Stop Child Abuse For Profit

October 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Stop Child Abuse for Profit A new pledge from the campaign

Stop Child Abuse for Profit

It starts with you


We need everybody to take local positive action to defeat “friends of the courts” and judicial members over reaching into legislative bodies for their personal profit. Remember you are not alone and be silent no more. Educate others to take action follow the money and remove all forms of profit and funding. Lawyers, judges and public servants start many cycles of systemic abuse that create long term negative impact to children, families and communities. Their tactics conceal misconduct and criminal acts of members of the judicial branch. This collective group has placed their greed and profit above human life. EXPOSE THE TRUTH. Please use your talents and resources to educate others to create sustainable positive Non Government Organizations (NGO) to protect children, families, communities and their cultures.  Expose the organizations claiming to be doing good but have hidden agendas to suppress the human spirit on a global scale. The Clinton foundation is one group that seeks to suppress others and impose their culture on others under claims of doing good. Educate others to defend their community and culture from “systemic abusers” like the Clinton’s. Why are the Clinton’s allowed to attack the constitution of the United States and conceal contributory murders?Remember political suppression comes in many forms. Many Non-profits are very active in political agendas and abuse federal funding they received in the form of grants. Expose these organizations and demand prosecutions of their management. Demand audits of any organizations abusing public funding, some create fear and hate to further their Non-profit agendas. To expose systemic abusers you must expose the collective group members that profit from the abuse. Fraud and conversion or a transfer of power takes place to fragment the public. Remember systemic abusers must create a conflict to profit, custody battles, forced adoptions, abuse of the elderly, abuse of Heroes, for profit prisons are all issues and cycles that can end if the public takes positive actions. Many cycles of human trafficking start with activist judges rulings, remember judges seek funding in many ways. Activist Judges are not the court and with the appearance of bias they are removed by law and no longer an officer of the court. Any rulings an activist judge makes after the appearance of bias is an unlawful ruling. Law is made by the people not “judicial members”, the rule of law is not what a few “lawyers claim”. The law is what the people demand, remember slavery was once the law. Today cleaver  systemic abusers use emerging technology to extort their profit from the people that produce products to contribute to their countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Lawyers, Lawyer lobbyists, friends of the courts produce nothing for economic growth. Expose those who produce nothing and commit fraud and conversion from those who do contribute to the GDP.

Please take action in your community.

Thank you.

Want to get involved? See this pledge on Causes


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