of the applicant.

(iii) Upon the filing of a petition for substitution of judge for cause, a hearing to determine whether the cause exists shall be conducted as soon as possible by a judge other than the judge named in the petition….

1.   The Illinois Appellate Court has held that once a motion for substitution of judge for cause is properly brought, trial judge loses all power and authority over case except to make necessary orders to effectuate change.  People v. Bell, 276, Ill.App.3d 939, 658 N.E.2d 1372, 1378 (1995).

2. Judge Santiago’s actions throughout these proceedings have been contrary to the Illinois Code of Civil Procedures and the IMDMA Act, which has deprived JXXX of his right to due process of law. Judge Santiago on numerous occasions has allowed Respondent’s counsel to make baseless allegations against JXXX for 10-20 minutes at a time, while at the same time denying JXXX the opportunity to respond or prove the allegations false.  The judge then made substantive rulings and orders based on those one sided hearings.  In the many appearances in this case, Judge Santiago has shown bias and prejudice against JXXX and a disregard for JXXX’s rights.

3. Against JXXX’s wishes, on several occasions, Judge Santiago has held secret meetings in chambers with attorneys only, specifically denying JXXX the right to attend and/or his court reporter. In these secret hearings, substantive decisions are made without JXXX having the opportunity to attend or to hear what has been discussed.  JXXX has the right to attend all meetings concerning his own case before this court.

4. In open court, Judge Santiago displays an unprofessional camaraderie with opposing counsel, Marcy Newman, and at the same time displays a blatant animosity towards JXXX, and his previous attorneys.  Judge Santiago (a female) engages in discriminatory banter with Newman (a female) aimed at JXXX (a male) often during these proceedings, in what clearly appears to be a man hating club.

5. Judge Santiago has allowed Respondent to file numerous “Emergency” Petitions that were not emergencies at all. These false “Emergency” petitions were ruled upon without an opportunity for JXXX to respond or present facts and evidence in opposition.  The judge has allowed Respondent to use these false emergencies as a litigation strategy that has run up attorney fees and deprived JXXX of valuable marital assets.  With each false emergency motion filed, the judge never inquires, or cares, as to whether or not any attempt has been made to contact JXXX and settle the alleged emergency.   Judge Santiago’s allowance of these multiple false Emergency Petitions has in fact denied JXXX of his due process rights under the law and assisted the Respondent in fraudulent legal practices.

6. Throughout these proceedings, Judge Santiago has abused her discretion to the detriment of JXXX.  Some of the many abuses are as follows;

7. Under threat of contempt, Judge Santiago forced JXXX to sign a quitclaim deed of the marital residence over to Respondent, during one of the false “emergency” hearings.  The single family home represented the largest single asset of the marriage and was arbitrarily handed over to the Respondent without the benefit of trial, or witnesses, or evidence presented. JXXX never received any agreement as to the price of the home or the terms of split.  This constitutes a fraud upon JXXX and Judge Santiago is a coconspirator.  Judge Santiago entertained Respondent’s counsel’s numerous false claims, false allegations, and outright lies that resulted in JXXX’s signature on a quitclaim deed and loan agreement that has now made JXXX liable for a 30 year loan of $171,000, all in a divorce proceeding to which JXXX is supposed to end up independent and separated from the Respondent.  Judge Santiago blindly accepted Respondent’s counsel’s  unsubstantiated lies, while dismissing JXXX’s repeated pleas for facts and proof before he signed loan papers.

8. Under threat of contempt, Judge Santiago forced JXXX to sign the Quit Claim Deed under the premise that he would be getting his half of the money for the home from the proceeds of the Respondent’s alleged loan.  After signing under duress, JXXX received nothing.  Judge Santiago then allowed Respondent to hold the proceeds in an escrow account with no accounting to JXXX or his previous attorneys, and allowing JXXX’s funds to be considered subject to Respondent’s income tax liabilities, Mary Doheny’s legal fees, Kerry Smith’s fees, etc.  It appears that Judge Santiago conspired with Respondent’s Counsel to force JXXX to sign new loan papers on a property that they were taking away from him to finance the legal costs of the divorce.  Or in simpler terms, to line the pockets of the attorneys, who are in the same club with Judge Santiago.

9. In an earlier hearing, Judge Santiago found JXXX guilty of Contempt of Court for alleged Discovery violations that were in fact no violation at all. Respondent filed a Motion to Compel Discovery that did not contain any “statement” that “reasonable attempt” was made to “resolve differences”, as per  Supreme Court Rule 201.  Respondent made no attempt to contact JXXX concerning discovery, nor was any list of specific items of discovery presented to the court.  Regardless of the mandates of Rule 201, Judge Santiago held JXXX in contempt of court, without ever giving him a chance to provide whatever the Respondent allegedly needed.  It is an abuse of discretion to disregard the requirements of a Supreme Court Rule and the contempt order against JXXX is void. However, this void order remains hanging over JXXX’s head until JXXX can seek a remedy in the Illinois Appellate Court.

