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If we had shared parenting the state could not collect over $900,000,000.00 million dollars from TITLE IV A-F AND OTHER TITLE PROGRAMS FROM ALL OUR SOCIAL SECURITY  SYSTEM.







The Appearance that Fathers right are sold to the state to have income machine for federal dollars

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It’s All About The Money!

By Doug Henson of USAFathers



Why do the Family Courts routinely deprive one parent, usually the Father, of their Fundamental Liberty Right to be a parent to their children? Why are Fathers punished and penalized for wanting to be a part of their children’s lives? The answer may be surprising to some of you, but not to the millions of Fathers, Stepmothers, and Grandparents who are embroiled in a custody battle or a paternity battle in the Family Courts of our Nation.


Family Court Judges are being influenced by the Government to generate as much money as possible for the State. They do this by exploiting divorced families, especially Fathers, who are historically the main breadwinners of the nuclear family. They give “custody” of the children to the mother and force the father to pay support through the Child Support Enforcement Agency of the State. For this “service” the State receives Federal Incentive Payments from the Federal Government of up to 15% of the total collected. That’s a lot of money, money that ultimately comes from the taxpayers. The State also receives Federal Incentive Payments of up to $2.00 for every $1.00 spent in tracking down and prosecuting the mythological “Deadbeat Dad”.


They say that this is in the “Best Interest of the Child” but, what they really mean is, it’s in the best interest of the State. This windfall, of literally hundreds of millions of dollars every year, is the true incentive of the State to facilitate divorce and the breakup of the American family. By turning a Father into a visitor and checkbook, and denying his constitutional rights to be a parent, Family Court Judges can maximize their contribution to the State coffers, thus ensuring their own reelection campaigns will be well financed by the Attorneys, Legislators, and other cronies who profit from divorce.


Fathers and Children’s Rights groups, like USAFathers, have sprung up everywhere in response to this injustice. Their rallying cry is for 50/50 Equal Custody of the children, but there’s a big problem with what seems to be this simple request. If true 50/50 Equal Custody is granted, the State loses out on the millions of dollars in Child Support incentive payments. Why? Because in true 50/50 Equal Custody, there is no requirement for Child Support, each parent fully supports the children 50% of the time.


Very few of the State Legislators will even talk about 50/ 50 Equal Custody. They know it would spell the end of the Federal Incentive payments that are lining the coffers of the State treasury. These payments generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually, money that they don’t want to lose, because it would inflict serious damage to their ability to deliver on their campaign promises. Not to mention the loss of thousands of State jobs that are handed out like candy to relatives and supporters.


Who pays for these programs? We all do. Our Federal Taxes pay for the incentives that are then used to break up our families to supply even more money to a system that feeds on our very heart and soul, our children.


You could fill a library with the stories of the tragedies and grief this scheme has caused. Fathers are being criminalized and labeled as unfit or Deadbeat Dads. Frustrated and demoralized Fathers are committing suicide over the loss of their children and the devastation of their very lives. Fathers who are financially ruined by the Family Courts and Family Law Attorneys who often drag cases out for years, until there’s just no money left for the Father to fight with. Fathers who are forced to defend themselves against unwarranted and often false allegations of not only spousal abuse, but also child abuse of the very children he’s fighting so hard to maintain a relationship with. Fathers who are forced to remain while their children are moved hundreds or even thousands of miles away, because Mommy’s new boyfriend got a job on the other side of the country. And there are literally thousands of men who are paying court ordered child support for children whom DNA tests have proven aren’t even their own children. But the Courts don’t care where the money comes from, as long as it keeps rolling in.


Children are being denied their Fathers and one half of their natural families, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and all of the love that goes with them. Many of the children are suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome, where they are systematically brainwashed and indoctrinated to revile their formerly loved Parent.


Family Court Judges routinely deny fundamental constitutional rights to Fathers in their courtrooms. They do this because they know that in most instances they can drag the case out until the Father no longer has the financial means to appeal or continue the battle. Appointments of “Child Psychologists”, “Guardian” or “Attorney Ad Litems”, requirements for unending “social studies” and “evaluations”, all of which the Father is required to pay for, at a costs of thousands of dollars, can rapidly destroy the financial ability of even a “well heeled” Father to continue the fight.

These things and more are happening every day in every State in our Nation and nobody knows about it, except the Legislators, who set up this scam, and the Judges and Attorneys who derive their livelihood from it, and they don’t care. All they care about is the money.

Contact Info:

Doug Henson


P.O. Box 53

Conroe, TX 77305

(936) 718-8891

The appearance that child support enforcement unit has committed fraud on a grand scale with the feds.

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How long do we need to show just what ties them into the corporation of the courts and how they have usurped the laws over the years to cover up the FRAUD ?

