The appearance of cannon violations .How long do we let these people that are public servants commit unethical and statutory fraud get away with it and the people they screwed over just suffer?

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Embattled Family Court judge seeks re-election

Suspended Family Court Judge Steven Jones during his Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline hearing at Las Vegas Convention Center Boardroom on Monday Dec. 2, 2013. The committee is holding a weeklong hearing into allegations that he mishandled a romantic relationship with a prosecutor who appeared before him. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal)


A criminal indictment, a suspension and a finding that he committed professional misconduct did not stop embattled Family Court Judge Steven Jones from filing for re-election Tuesday.

Jones threw his hat into a ring with four challengers, even though his popularity has declined sharply in recent months because of a string of scandals.

Four lawyers — Rebecca Burton, Lynn Hughes, Michelle Mercer and Marsha Kimble-Simms — all have filed to run for his Family Court seat.

Jones was first elected to the bench in 1992.

“The guy’s got a lot of nerve,” said longtime child advocate Donna Coleman. “There is something to be said that there is no bad publicity.”

Coleman said Jones would not be in a position to run for re-election if the state appointed judges rather than elected them.

“I don’t think he could possibly win unless he gets the lamest opponents on the planet,” Coleman said.

Coleman said she doesn’t think Jones was a bad judge. But she added, “I just think he is a bad example for anybody because of his personal decision making.”

William Dressel, president emeritus of the National Judicial College in Reno, said all of Jones’ personal troubles aren’t going to play well with the voters.

“I think the voters would be very concerned with somebody like that being up for re-election,” Dressel said. “He’s going to have a lot of trouble raising money.”

The judge’s lawyer, James J. Jimmerson, could not be reached for comment late Tuesday.

Last month, the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline found that special prosecutors proved “by clear and convincing evidence” eight of the 12 charges filed against Jones in December 2012 stemming from his romantic relationship with the late former Deputy District Attorney Lisa Willardson.

Jones, who is under a federal fraud indictment, discovered Willardson’s body in the bathroom of her Henderson home on Dec. 26, the same day the commission’s decision was first made public in a Las Vegas Review-Journal story. There were no signs of foul play, and the coroner is waiting for toxicology results before ruling on the cause of her death.

The commission’s special prosecutors had accused Jones of violating rules of the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct that require judges to comply with the law, avoid the appearance of impropriety and conduct themselves in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary.

He faces a Jan. 27 public hearing before the commission on a wide range of possible sanctions including another suspension and removal from the bench.

Special prosecutors proved all three counts were tied directly to the judge’s relationship with Willardson, which began in 2011, the commission ruled.

Two of the counts alleged Jones improperly maintained a “close social and personal relationship” with Willardson between October and December 2011 while she “actively litigated cases” before him and then did not disqualify himself from her cases.

The other count accused Jones of interfering with the efforts of then District Attorney David Roger to remove Willardson from a child welfare unit that prosecuted cases in the judge’s courtroom.

The commission also found that prosecutors presented strong evidence to sustain three counts accusing Jones of using his judicial office to help Willardson prepare a response to a State Bar of Nevada complaint against her stemming from their romantic relationship.

Jones was suspended by the commission after his November 2012 federal indictment. He has been receiving his $200,000 annual salary since then.

The indictment alleges Jones used the power of his Family Court office to carry out a $3 million investment fraud scheme with five other defendants between 2002 and 2012. His trial is in March.

The commission has been investigating similar financial fraud allegations against Jones, but that case, which dates to 2006, is tied up at the Nevada Supreme Court.

Jones traditionally has received high marks in the biannual Judicial Performance Evaluation sponsored by the Review-Journal.

In the 2011 survey, 70 percent of the lawyers who rated Jones said he should keep his position. But in the just-released 2013 evaluation, his popularity took a nosedive.

Only 30 percent of the respondents thought he should be retained. That was the lowest score of the 90 judges evaluated in the various local courts.

Contact reporter Jeff German at or 702-380-8135. Follow him on Twitter @JGermanRJ.