10. Judge Santiago also found JXXX guilty of willful contempt regarding non payment of support in the amount of $850 per month. The amount of support is more than JXXX can afford and was based on the false claim that Respondent earned no more than $40,000 a year, when in fact her 13.3.1 disclosure filed April 2007, showed she earned $80,000 net income in her hair cutting business.  JXXX filed a motion to modify support, but the motion was arbitrarily thrown out by Judge Santiago as a punishment for the above mentioned false Discovery violation. Judge Santiago ignores material facts, but accepts blind allegations made, not by witnesses under oath, but by Respondent’s counsel’s rhetoric.  Another abuse of discretion.  Additionally, JXXX has been disabled for many years and unable to work and earn enough to pay the amount of support.  Judge Santiago has arbitrarily declared JXXX to NOT be disabled, despite JXXX being qualified as disabled by the Social Security Administration as of October of 2007, and despite the professional opinion of a highly qualified Cardiologist.  It is an undeniable fact that JXXX suffered a catastrophic aortic dissection and anuerysm which has left him disabled, but due to bias against JXXX, Judge Santiago arbitrarily disregards these supported facts, and instead, accepts the unsupported rhetoric of Respondent’s counsel.  Judge Santiago issues rulings against JXXX almost exclusively based on unsupported rhetoric.

11. On a regular basis, Judge Santiago makes faces, rolls her eyes, groans, sighs, and makes utterances negatively toward JXXX and his previous counsel.  Judge Santiago has stated, “I have a migraine, you would be better served if you came to an agreement before you appear before me.”

Judge Santiago’s attitude and mannerisms reflect an extreme arrogance and display a dismissive attitude towards JXXX and a complete lack of respect.  But NEVER toward the female Respondent or the female Respondent’s attorney. Judge Santiago dismisses JXXX as a peasant “pro se” who “must follow the rules”, but at the same time, both the judge and Respondent are allowed to ignore all the rules of civil procedure.

12. On December 16, 2010, JXXX appeared before Judge Santiago concerning no less than 11 pending motions and responses.  Judge Santiago and Respondent’s attorney again engaged in critical banter and derogatory comments directed at JXXX for bringing a court reporter into the proceedings, but made the negative comments before the court reporter was set up.  In a ridiculous order, Judge Santiago set all 11 motions for a 30 minute hearing on January 11, 2011. Among the motions is JXXX’s Motion to Compel Discovery.  In the 3 ½ years of this litigation, Respondent has refused to give JXXX the most basic financial records of BDZR’s sole-proprietor business, BDZRs Hair Design, needed for trial on February 22, 2011.   Judge Santiago has ignored and brushed aside JXXX’s repeated pleas for help in obtaining discovery from the Respondent. As of this date, JXXX does not have the necessary financial records from Respondent to litigate at trial, yet Judge Santiago acts too busy to care. This blatant violation of JXXX’s due process can only have been accomplished with the help of a judge that is bias against JXXX.  JXXX’s Motion to Compel has been pending for over 6 months and is now set to be heard one month before trial which will not allow JXXX reasonable time to use the discovery to prepare for trial.  Even worse, Judge Santiago stated that if the 30 minute hearing on January 10th  was insufficient time, then she will hear the remaining motions the day of trial. However, ruling on JXXX’s Motion to Compel Discovery the day of trial is meaningless, and an abuse of discretion. This is the work of a judge that is out to defeat JXXX and assist Respondent.

13. Judge Santiago has been made aware of the fact that Respondent has been carrying on an intimate relationship with another married man prior to December of 2009. Although this violates several court orders and ethical conduct, it is most detrimental to the 4 minor children involved in this case.  The following are but a few of the violations allowed by Judge Santiago;

a. The minor children have had the married man, and other unrelated males, forced on them.

b. Respondent allowed the married man to sleep in the marital home with the minor children present several times in December of 2009.

c. Respondent allowed the married man to take the youngest 7 year old boy home with him and sleep in the same bed.

d. Respondent and the married man told the minor child to lie to his father, JXXX, about what had happened.

e. Respondent allowed the married man to take the 7 year old child to bars multiple times while he drank alcohol and smoked cigars.

f. Respondent encouraged the married man to threaten and harass JXXX on the phone and through texts from Respondent’s phone and the married man’s own phone.

g. Respondent allowed the married man to threaten and physically accost JXXX, the oldest son who is 17 years old, on multiple occasions.

h. Respondent allowed the married man to bite the 7 year old son and the 11 year old daughter on the legs while they were in bed at a hotel room trying to go to sleep.

i. Respondent and the married man drink excessively in front of the children.

j. Respondent allows the married man to smoke cigars regularly in front or the children.

k. Respondent has become so inebriated she cannot walk or stand up without assistance in front of the children while drinking with the married man .