Even if the past or current administration is knowingly or well It’s to far fetched to say unknowingly involvement with the continual fraud to get fed money.

The link is the corp. councils that interlock all the entities they all are for profit corps.

We only need to look in the D&B to see the officers in holding of offices or look to the state in whom has paid the fees for the corps.


More to come from Illinois and Wisconsin. On the usurping of federal monies . 

Dear Representatives inSpringfield Illinois

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Dear Representatives inSpringfield Illinois 

I appreciate that you supported HB 5544. I was in the room when the Judiciary Committee heard the argument.
However, I am mightily disappointed in the fact that it was clear to us that the committee had made their decision behind closed doors before the hearing to delete the cap on the appointed attorney’s fee.
This fee cap was the main reason for this bill. Without it, the bill is a sham and should be withdrawn in my opinion, with me and others proceeding in the federal courts, unless you are willing to drastically change it as follows.
Please note that I do not speak for  others who were at that hearing, but several persons have already told me they agree with the following, which I have determined to be a probably productive response to your committee’s total failure to address the issues.
I believe that Rep Lang’s and others’ statements that they understand the situation was a phony act as much as a $ 3.00 bill. I don’t believe an amendment will help.  The only thing besides a fee cap would be to totally trash the 506 statute and rewrite it in a way similar to the fitness statutes in the criminal code.
I worked with Senator O’Malley to lobby for and get his bills passed and I know clearly how things work in Springfield.  All bills are decided whether they will come out of committee or not behind closed doors and the public hearing is just an act to appease the public, with the legislators simply, in their view wasting their time listening. That is why such a ridiculously short time is provided for comments on the bills. These comments are always ignored.  I also realize that senior members like Rep. Lang control such committees and most members have no influence on whether or not bills pass. Only a handful of people including Madigan actually decide what will pass and what won’t pass. Attorneys, who are a majority of the legislature have a stranglehold on the body and no law will be passed without the approval and consent of the ISBA.
I do not appreciate how your committee and Rep Kay appeared to simply use us – our group supporting the bill.  Our testimony was a waste of  our time.
It is clear that we will not get remedy with the legislature.
Therefore, I will be advocating for our group to go immediately to other venues to address the following issues:
First, 750 ILCS 5-506 is unconstitutional as under the contract clause in the Constitution, under the Due process clause, and under the commerce clause, it is illegal for the government to order someone to give up their property rights (property includes money) and contract under duress by court order to purchase a service that they cannot afford.  This is grossly  unconstitutional. Any oral contract under such circumstances would be declared void.
Statutes also require numerous acts before the judge can order the child rep paid and these are routinely ignored including:
(1) written contracts if there are services for > $500
(2) attachment to contract of “clients rights and responsibility document in contracts with attorneys in divorce cases
(3) detailed invoices every 90 days.
It would be like obtaining a job with a government agency, being told that you must own a car to work there, then being taken to a car dealership and told you must purchase a Rolls Royce, without signing a contract, without knowing the price, and that two years later you must pay whatever bill for the sale price that the dealer writes, after consultation with your boss.  Who in their right mind would allow such unconstitutional exploitive behavior and “contracts”?  This is extortion, highway robbery and unethical.
It was simply shocking and nauseated me to see Reps Lang, Mathias and others agree with that unethical child rep from the ISBA that testified falsely. This is tyranny and not democracy. Child rep attorneys and not children are your committee’s concern.
Parents are being told they must pay a bill that will be determined years later, without recourse, and which may be as much as 4 times their yearly income – this is in addition to paying for their own attorneys at outrageous fees, paying for child psychologist’s evaluation, paying for maintenance, paying for child support, and paying for God knows what else.  This ensures that all parents become indigent and that the children are neglected because the family’s house will be sold to pay fees, they will be homeless, the parents will be slaves for decades to pay off these bills, and the children will be stressed and mentally damaged.
The fact that the JUDGES are APPROVING such payments may which violate the federal Consumer Protection Act limiting garnishment top no more than 60 % of wages, reveals that to rely on the judges as being fair is simply ludicrous. The legislature needs to pass a new bill mandating extensive and thorough judicial education and  oversight. They consistently act like omnipotent Gods ignoring law without oversight. Most people don’t appeal because they don’t know how to and can’t afford it. Therefore, lawlessness rules and YOU ADMITTED YOU KNOW THIS.