Short term scumbag termination verbiage to terminate fraud appointment…

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Senate Sponsors
Sen. William Delgado

House Sponsors
(Rep. Emily McAsey )

Last Action

Date Chamber  Action
  8/27/2013 Senate Public Act . . . . . . . . . 98-0568

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance

755 ILCS 5/11-5.4

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Probate Act of 1975. Provides that the appointment of a short-term guardian shall terminate upon the appointment of a temporary custodian for the minor under certain provisions of the Juvenile Court Act of 1987.

Senate Committee Amendment No. 1
Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Probate Act of 1975. Provides that any time after the appointment of a temporary custodian under certain provisions of the Juvenile Court Act of 1987, a court may vacate any short-term guardianship for the minor if the vacation is consistent with the minor’s best interests as determined using the factors listed in the Juvenile Court Act of 1987.

House Floor Amendment No. 1
Provides that with respect to vacating a short-term guardianship notice must first be given to all parties, including the short-term guardian.


Date Chamber  Action
  2/13/2013 Senate Filed with Secretary by Sen. William Delgado
  2/13/2013 Senate First Reading
  2/13/2013 Senate Referred to Assignments
  2/27/2013 Senate Assigned to Judiciary
  3/5/2013 Senate Postponed – Judiciary
  3/12/2013 Senate Postponed – Judiciary
  3/14/2013 Senate Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Filed with Secretary by Sen. William Delgado
  3/14/2013 Senate Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Referred to Assignments
  3/19/2013 Senate Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Judiciary
  3/19/2013 Senate Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Adopted
  3/19/2013 Senate Do Pass as Amended Judiciary; 012-000-000
  3/19/2013 Senate Placed on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 20, 2013
  4/10/2013 Senate Second Reading
  4/10/2013 Senate Placed on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 11, 2013
  4/11/2013 Senate Third Reading – Passed; 051-000-000
  4/11/2013 House Arrived in House
  4/15/2013 House Chief House Sponsor Rep. Emily McAsey
  4/15/2013 House First Reading
  4/15/2013 House Referred to Rules Committee
  4/24/2013 House Assigned to Judiciary
  5/8/2013 House Do Pass / Short Debate Judiciary; 016-000-000
  5/8/2013 House Placed on Calendar 2nd Reading – Short Debate
  5/9/2013 House Second Reading – Short Debate
  5/9/2013 House Placed on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading – Short Debate
  5/14/2013 House Recalled to Second Reading – Short Debate
  5/14/2013 House Placed on Calendar 2nd Reading – Short Debate
  5/16/2013 House House Floor Amendment No. 1 Filed with Clerk by Rep. Emily McAsey
  5/16/2013 House House Floor Amendment No. 1 Referred to Rules Committee
  5/20/2013 House House Floor Amendment No. 1 Recommends Be Adopted Rules Committee; 003-001-000
  5/22/2013 House Second Reading – Short Debate
  5/22/2013 House House Floor Amendment No. 1 Adopted
  5/22/2013 House Placed on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading – Short Debate
  5/23/2013 House Third Reading – Short Debate – Passed 113-000-000
  5/23/2013 Senate Secretary’s Desk – Concurrence House Amendment(s) 1
  5/23/2013 Senate Placed on Calendar Order of Concurrence House Amendment(s) 1 – May 24, 2013
  5/23/2013 Senate House Floor Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Filed with Secretary Sen. William Delgado
  5/23/2013 Senate House Floor Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Referred to Assignments
  5/28/2013 Senate House Floor Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Assignments Referred toJudiciary
  5/29/2013 Senate House Floor Amendment No. 1 Motion To Concur Recommended Do AdoptJudiciary; 009-000-000
  5/30/2013 Senate House Floor Amendment No. 1 Senate Concurs 058-000-000
  5/30/2013 Senate Passed Both Houses
  6/28/2013 Senate Sent to the Governor
  8/27/2013 Senate Governor Approved
  8/27/2013 Senate Effective Date January 1, 2014
  8/27/2013 Senate Public Act . . . . . . . . . 98-0568

legally kidnapped does it again !!!!!