Respondent has also passed out from alcohol consumption while with him.

l. Respondent allows the married man to make direct derogatory statements about JXXX to the children.

m. Respondent has allowed and facilitated the married man in threatening JXXX mentally, physically, and emotionally in front of the other children and in private.  Respondent and the married man have exhibited physical, mental, and emotional abuse on JXXX in the presence of the other children.

n. Respondent has broken down 3 doors in the marital home in anger and fits of RAGE and possible drunken or drug-induced RAGE. JXXX’s office door was obliterated twice with wrenches and hammers, JXXX’s bedroom door was broken down with Respondent’s body flung against the door to gain access so the married man could verbally assault JXXX all in front of the other minor children. The kids observed all of this and called 911 to report it.

o. Respondent has sent JXXX hundreds of harassing, disparaging and racially hateful texts and phone calls.

p. Respondent has filed multiple false police reports against JXXX and JXXX, their oldest son.

q. JXXX has e-mails from the minor children to JXXX and their attorney, Mary Doheny confirming what they hear, experience and detailing what is going on at the home.

14. Judge Santiago has full knowledge of the above mentioned violations of previous court orders and 750 ILCS 501/, but has done nothing to stop it, or to protect JXXX or the children. Again, this is blatant abuse of discretion, not to mention bias against JXXX.

15. JXXX is currently forced to act pro se because Judge Santiago has allowed the Respondent to file numerous false “emergency” petitions and many other frivolous motions that have used up all of JXXX’s financial resources.  JXXX now acts with a legal disadvantage directly due to Judge Santiago’s negligence in recognizing and stopping Respondent from filing false documents in this case.

16. Judge Santiago has given Respondent an unfair advantage by allowing her to argue her Motions or Petitions out of order and before Petitioner’s Motions that had been first filed, and then assessing penalties against Petitioner which disallow JXXX to defend himself against the allegations by Respondent.

17. Judge Santiago ruled in favor of the Respondent filed another Emergency Petition with this Court on December 16, 2010 to recover a @$4000 refund check as part of the proceeds of $12,000 she was hiding in these Divorce Proceedings from this Court, JXXX, and the IRS. The money represented left over funds that Respondent denied existed on JXXX and BDZR’s 2008 US Federal Income Tax return and 2 separate Petitions to this Court.  Judge Santiago agreed with Respondent that there existed an emergency that Petitioner, JXXX, may abscond with the refund proceeds by forging BDZR’s signature on a 2 party check and ordered the money be returned to Respondent and held in Respondent’s counsel’s escrow account.

18.    Judge Santiago has ignored police reports concerning Respondent breaking into JXXX’s home office [twice] and stealing business records. These business records were originals with no other copies available, resulting in complete loss of valuable and necessary records. Additionally, Respondent has deleted valuable and necessary computer files and Judge Santiago does nothing to stop it.

19. Judge Santiago’s favoring toward Respondent has allowed Respondent to dispose of Marital assets without hearings, and without compensation to JXXX, including assets that were exclusively valuable to JXXX.

20. Judge Santiago, at a court appearance in March 6, 2009, threatened JXXX with a remark of even more punitive rulings if JXXX forced a hearing on this matter. Judge Santiago made it clear to JXXX that if JXXX did not accept her ruling, he really wouldn’t like the next one. Judge Santiago’s words, “I’m sorry, did I just not rule in this matter? and “you may not like the next one even more” sent a clear message to JXXX of her intentions and bias.

21. Judge Santiago allowed Respondent’s counsel to question a court reporter, JXXX hired to record a hearing on whether JXXX would be forced to unjustly sign a quit claim deed and other loan documents. The original proceeding was immediately dropped even though it had already started without JXXX present in the courtroom, after Judge Santiago was informed there was a court reporter present. Judge Santiago then called the attorneys into her private chambers for a private meeting. JXXX’s court reporter was denied access despite JXXX’s requests and protest otherwise. When the lawyers and judge re-emerged from Judge Santiago’s chambers and entered the courtroom, Judge Santiago allowed Respondent’s counsel to question and harass said court reporter about who she was, where she was from, how much she was paid, who paid her and who hired her for court that day, over JXXX’s attorney’s objections as to the whole line of questioning and behavior.

22. Judge Santiago, by her rulings and actions in this courtroom, has jeopardized JXXX’s health and his share of the marital assets, including the 2000 Chevrolet Suburban vehicle, and the property located at 179 Downing Road, Buffalo Grove, IL, the marital residence, and his position or standing as far as child custody and arrangements.