The judges under 506 MUST view the “detailed invoices” provided within 90 days of appointment and every 90 days thereafter” and determine that they are”reasonable and necessary” before authorizing payment. They don’t do this and have been acting in violating of this statute since it was enacted.
In practice, child reps do NOT follow this law and submit invoices.  David Wessel, Regina Scannicchio (now a judge), and Ralla Klepak are some of the worst offenders. They flaunt their wealth by wearing expensive jewelry, driving expensive cars, taking three month yearly vacation at their second home in Florida, etc. They became millionaires off this extortion. Ralla Klepak was disciplined by the Illinois Supreme Court for illegally taking an expensive condo from one of her clients, as a bequest in his will, yet is still allowed to be a child rep! These people made nearly ALL their income as child representatives! They have made extortion a profession.
The judges violate the statutes and authorize payment.  This is simple extortionstatutory fraud, and is unconstitutional. The judges abdicate their responsibilities and the child reps usurp the judges’ responsibilities with the judges simply rubber stamping their recommendations and motions without due process or evidentiary hearings- while leaving the bench early daily to go golfing.
Judges have a cozy agreement with a very small group of “professional” child reps, who claim to have the skills to evaluate the children’s circumstances. My answer to that is BALONEY!  They are NOT QUALIFIED. They do not have a PhD in psychology, an MD in psychiatry or pediatrics, a social worker degree or experience as a DCFS investigator. Their experience is non-existent as they follow a pattern and practice that is so deficient in substance that you cannot say they know what they are doing.
There is ABSOLUTELY no need for the added expense of another attorney to represent the children.
I am a physician, who has worked with DCFS in evaluating families, who also has experience in pediatrics and psychiatry.  I evaluated the daughter of Winston and Straum partner and former U,S. Attorney Dan Webb who publicly acknowledged, about 15 years ago that his stepdaughter accused him of raping her. I have certain skills in this area. His daughter was taken into protective custody until my evaluation was finished. I know what I am talking about.
I would not pretend to be a social worker skilled in evaluating home situations. To say that an attorney with 10 hrs training is skilled to do this and can do this WITHOUT interviewing collaterals including family, neighbors, friends, teachers, physicians, etc., without visiting the home and observing the parents and relatives with the children, without evaluating the financials as an accountant or skilled technician, is FRAUD upon the court and the public. The child reps claim to be a master of all these professions, yet they are incompetent at all of them. They are practicing social work, psychology, accounting, education, and medicine without a license. For the legislature to write such a deficient statute is astounding.
In criminal court, when a fitness exam is needed, the judge, supposedly a neutral jurist, will order a fitness exam – one time and not on a continuing basis who will provide the court an opinion within 30 days. Then either side may use this expert opinion as evidence. You don’t need separate “neutral” attorneys to evaluate the situation, read the psychologist’s report and provide the court evidence based fact as to what is in the best interest of the allegedly insane person. The judge has the job of being the neutral arbiter.
A similar statute could be written for divorce court, giving the judge the option to appoint a psychologist to examine BOTH PARENTS AND ALL CHILDREN, appoint a social worker to EVALUATE THE HOME SITUATION AND FINANCES, AS WELL AS CHILDREN’S EDUCATIONAL AND MEDICAL CIRCUMSTANCES, and make reports to the court. Either parent’s attorneys could request permission to have a second opinion at their expense.  If the estate is large and there are huge assets, a professional accountant could be  retained to brig a report to the court.
Who ever  orders the reports, whether mother, father, or court, would be responsible to pay the fee for the report.  There is no need for continuing evaluations of the parents, children, and circumstances.  This would shorten divorce proceedings.  If the psychologist recommends continuing therapy, that would be a different circumstance.  No evaluations could be ordered without a bona fide detailed and not generalized or vague reason stated on the record.
If a parent is indigent and request a second opinion, like in criminal court, the court should order the state to pay for it.
A recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion about a South Carolina case held that child support payments can not be ordered until there is an evidentiary hearing regarding the parent’s ability to pay. (Turner v. Rogers)
This requirement for an evidentiary hearing must be part of any law concerning child support payment orders.
A valid contract for services was never signed in these custody/divorce cases – where a child rep’s services are ordered by the court. The law that REQUIRES that in divorces, all attorney’s contracts MUST have attached a “client’s rights agreement” is always violated.  This law, 750 ILCS 5/508(c)(4), requires that there be a formal contract between the client and the attorney, that the contract have appended a form explaining “client rights and responsibilities“, in addition to the 506 requirement of “detailed invoices every 90 days.”