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Legally Kidnapped
Baby abandoned at Houston fire station remains in foster care
Nearly 24 Area Foster Homes Inspected After Toddler’s Death
Temecula Woman Accused Of Stealing From Children In Foster Care Scam
South Carolina sheriff sends deputies to Oklahoma in Baby Veronica case
The Non-Existent Sibling in U.S. Family Law
The plantiffs in foster care lawsuit
Teens face charges in Huck Finn-style crimes
Mother Turns to Social Media to Find Daughter Given Up for Adoption 36 Years Ago
Family says they were kicked out of Universal Studios because dad was wearing a police shirt
Scheme to help troubled families could save Council £12m
Children’s risk-of-harm report ‘not followed’
The Adopted Son of Former President Ronald Reagan is an Idiot and Needs To Shut Up!!!
Use reshuffle to dump Goward: NSW oppn
Lawsuit charging that Texas provides shoddy care for foster children can advance, judge rules
Man pleads guilty, regains custody of daughter
Hawkes Bay couple face abuse charges for CYF foster children
Baby abandoned at Houston fire station remains in foster care
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:28 PM PDT
Baby abandoned at Houston fire station remains in foster care

The baby left outside a northeast Houston fire station earlier this month will stay in foster care for now.

Nearly 24 Area Foster Homes Inspected After Toddler’s Death
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:20 PM PDT
Nearly 24 Area Foster Homes Inspected After Toddler’s Death

Texas Child Protective Services caseworkers have randomly inspected 23 area foster homes in the wake of the arrest a foster mother in Rockdale, who is charged with capital murder in the death of a 2-year-old who was in her care.
Temecula Woman Accused Of Stealing From Children In Foster Care Scam
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:08 PM PDT
Temecula Woman Accused Of Stealing From Children In Foster Care Scam

Vivian Lieska Benn, owner and CEO of Riverside-based Family Hope Foster Family Agency, was arrested Wednesday evening on charges of embezzlement and money laundering.
South Carolina sheriff sends deputies to Oklahoma in Baby Veronica case
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 11:59 AM PDT
South Carolina sheriff sends deputies to Oklahoma in Baby Veronica case

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon confirmed today that he has sent two deputies with a State Law Enforcement Division agent to Oklahoma in connection with the contentious custody case concerning the 3-year-old child known as Baby Veronica.
The Non-Existent Sibling in U.S. Family Law
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 11:49 AM PDT
The Non-Existent Sibling in U.S. Family Law

“Hardly a week goes by that I’m not presented with a proposed parenting plan that separates siblings”

– Judge Anne Kass
The plantiffs in foster care lawsuit
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 10:29 AM PDT
The plantiffs in foster care lawsuit

The plaintiffs in the ACLU lawsuit challenging a state policy prohibiting gays and lesbians from becoming foster parents:
Teens face charges in Huck Finn-style crimes
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 10:25 AM PDT
Teens face charges in Huck Finn-style crimes

A misadventure on the Ohio River that turned criminal — that’s how police described a bizarre situation in Harrison County.


Mother Turns to Social Media to Find Daughter Given Up for Adoption 36 Years Ago
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 10:07 AM PDT
Mother Turns to Social Media to Find Daughter Given Up for Adoption 36 Years Ago

After becoming pregnant at 16, Silvia Aguiar’s daughter was given up for adoption while she was in foster care.
Family says they were kicked out of Universal Studios because dad was wearing a police shirt
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:44 AM PDT
Family says they were kicked out of Universal Studios because dad was wearing a police shirt

A Jupiter dad says his daughter’s sweet sixteen surprise turned into a nightmare when his family was kicked out of Universal Studios in Orlando over the weekend.
Scheme to help troubled families could save Council £12m
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:19 AM PDT
Scheme to help troubled families could save Council £12m

A scheme helping the district’s most troubled families is already in line to save the taxpayer nearly £4 million a year, a new report reveals.