23.      Judge Santiago’s prejudice against JXXX is so egregious that it is impossible for JXXX to receive a fair trial, or any fair pretrial hearings.  Judge Santiago’s actions and inactions has caused JXXX to pay tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees over the past 3 ½ years.


Wherefore, JXXXXXX XXXXXX, Petitioner, prays that this Honorable Court enter an order granting the motion for Substitution of Judge Santiago, and appoint a new fair and impartial  judge to preside over this case.




The undersigned, JXXXXXX A XXXXXX, states that he is the Petitioner

in the above captioned cause, that he has read the above and foregoing


and that under penalties as provided by law pursuant to Section 5/1109

of the Code of Civil Procedure, certifies that the statements set forth in

this instrument are true and correct.

JXXXXXX A XXXXXX ______________________________________________

“Who is Judging the Judges.” Well next who is watching the IARDC ?

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 I know that we all have submitted documents supporting our claims.To the news as well as to the DOJ whom is here visiting Crook county  i mean Cook County il.

All this week at 9:00 PM, WGN will do an investigative report on “Who is Judging the Judges.”  I think we need to bombard them with examples of the failures of the JIB; and we need to encourage them to do an investigative report regarding the failure of the ARDC as well, particularly as it relates to Child Reps/ GALs.

Here is the link:

Make a comment on the webpage.  Let’s find a contact person for WGN and offer to be interviewed (stating that you supporting documents and others with similar complaints).

Please forward this email to others so that they can take action as well.

Crook County Judges Strike again now attacking for their benifit it has this appearance of more than just impropriety?

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November 2013 NewsletterHello Illinois Fathers,
Mik Gerhardt is being detained at Cook County Jail for Contempt of Court with NO BOND amount for not quitting the practice of law as ordered…

This cannot and will not be tolerated. We are preparing a Judicial Inquiry Board Complaint against Judge Naomi H. Schuster which we will circulate for you to print and sign or hand in anonymously, but we should hit the JIB with at least 20 – 25 complaints on Monday morning;also we must pack the courtroom when he is returned to court. The details are:

Monday,  Nov. 4, 2013
9:30 a.m.
Richard J. Daley Center, Room 3001
50 West Washington Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Judge Naomi H. Schuster

Mik is a strong advocate for reform in the domestic relations court system which is why he has been targeted, but for us there must be No Surrender, No Retreat!

As mentioned in our previous newsletter I am sending out the link to the demographics survey again. If you did not fill it out last time please take five minutes and do so this time. The survey is going to help us secure grants in the future, as well as help us identify the areas of the state where we have strong membership and expose areas where we need to launch a recruiting campaign.
Please copy and paste the following link into your browsers search bar and fill out the form.
We have decided to postpone the protest at the Capitol for the Watkins cause. With the hearing still at least a year away we have decided to wait until we know an exact hearing date to begin planning the event. In the mean time we can show our support by filling out the petition asking for denial of clemency for Shirley Skinner. Please click the link below and sign the petition.
“Deny petition for Shirley Skinner to be granted clemency. Shirley Skinner was tried and convicted of 1st degree murder in the death of Steven Watkins. Her family would now like for her to be granted clemency so she can live out her life with her family. We would love to have been able to spend our remaining years with Steven. Please deny this petition.”
The mainstream media has been running some very gender biased stories lately. Please help us boycott these news outlets until they stop running these stories. Sign the petition follow the link below.
“We are offended by 20/20’s repeatedly offensive reporting of men as violent, as aggressors, as ‘deadbeats’ and as the oppressors of women. We are boycotting the television show until they start to present the facts as they are. Men want to be with their children. We suffer most of domestic violence. There are nearly no systems to support us. We are underrepresented in research, in mental health services, in education, and in families.”

Steven Westerfield
Illinois Fathers

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Support is needed here as well?

Dear Advocates,
Mik Gerhardt is being detained at Cook County Jail for Contempt of Court with NO BOND amount for not quitting the practice of law as ordered…
This cannot and will not be tolerated. We are preparing a Judicial Inquiry Board Complaint against Judge Naomi H. Schuster which we will circulate for you to print and sign or hand in anonymously, but we should hit the JIB with at least 20 – 25 complaints on Monday morning;also we must pack the courtroom when he is returned to court. The details are:
Monday,  Nov. 4, 2013
9:30 a.m.
Daley Center – Room 3001
Judge Naomi H. Schuster
Mik is a strong advocate for reform in the domestic relations court system which is why he has been targeted, but for us there must be No Surrender, No Retreat! Thank you in advance for support, I look forward to seeing you.
Peace and Blessings,
Gwendolyn Chubb, President
Justus For Justice Ministry, nfp

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