The statute regarding 750 ILCS 5/508(c) –  Attorney’s Fees; Client’s Rights and Responsibilities Respecting Fees and Costs.
(c) Final hearings for attorney’s fees and costs against an attorney’s own client, pursuant to a Petition for Setting Final Fees and Costs of either a counsel or a client, shall be governed by the following:
. . . .
(2) No final hearing under this subsection (c) is permitted unless: (i) the counsel and the client had entered into a written engagement agreement at the time the client retained the counsel (or reasonably soon thereafter) and the agreement meets the requirements of subsection (f); (ii) the written engagement agreement is attached to an affidavit of counsel that is filed with the petition or with the counsel’s response to a client’s petition; (iii) judgment in any contribution hearing on behalf of the client has been entered or the right to a contribution hearing under subsection (j) of Section 503 has been waived; (iv) the counsel has withdrawn as counsel of record; and (v) the petition seeks adjudication of all unresolved claims for fees and costs between the counsel and the client. .  . .
(3) The determination of reasonable attorney’s fees  and costs either under this subsection (c), whether initiated by a counsel or a client, or in an independent proceeding for services within the scope of subdivisions (1) through (5) of subsection (a), is within the sound discretion of the trial court. The court shall first consider the written engagement agreement and, if the court finds that the former client and the filing counsel, pursuant to their written engagement agreement, entered into a contract which meets applicable requirements of court rules and addresses all material terms, then the contract shall be enforceable in accordance with its terms, subject to the further requirements of this subdivision (c)(3). Before ordering enforcement, however, the court shall consider the performance pursuant to the contract. Any amount awarded by the court must be found to be fair compensation for the services, pursuant to the contract, that the court finds were reasonable and necessary. Quantum merit principles shall govern any award for legal services performed that is not based on the terms of the written engagement agreement (except that, if a court expressly finds in a particular case that aggregate billings to a client were unconscionably excessive, the court in its discretion may reduce the award otherwise determined appropriate or deny fees altogether).
(4) No final hearing under this subsection (c) is  permitted unless any controversy over fees and costs (that is not otherwise subject to some form of alternative dispute resolution) has first been submitted to mediation, arbitration, or any other court approved alternative dispute resolution procedure, except as follows:
 (A) In any circuit court for a single county with a population in excess of 1,000,000, the requirement of the controversy being submitted to an alternative dispute resolution procedure is mandatory unless the client and the counsel both affirmatively opt out of such procedures; or
. . . .
 (f) Unless the Supreme Court by rule addresses the matters set out in this subsection (f), a written engagement agreement within the scope of subdivision (c)(2) shall have appended to it verbatim the following Statement:
ANY judicial order to pay a child rep, who did not have a signed contract from the parent’s for his services with a form for client’s rights and responsibilities attached, along with having submitted detailed invoices every 90 days – is void ab initio and unenforceable. (case law available on request)
All payments made that do not comply with the above, were coerced from the parents, under judicial threat of contempt of court, and may be considered “ILL GOTTEN GAINS“, which can be ordered to be RETURNED TO THE PARENTS – WITHOUT ANY STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS BECAUSE VOID ORDERS CAN BE QUESTIONED AT ANY TIME IN ANY VENUE. (case law available on request)
Many of our members (, Stop Illinois Corruption, and other similar groups – totaling about 400,000 people across the country) will therefore be writing Complaints for Injunction to the Federal District Court  for Civil Rights Violations under 1983 amounting to a criminal violation of 18 U.S.C. 241 & 242, conspiracy to violate rights (property rights, due process rights, contract clause rights, commerce clause rights) under color of law and violation of civil rights under color of law, requesting for the court to issue injunctions to return these ill-gotten gains, ordered paid by judges in violation of statutory rules, to the child representatives.
I and several others also believe that we have a strong case for having the 750 ILCS 24 et seq laws ruled unconstitutional as well as the companion 305 ILCS 5/10  laws as they violate separation of  powers to give the Illinois Supreme Court executive authority to supervise administrative law courts in Dept of Healthcare and Family Services. A petition for certiorari asking for a supervisory order would be appropriate here as the Illinois Supreme Court as a supervisor of this inadequate, unconstitutional, and highly abused system, that they have failed to supervise, requires that the U.S. Supreme Court become involved as the legislature in Illinois, as well as the Illinois Supreme Court have thus far dropped the ball.
I am a self-taught constitutional expert, who works behind the scenes with the ACLU and constitutional scholars on the U.S. Supreme Court bar.
I am attaching the “Big Divorce Book” that summarizes some of the pertinent state statutes in the table of contents written by another person.
IL. Citizen