Note: By Joe I think they’ve got it!
Children’s risk-of-harm report ‘not followed’
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:14 AM PDT
Children’s risk-of-harm report ‘not followed’

MORE than 20,000 reports of children at risk of serious harm were closed because there weren’t enough caseworkers to check up on them, the State Opposition claims.
The Adopted Son of Former President Ronald Reagan is an Idiot and Needs To Shut Up!!!
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:10 AM PDT
Michael Reagan: How I Overcame Child Abuse

Every 10 seconds in the United States, a call is made about a child being abused, but the laws “always seem to be helping the adults,” — a trend Michael Reagan hopes to change.

Note: Michael Reagan is failing to realize that quite often best way to help abused or neglected kids is to help the parents to become better parents. If, for example, a child is “abused or neglected” and that “abuse or neglect” is misunderstood poverty or stress that is due to the parents inability to make enough to pay for adequate food, housing, daycare, what have you, than it is much cheaper in the long run to help the parent provide adequate food, housing or daycare than it is to remove the kid and throw them into foster care or a children’s shelter. It’s also better for the child.

It is really sad Mr Reagan is able to use his adopted fathers fame and notoriety as a springboard to launch his campaign against real parents who are having a hard time, as I do believe that Former President Reagan had a much kinder heart than that, and was a much wiser man who would have at least listened to both sides instead of jumping on the bandwagon of the System Sucks as their national spokesperson simply because he didn’t get enough love and attention while growing up.

This is sadly just another case of the blind leading the blind and preaching misinformation which rallies the stupid to avoid doing the right thing. It’s also people like this who make our fight harder as these are the people that the System Sucks (those who profit from CPS) hide behind as they capture the spotlight while others run their little scam in the shadows.
Use reshuffle to dump Goward: NSW oppn
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 07:51 AM PDT
Use reshuffle to dump Goward: NSW oppn

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell should use the latest cabinet reshuffle to dump Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward, Labor says.
Lawsuit charging that Texas provides shoddy care for foster children can advance, judge rules
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 07:46 AM PDT
Lawsuit charging that Texas provides shoddy care for foster children can advance, judge rules
A class-action lawsuit accusing the state of poorly supervising foster children will proceed, a federal judge ruled this week, giving a green light for child-welfare advocates to press their case.

Judge in Texas says OK to foster children lawsuit
Man pleads guilty, regains custody of daughter
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 07:33 AM PDT
Man pleads guilty, regains custody of daughter

A single father who drunkenly left his toddler to drift onto a city street has regained custody of his daughter.

The 39-year-old man pleaded guilty in Lethbridge provincial court Wednesday to failing to provide the necessities of life and to breaching a court condition that required him to abstain from alcohol.
Hawkes Bay couple face abuse charges for CYF foster children
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 07:25 AM PDT
Hawkes Bay couple face abuse charges for CYF foster children

A woman who cared for CYF foster children in Hawke’s Bay is accused of beating them with a hearth brush, a wooden spoon, and a rolling pin on several occasions over 10 years. The woman’s husband faces one representative charge of wilful ill-treatment and two charges of injuring one of the children with intent between 2004 and 2007.


This is the action of state actors in getting dbl federal monies sick happens all the time

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You are here: Home / Corruption / Jamaal Jacob Breaks Silence OnThe Laurie Roth Show

Jamaal Jacob Breaks Silence OnThe Laurie Roth Show

Jamaal Jacob Breaks Silence OnThe Laurie Roth Show

Jamaal Jacob has finally spoken out after months of silence, he captured the hearts of many when he appeared on corruptct. While many wondered and worried about what happened, why the sudden silence and where was the child. As he has shared the child is still not home, Jamaal continues to speak out not only for what has been done to his family but for others as well, encouraging parents to break the silence.  Jamaal spoke about the Torrington Connecticut Department of Children and families and what they have done, removing his child without a court order. Please support Jamaal in his fight for getting his child home where she belongs, leave a comment and please click the link below and share it.