The assault on the First Amendment doctrine continues

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28 October A.D. 2013

The assault on the First Amendment doctrine continues, but, at the end of the day, that won’t prevent this “Beast’s” date with Judgment.

The cover story for the warrant, Aug. 2013, was enforcement of the no-fire-arms policy regarding the journalist’s husband’s disarmament status stemming from a 1986 “resisting arrest” conviction.  If that seems “thin” on first pass, it doesn’t get any thicker on any subsequent reflection of the matter, either.

What the popular mindset continues to think is that there’s something valuable about “getting the word out” regarding corruption within “government.”  And, while there’ll be some value in that continuing line of activity, where we’re staring in the face of a third-world type dictatorship in the making, getting the word out is in the very same category as political solutions, generally.  What does getting the word out intend to promote?  Political response.  Where the political response mechanism is “controlled” at the source, i.e., keeping the journalists from investigating so as to prevent reporting so as to prevent political response by those in a position to act politically, the concept of political response is all the more neutralized.

As less and less about inside-job corruption is said, the more of that corruption can be expected to be going on.  “Government” isn’t “cleaned up” by attacking investigative journalists and their sources.  That’s like saying that the rodent population will go down by putting the cats somewhere else.

The preventative remedy for the Banana-Republic-style dictatorship is in the marketplace.  Coming to terms with the concept that “federal” means “federal” is the threshold step in that paradigm shift.  For so long as we’re thinking “law” and “politics” instead of “gotcha agreements,” this wanna-be dictatorship is going to continue to make progress down its preferred path.

As we get to the point of adjusting to the reality of the “gotcha-agreement” mechanism, part of that is implemented in the medium of exchange.  The use of the “funny money” tends to confirm the “choice of law” for that transaction.

That investigative journalist and her sources were continuing down the “full-back up the middle” approach to dealing with this “Beast” system.  They’ve been stopped in the backfield for a loss.  What is said in this day and age is less and less relevant.  It’s what we do that’s going to matter, and part of what we’ve got to do, in full support of what this investigative journalist and her sources were trying to do, is come to terms with the mechanism by which this present system functions.  To apply the concepts, it helps first to have them in mind.  Thus, the early part of what we do is educational in nature.  Those good people are still lost in the myths and lies on which we’re all raised of “law” and “politics.”  That’s just not our present legal reality.  It’s fair to say that even up to 1964, there was some measure of “control” via “law” and “politics,” but, when the “Beast” system went commercial circa 1965, which is when the last vestiges of honest weights and measures in general circulation no longer in general circulation, it’s been anything but “law” and “politics.”  The whole of the commercial mechanism was in place by that time, so that the transition would appear seamless.

Exposing this or that scam or corruption within “government” isn’t going to do anything more than cause a bit of very temporary embarrassment within this dictatorship-in-the-making.  To bring that line of insanity to a halt requires dealing with it for what it is rather than for what we wished it were.  To deal with it for what it is, we have to stop using its “funny money,” and, for that few who have a few fights in them, it’ll be very important to come to terms with the reality of the commercial mechanism on which this system depends.  For example, where there’s an issue within the Dept. of Transportation, while there may not be any way to curb the abuses from within that agency, we can do commercial curbing of the scope of their “outreach ministry” by realizing that “transportation” is “commercial” activity.  The feds don’t get much into the non-commercial activity, i.e., into the “traveler” arena, so the direct impact at the national level on that agency isn’t expected to be all that direct.  But, indirectly, since that national system is 100% addicted to the “funny money,” as we learn and apply the differences between “travel” and “transportation” at the STATE level, that will have a commercial impact on the national system, because it’ll start to be a ripple in the “money supply management” system (the “tickets,” when paid, operate to take that many “federal reserve note” “dollars” back out of circulation, which is “the” purpose for the “transportation” enforcement mechanism at the STATE level).

We think “law” and “politics” because we’ve been raised on “law” and “politics” because that’s where this present system has its “controls” in place.  “Law” and “politics” are the magician’s distraction to the reality of the commercial mechanism.  Our gazillion “dollar” “investment” in “law” and “politics” is music to the “Beast’s” ears.  Our focus on “law” and “politics” is what keeps us in the task of digger our hole that much wider and that much deeper.  “Law” and “politics” doesn’t even put the slightest ding in the “Beast’s” armor.  The long and the short on this assault on the First Amendment doctrine is that the First Amendment isn’t a source or mechanism of (effective) control over this “Beast.”  It used to be, but the “Beast” has, in the commercial analogy, bought out all the competition.  It’s not what is said that matters.  It’s what’s done that matters, and what’s done is either to enter a “gotcha agreement” or to avoid it.  What’s done is either to use “funny money” or something else.  We’re not “choosing ye this day” with our words.  We’re “choosing ye this day” with our commercial practices.  Thus, the investigative journalist getting “dirt” on this person or that process is doing a fine work, but an increasingly irrelevant work.  The investigative journalist who first gets his/her mind around our present legal reality will start teaching law and find a thousand-fold increase in the effectiveness of the effort to curb the abuses committed in the name of “government.”

If we’d “take” the push and the shove from this “Beast” and realize where all that “motive force” puts us, we’ll realize that “all” of the remaining options take us to the reality.  The more assaults we find on what vexes us, the more we’re going to have to realize that the “old ways” “don’t work.”  The sooner we realize that it’s not about “law” and “politics” but rather Monte Hall’s, “Let’s Make A Deal!”, the sooner we’re intellectually in a position to comprehend the mechanism of the problem.  To see the problem for what it is, is to see the solution.

In addition to the fact that our “law of man” problems are solved by applying fundamental Law of God solutions, the “law of man” we’ve been taught has been fully intentionally “fed” to us.  There’ll come a day where it’ll make good and perfect sense that we “know” what we “know” because that’s what “the bank” (masquerading as a “government”) taught us.  We’ve been taught what we’ve been taught for the benefit of the bank.  The path of tyranny and dictatorship is what is “good for the bank.”  Where that’s not good for the individual, we simply have a lot of unlearning to do so as then to learn the foundation of the Rock and to start building our foundation on the Rock instead of on the sand.

The Source we need for the investigative stories and exposes isn’t found working in or for this “Beast” system.  In other words, this journalist has been benefited, and while it doesn’t feel that way at the moment, there’ll come a day when it’ll be bright as day that the Source of the information that’s going to provide the solution toward which she’s intending to contribute is fully available in the libraries and on line.  In these life-changing moments, we’ll find the benefit, if we’ll just wear the right set of glasses.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

The appearance of how to go about is free for the asking with educational materials?

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“How To Fight CPS”

Step by Step Condensed


#1  No matter what stage your “case” is in, the Number One (#1) thing YOU MUST DO-

Document, Document, Document

This costs nothing and is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do in your defense.  

CPS agents “make mistakes”, LIE, and TWIST your words.  Don’t let them get away with it- DOCUMENT IT.

Keep detailed records of who said what, when.  Keep copies of EVERYTHING you send to them or receive from them.

ESPECIALLY document face-to-face and conversations on the phone.  Record or video tape if you have it.

Washington State Extended Families has a nice essay on how to do Documentation.
Linda Downs at Iowa Family Rights also has some great advice to Document all Interactions

This is a war fought with PAPER,  paper FILED ON THE RECORD in court.

Insist on LETTERS to and from the agencies.

They can’t alter their words printed on paper that have been mailed to you.   Nor can they alter your words either.  KEEP COPIES of your letters to them. 



If you are innocent or falsely accused, Do NOT agree to anything a CPS agent says.  ABSOLUTELY do NOT sign anything a CPS agent shoves under your nose until you talk it over with your LAWYER or a trusted friend who has some legal savvy. 

Anything they FORCE you to sign, you can add “Under Duress” before your signature if you don’t agree with it.

If you already have agreed or signed something that you felt coercion to do, upon advice from your lawyer or knowledgeable friend, you can RESCIND your previous agreement or signature.  Be forewarned- this will really, REALLY piss off the CPS witch and she WILL undertake to punish you every way possible.  But she probably planned on “doing their worst”, hurting you every way possible, eventually.  When I was going through this, I figured we might just as well go straight to WAR and leave out the phony negotiations and manipulations phase.  I won.



Quit talking with the CPS monsters.  You are waiving your FIFTH AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and Miranda Rights every time you answer a question.


“The claim and exercise of a Constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime.” — Miller v. U.S. Source: 230 F 2d 486, 489

Personal and phone conversations are where “mistakes” (inventions and fabrications) happen when THEY write their report about the conversations. Words you say float up into the rafters and come back twisted against you.  If you feel you have to talk with them, record it or videotape it.  You can then transcribe it into your DOCUMENT.

A Practical Guide to Taping Phone Calls and In-Person Conversations in the 50 States and D.C.

CPS is NOT your friend! 

Women especially fall into this trap.  Especially in cases where a child is ALLEGEDLY abused or molested by a family member.  

DO NOT pour your heart out to a CPS worker or CPS contractor Mental Illness clinician.

Do that, and you will join the ranks of “co-perpetrator” lamenting “I was so, so foolish.  I was an IDIOT. I thought they were there to HELP  me.  I thought the CPS worker CARED.  I thought I had PROFESSIONAL CONFIDENTIALITY with the psych shithead.”

CPS will use every word you say to make your child a Legal Orphan, because THAT’S what they are being PAID for.
Ignore or forget this at your and your children’s EXTREME PERIL.

“Communists are to be ready to cheat, lie, perjure and do everything possible to gain their ends.” –Vladimir Lenin


BE POLITE!  The highest crime you can commit is Contempt of Social Worker”.

We have reports of POLICEMEN telling people that the Constitutional Rights and Miranda Rights are only for TV, and what they are doing is “The Real World”.
See The Oath of Office
EVERY OATH of OFFICE in the USA includes “support the Constitution”

Since many of them seem like childish morons, SOCIOPATHIC, and plainly nasty with no discernable social “skills”, this can be a difficult task. 