Thank you  Dr. Laurie Roth, visit her site for all of her stories

Interview with Jamaal Jacob on The Roth Show

If you would like to tell your story please contact us at or 1-855-die-free


Kids are being yanked from homes – Money is made and families are lost

By admin, on August 8th, 2013

This week on my weekly crime segment I interviewed the Activists behind  They have asked to remain anonymous due to the evil they confront on a regular basis.   Using only first names they exposed what seems to be a growing and real conspiracy to yank kids from good homes without due process and common sense.  Cases of absurd withdrawals of children from perfectly good homes are growing through out the country, rendering it unsafe to even raise your kids in a normal manner.  Parents be very concerned.  Kids are now widgets to be used to make money.

The Corrupt CT activists shared the unbelievable and ongoing story of Jamaal Jacob who had his young daughter apprehended by DCF (Department of children and families)  in response to a call.  Someone reported seeing a bruise on her head.  (I was asked to keep her name and age out of the article since this is a case in progress)

I talked with Jamaal Jacob who said there were other kids in the house and the bruise on his daughter’s forehead was simply from Childs play and rough housing between the children.  It wasn’t serious enough to even go to the Doctor.   The daughter was taken  by DCF regardless of what the Dad said happened.  She has been forced to stay in the system, away from her home since November 2012.

It gets worse

Jamaal Jacob and his fiancée (who was not in the home at the time) were both criminally charged with ‘Risk of injury to a minor’ and are in the middle of a trial.  One court date has already occurred and the trial is continuing.  They both face 10 years in prison if convicted.  Jamaal’s daughter has not been allowed home since November 2012.  When interviewed by DCF the daughter also said it was Childs play and her Dad had not hit her.

Jamaal was denied due process, lied to repeatedly and is now facing 10 years in prison if convicted.  All this because his young-school age daughter was seen with one bruise on her forehead.  I kept looking for what else could possibly be in this story to make DCF act as literal kidnappers and ignore the simple and seemingly honest explanation from the Dad and the Daughter.  “Does Jamaal have a criminal record or abuse background in anyway?”  NO.  “Have there been other noted bruises noticed on his daughters body?” NO.  “Is there money involved here?”  YES.

The Corrupt CT team told me of Title 5 funding available to the states from the Feds given up for each child in the system.  DCF gets money peppered all over their ‘child seeking’ business.

I know as a ‘Foster adopt’ parent myself, that the state pays money per month to assist with health care, mental health needs and expenses.  This is appropriate and having walked through the system with my Husband to adopt our kids many DCF workers and Foster families operate with compassion, common sense and inside the law.

Things are very different now  – more money and more corruption

Corrupt CT said that cases involving kids being yanked from families and stuck in the system for a year or two are becoming much more common.  These cases are started and financed by Title 5 funding for a simple call in reporting a bruise.  No one wants a kid stuck in an abusive home of any kind, but we are talking about a system now that is ignoring due process,  ignoring common sense and ignoring reasonable testimony .  I call this a national conspiracy to make money on children and destroy the rights of families.

I shared with them story after story of bruises and injuries I got as a kid while playing hard.  I went to school with occasional bruises and a sprained ankle or two.  My parents weren’t arrested and I wasn’t yanked from our home.  For that matter, I have a 10-year-old boy who also plays hard, tearing around the forest that we live in.  I know he has had a few bruises and scratches.  Am I to be arrested now and my boy yanked from my home?   The way things are going now is that good parents should be scared.  Spies are everywhere and Teachers, Counselors; authorities are intimidated to report literally everything.  The tragic part is that the system the kids are being thrown into are often times the real abusers.

Kids are a money making commodity

Corrupt CT Judge Ciavarella was sentenced to 28 years for selling kids to the Prison System.    Unbelievable as it is he unjustly sentenced over 5,000 young men and women to maximum prison sentences, making big bucks.  He received millions of dollars for giving these long prison sentences.   The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has now overturned 4,000 of these convictions.

Pathetically,  Judge Ciavarella’s attorney asked for reasonable sentencing, saying that the ‘media coverage’ punished the Judge enough.  He then said he would be forever thought of as the ‘Kids for Cash’ judge.  I guess we are to feel sorry for him now. Oh baby…how unfair…how cruel and inconvenient for his career.  I simply hope that he enjoys being someone else’s girlfriend in prison.

The FBI recently rescued 105 children from a national Sex Trafficking ring at a Saudi Compound in VA.    The Blaze and other news sources covered this in depth and linked this Sex network to over 76 cities.  This is just one of the networks broken up.  There were also 12 MS-13 gang members arrested and involved with child sex trafficking.

Kids used to be our protected treasures, now they are inventory to sell

There are many tentacles to this very real conspiracy of using our kids to make money.  The Child Protection groups, who use lots of various initials — is making big money all through their system to yank kids out of perfectly good homes and keep them flowing through the system.  Damn families – Damn the truth and make money.

Apparently, at least one Judge (no doubt there are more who haven’t been caught yet) was making millions of dollars in bribes for sending kids off to maximum prison sentences.

Finally, Sex trafficking rings are growing and deadly all through  our country.  Thankfully the FBI recently rescued 105 children from the Sex Trafficking ring in VA, but there are many more and dangers everywhere.  Money is to be made on ‘children’ by the Government, DCF, Sex Trafficking rings, Judges, Illegal aliens- MS-13 Gang.

Follow Jamaal Jacob’s unfolding case and other horrifying and compelling cases against our families and children at

Join  and support their efforts to shine the light of truth.

Listen in to my daily national radio show each day from 7-10 pm PAC at  or listen later on archives.

Stealing children is a nation wide concern, how do WE stop it? What happened to the rights of parents, why is this agency immune to our civil and constitutional rights? WE the people need to speak out, stop allowing this agency DCF,CPS,DCYS,DCFS, any department name that is after our children. The child protection agencies are not out to “protect” children they are stealing them, silence has given them the power to continue to steal them. Praying for all the children that have been stolen from their families and fighting for each and every one to bring them home.


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 Metra’s commuter rail service is crucial to the Chicago region’s economy and livability. (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune / June 12, 2013)

August 16, 2013

Lest any of us forget, beneath the uncommonly pleasant August weather lurks a scandal mired in Illinois patronage and politics. So let’s all stipulate that:

• Far-flung yet reliable Metra commuter rail service is crucial to the Chicago region’s economy and livability.

• Lofty paeans to restoring faith in Metra will mean nothing until the rest of the board members who voted for a hush-money deal — and who didn’t immediately disclose a memo alleging corrupt efforts to influence the agency — resign.

• With another resignation Thursday, five of these underachievers have left. The job of driving out the rest, without grinding Metra to a halt, now falls to the local politicians across northeastern Illinois who by law appoint the members of Metra’s board.

Gov. Pat Quinn on Thursday named a 15-member task force to rethink transit oversight. Other voices, too, are proposing ways to rebuild the Rube Goldberg arrangement in which the Regional Transit Authority sits atop Metra, Pace bus service and the Chicago Transit Authority.

The long-term goal here is to make public transit throughout metropolitan Chicago more professional and less open to political abuse. Today’s superstructure — four oversight boards with some four dozen members — was created so Chicago Democrats and suburban Republicans would be forced to share power. But that top-heavy oversight structure has led to a lack of accountability.

Even by sketchy Illinois standards, the Metra board’s tolerance of political interference was egregious: When Metra CEO Alex Clifford accused Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and other politicians of trying to influence agency decisions, board members reflexively tried to force Clifford out and buy his silence.

Local officials whose Metra appointees haven’t resigned should make the bitter-enders an offer they can’t refuse. Some of the officials, with good reason, are reluctant to fill vacancies on the board with investigations still going on and Metra’s future in question. Nobody should be appointed to a Metra board seat for the long haul until all of us decide how this region’s public transit should be structured. The worst move now, with transit oversight an open question, would be a rush to repopulate Metra’s board.

That said, the agency needs board members to make decisions. What to do?

The Solomonic solution comes from Dan Cronin, head of the DuPage County Board, whose appointee to the Metra board resigned last month. Cronin suggests a simple protocol: Reconstitute the Metra board with interim members who submit letters of resignation even before they take office. They then would serve solely at the pleasure of the officials who have appointed them, with no real or assumed squatter’s rights.