“I would love to answer your question, but I cannot do that without violating my Fifth Amendment Rights and my Miranda Rights

“I would love to let you in my house to look around without a Search Warrant.  But I cannot do that without violating my Fourth Amendment Rights

“There is a secret pride in every human heart that revolts at tyranny. You may order and drive an individual,
but you cannot make him respect you.” 
William Hazlitt

NEW CASELAW August 21, 2008 

Case Name: U.S. v. CraigheadDistrict: 9 Cir , Case #: 07-1-135
Opinion Date: 8/21/2008 , DAR #: 13245
Case Holding:
Interrogations occurring inside the home are custodial, requiring Miranda advisements under the Fifth Amendment, if the circumstances turn it into one of a “police-dominated” atmosphere.

Speaking personally, if there was no cop there, I would darn sure turn it into a “police dominated atmosphere”, by calling 911 and report that my home was being trespassed under the Color of Law with no Warrant.  If they DO have a warrant, SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP.

NEW CASELAW June 1, 2010 

Court: Suspects must say they want to be silent
11:27 a.m., Tuesday, June 1, 2010
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that suspects must tell police explicitly that they want to be silent to invoke Miranda protections during criminal interrogations, a decision one dissenting justice said turns defendants’ rights “upside down.”

A right to remain silent and a right to a lawyer are the first of the Miranda rights warnings, which police recite to suspects during arrests and interrogations. But the justices said in a 5-4 decision that suspects must tell police they are going to remain silent to stop an interrogation, just as they must tell police that they want a lawyer.  FULL STORY

Print one of these up to hand to the CPS agent when she wants to force her way in your house or threaten you-

About Psych Evals

We believe the court-ordered psych exam is a violation of your 5th Amendment rights.
Don’t entertain the folly that psychiatrists are your friend.
No, you 
do not enjoy professional “confidentiality” with them. 
They are the foremost tool of character assassination

Also see AFRA Dress Codes.
How you dress and conduct yourself in interviews, at court, or with the Mental Illness Clinicians- matters.


You Have The Right To Remain Silent: Fifth Amendment Explained
by Bill Rounds
December 9, 2010
Copyright © 2010 How to Vanish

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” ~ Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution

The right to remain silent is a fundamental principle of liberty. It gives American citizens better privacy. The burden falls on the accuser to build a case against a person. If the accuser does not meet that burden, the accused is free to go. The accused never, ever, is required to furnish any evidence or testimony against himself.1 In other words, liberty requires that you have the right to remain silent.

If the accused were forced to produce evidence that they did not commit an act, innocent people would be forced to prove a negative.2 Proving a negative is usually far more difficult, if not impossible to do. Anyone without an alibi would be convicted. No one could afford to spend even one minute alone in that kind of world.3 The right to remain silent preserves a functioning system of justice and a functioning society.  FULL STORYBill Rounds, J.D. is a California attorney. He holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Utah and a law degree from California Western School of Law. He practices civil litigation, domestic and foreign business entity formation and transactions, criminal defense and privacy law. He is a strong advocate of personal and financial freedom and civil liberties. This is merely one article of 73 by Bill Rounds J.D.

1- Which is why you should NEVER pour your heart out to a CPS agent or psych

2- Which is what an allegation and prosecution by CPS is.  The accusation is the PROOF NOT innocent until proven guilty

3- Which is exactly where falsely accused parents find themselves.

Mission Critical Need-to-know info- On June 1, 2010 the Supreme Court gutted Miranda.  
   You have to SAY “I want to remain silent, and I want a lawyer”


**CAVEAT**   The following gray paragraph is merely OBLIGATORY so I don’t appear too radical.
I don’t really believe you are going to find a lawyer in your area who gives a shit.
I really believe YOU are going to have to learn DIY Law and fight your OWN battles.
 BUT, the advice in the gray paragraph below HAS actually HELPED a couple of people I have heard back from.

If there is a lawyer in your area who HATES CPS and knows how to put up a DEFENSE, hire him now and help him defend you.   If you have to sell the car, mortgage the house, clean out your retirement fund, borrow from relatives- pay his retainer.  (No, you shouldn’t have to do this to receive “justice”, but this is the way the new progressive “sustainable government” works.)

Not just any lawyer will do. Get the Yellow Pages, open it to “Attorneys”. 

Start  at A and go through Z until you find one that hates CPS as much as you do

If you get a court-appointed attorney, you may or may not receive a “vigorous defense“.  About the standard pay they receive is $500 total, so the pay is no motivation to them.  You might get a young, idealistic one fresh from law school, and he may be pretty aggressive.  Some older ones who are not calloused may also really go to bat for you and the children and provide Competent Counsel.  

If the lawyer you are considering does NOT agree with THIS CREED in defending you, walk away.

“Lack of counsel of choice can be conceivably even worse than no counsel at all, or having to accept counsel beholden to one’s adversary.” Burgett v Texas, 389 US 109

In all cases, Help your lawyer defend you

Be aware that some “courts” may be so “unencumbered by the Constitution” that a lawyer “may” risk his Bar License by providing a “vigorous defense”.  (See What Happens in the FOG)

There are also stories about CPS KIDNAPPING THE LAWYER’S CHILDREN AND ASSASSINATING HIS CHARACTER TOO.  We have heard of CPS doing the same thing to JUDGES, Doctors, Police officers, other CPS people (Whistle-Blowers), and even State Representatives who challenge CPS’ lies and fascist activities.

Also see Make Your Court-Appointed Attorney Work For YOU at

NEW! August 8, 2008 How I Found Attorney Who “Hates” CPS

If there is NO such lawyer (there’s not very many), or you are penniless,
~you are going to have to learn how to DO IT YOURSELF in pro per or pro se~

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” Juma Ikangaa, 1989 NYC Marathon winner 

NOTE- If you ARE a LAWYER who wants to learn HOW, see-
Legal Information

The National Project to Improve Representation
for Parents Involved in the Child Welfare System

Sponsored by-

Preparing a Vigorous Defense
Stuckle and Ferguson, PLLC
When facing false allegations, the accused must be prepared to fight for their life. 

Because of the special nature of child sexual abuse cases, erosion of constitutional rights, determination of the child savers that you are guilty- you must vigorously defend yourself and prove your innocence!

If an attorney says to “wait and see if you are indicted”…WALK AWAY IMMEDIATELY! The best time to get a dismissal is before a formal charge. LOTS MORE


Write your own version of history in a Sworn Declaration
and FILE IT with the Court, the CPS, the DA, and whoever else that has ANYTHING to do with your case.
You are SWEARING to the truthfulness of your statements.  The CPS witches aren’t swearing to ANYTHING (what is SACRED to them that they COULD swear on? TheCommunist Manifesto or the Humanist Manifesto II?)

You had better be telling THE TRUTH with no “embellishments” and citing FACTS you can back up with evidence or witnesses’ sworn statements.  Say NOTHING self-incriminating.  If you have something to hide, you aren’t going to lie your way out of it.

Grammar Quick Help Class 101 How your papers LOOK matters!

The importance of your Sworn Declaration cannot be over- emphasized! 

THE ONLY WAY you have appealable “issues” in the future is to get your facts ON THE RECORD in court.

Just filing your papers yourself with the court clerk may be the ONLY way to

If you don’t get anything ON THE RECORD, you will likely have NO appealable issues in the future.

NEW! 7-25-2011

Brand new proof that our recommendation to PUT THE TRUTH ON THE RECORD in court is good advice-

JurisDictionary- Using On-Line Legal Research

If you want to win in court, you must make it crystal clear on the court’s official record that the judge will be reversed on appeal if he rules against you! Nothing else matters!  

See Full Story at AFRA Front Page News

How to Write a Declaration of Facts to Submit to the Court
Linda Martin
December 22, 2010
When parents appear in Juvenile Court they are handed a report written by a CPS social worker. It states the county’s side of the court case.

Who writes a similar report explaining the parents’ side of the case to the judge?

Usually, nobody.

Legal documents explaining the parents’ side aren’t written because they have court-appointed attorneys that in general, often don’t care enough to take the time to produce legal documents. Many of these attorneys receive a flat fee per case so there’s no financial motivation for providing an aggressive defense for the parents.

Most often, court appointed attorneys in Juvenile Court simply guide the parents through the hearings and advise them to sign a plea or stipulation of some kind, which implicates them as being guilty. If the parents sign (most do because their court-appointed attorneys are advising it) there will be no trial – no opportunity for them to protest their innocence or defend themselves. Without a trial there’s never going to be a time when the CPS social worker has to prove the county’s case.

So what should CPS victim-parents do to counteract the problem of having a court-appointed attorney who won’t aggressively defend them?  FULL STORY

#6  Get your records from the agency- 





Clean up your house and your life.Obviously, if your house is a mess or your life is a mess, your CPS worker is going to use every bit of it against you.  There is (so far as we know) absolutely NO LAW about “dirty house”, but they make a big deal out of it.

Shacking up with a boyfriend is the path to hell.  Boyfriends have NO “natural affection” for your children, and they are the #1 baby rapists and child abusers and killers, at the TOP of any statistical data.


To the child abuser thats looking in ?

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