We hope Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the other Great Appointers will join Cronin in helping Metra function day-to-day without creating expectations for their new appointees. If some of them later win full terms on Metra’s or some other board, so be it.

As the process of rethinking transit oversight plays out, we’ll be watching to see whether the proposals that emerge would reduce this abusive political influence, or just shift it from some politicians to others.

Here’s one test of any overhaul plan: Would this oversight structure encourage the hiring of top administrators who will run safe, efficient transit operations — and who would do what Metra’s ousted CEO did in refusing to buckle to the pols? That is, how can we recruit, and protect, transit bosses who won’t play by the rules of Illinois politics?

That should be any governing board’s mission. The Metra board’s decision to do the opposite is reason enough for its complicit holdouts to resign, and for interim placeholders to run the trains.

Copyright © 2013 Chicago Tribune Company, LLC


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Home » Federal Court » News » …

State Farm: Lawyers seeking to void ‘Avery’ want Karmeier deposition




EAST ST. LOUIS – Lawyers suing State Farm intend to depose Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier, according to the insurer.

Patrick Cloud of the Heyl Royster firm in Edwardsville reported the plan to U.S. District Judge David Herndon on Aug. 5 in a lawsuit that seeks to void Avery v. State Farm, an Illinois Supreme Court decision that overturned a $1.05 billion class action judgment from Williamson County.

Cloud wrote that plaintiffs, who are proposing a two year discovery schedule, indicate they will conduct dozen of depositions, “including a stated intention to take the deposition of at least one sitting Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, Justice Lloyd Karmeier.”

State Farm moved earlier this year to stay discovery, and Magistrate Judge Stephen Williams denied it.

State Farm appealed the denial to Herndon, who has not ruled on it.

In the underlying Avery case, plaintiffs claimed State Farm supplied inferior automobile parts for millions of repairs.

The losing plaintiffs’ lawyers revived the case last year as a civil racketeering suit, claiming the Avery decision resulted from State Farm’s allegedly secret support of Karmeier in his election bid in 2004.

State Farm moved to dismiss, and Herndon denied the motion in March.

A motion that State Farm filed in April for reconsideration of his order denying the motion to dismiss remains pending.

The motion to dismiss invoked res judicata and collateral estoppel, principles that prevent judges from deciding cases that other judges have decided.

The motion invoked a simpler principle, comity, which means getting along.

Herndon could also dismiss the suit under a precedent the U.S. Seventh Circuit appeals court set in 2011, State Farm now argues.

Cloud wrote that the Seventh Circuit cited Avery as “the common sense proposition that a policyholder’s suit against the insurer for breach of its promise to restore its collision damaged car to its preloss condition cannot succeed without an examination of the car.”

Finally, State Farm argues that Herndon could deny class certification.

Cloud wrote that “the requirements for class certification cannot be met and no amount of time or discovery can cure the deficiencies.”

He wrote that plaintiffs had voluminous discovery in Avery.

“Discovery cannot provide plaintiffs with a means to avoid the overwhelmingly individual inquiries that would be necessary in this case to establish liability, if any, to the individual class members and the amount of damages, if any,” he wrote.

To prove racketeering, Cloud wrote, plaintiffs must prove they sustained financial injury and that Karmeier’s participation was the proximate cause of the injury.

He wrote that they must prove that they would have been entitled to recover in Avery and that they would have recovered if not for Karmeier.

He wrote that each class member must show a concrete and actual injury.

“A speculative and amorphous injury is not sufficient,” he wrote.

Cloud called on Herndon to deny class certification without delay.

“Plaintiffs’ motion for class certification is ripe for decision by this court,” he wrote.

Plaintiffs disagree.

They filed the motion in June but proposed in July to delay action on it.

They told Herndon they filed it as a place holder and didn’t expect State Farm to file a brief opposing it.

Cloud wrote in his brief that failure to respond to the motion might have been deemed an admission of its merit.

“Plaintiffs’ asserted rationale for filing a place holder class certification motion – to prevent defendants from ‘picking off’ the named plaintiffs – does not withstand scrutiny,” he wrote.

Cloud wrote that plaintiffs filed the suit more than a year before moving for class certification.

“During that time, State Farm certainly did not attempt to ‘pick off’ any of the named plaintiffs,” he wrote.

best tort interferance with commerce under color of official right

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Trial begins for final lawyer charged in judicial bribery scheme; convicted ex-judge is star witness

By Martha Neil

Aug 7, 2013, 10:55 am CDT

A convicted former South Texas judge testified Wednesday in federal court against an Austin attorney accused of participating, with his former law partner, who was then the Cameron County district attorney, in a “cash for court favors” scheme.

Eduardo “Eddie” Lucio, who is charged with extortion and racketeering, is the 12th defendant in the case to have his day in court. His case is being tried in Corpus Christi, rather than Brownsville, because he requested a change of venue. In opening statements Tuesday, the prosecution portrayed Lucio as a “figure man and straw man” whose “strings” were “pulled” by former Cameron County District Attorney Armando R. Villalobos. The defense said evidence was lacking, according to the Brownsville Herald and KGBT.

On Wednesday morning, former 404th District Court Judge Abel Limas, who has admittedly taken bribes, began testifying against Lucio., reports KGBT.

Lucio is not related to two state lawmakers from Brownsville with similar names.

Villalobos was convicted in a related case earlier this year. Accused of operating the DA’s office as a criminal racketeering enterprise, Villalobos argued that he had acted within his prosecutorial discretion. However, with Limas as a star witness against him, the former DA was convicted in May of racketeering conspiracy and five counts of extortion, the Valley Morning Star reported. He was acquitted on two extortion counts.

Lucio is accused of funneling $80,000 to Villalobos, for referring a murder victim’s family to him to file a civil lawsuit. The convicted murderer, Amit Livingston, jumped bond after being released by Limas on a 60-day pass, and the money for the DA came from a $500,000 bond forfeiture, according to the Brownsville Herald and the station.

Lucio reportedly got $200,000 of the $500,000 as a legal fee, and the other $300,000 went to the victim’s family. An earlier post and an Associated Press article provide further details.

It is not clear whether Villalobos is expected to testify against Lucio, but an attorney witness is expected to do so, according to the Valley Morning Star.

Limas and Villalobos still await sentencing and could get as much as 20 years, reports the Associated Press.

Jose Santiago “Jim” Solis, a now-disbarred personal injury lawyer and former state representative, was sentenced last week by a federal judge in Brownsville to 47 months in prison. TheValley Morning Star has a story. He had faced a maximum of 20 years.

Eight other defendants took pleas or were convicted at trial. They include:

Attorney Ray Marchan, who apparently committed suicide after being convicted of paying bribes to Limas. He had just been sentenced to three and a half years. Subsequently, his conviction was vacated.

Marc G. Rosenthal, an Austin attorney whose lawyers say he could face a life sentence. Accused of paying Limas for favorable rulings and bribing witnesses, among other alleged misconduct such as filing trumped-up personal injury cases, he was convicted last year of multiple counts including racketeering conspiracy, mail fraud and extortion, as an FBI press release details. His counsel has asked for more time to prepare for his sentencing, reports the Valley Morning Star.

Attorney Jose Martin “Joe” Valle, who got 13 months for aiding and abetting extortion.

Middleman Jose “Meme” Longoria, who was sentenced last year to 10 years in federal prison. A Courthouse News article provides further details.

Jaime Munivez, who served as a bailiff in Limas’ courtroom, as well as an investigator for the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office. He pleaded guilty in 2011 to interference with commerce under color of official right, the Associated Press reported at the time. He subsequently got a year and a day, as Fox Rio 2 News reported.

Probationer Armando Pena, who admittedly paid Limas $1,800 so he could report by mail, instead of in person, to his probation officer. He got 27 months, as a FBI press release details.

His wife, Karina Pena, who also pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting honest services wire fraud. She got probation and community service, as another FBI press release details.

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