Jul 24, 2013

All in the family: State Rep. Deb Mell will replace her father as 33rd Ward alderman, NBC5 reports.

Board benefits: Gov. Quinn signs a law eliminating pensions and cutting health benefits for future transit boards like Metra effective immediately, theDaily Herald reports.

A bad name: The Guardian Angels anti-crime group refers to the tony area of North Michigan Avenue as “Muggers Mile,” the Trib reports.

Sliding into home: The Wrigley Field renovation is up for a full City Council vote today, NBC5 reports. 

Cash crop: If Rahm gives TIF cash to CPS, it shows he’s on the public’s side, but it won’t solve all the schools’ problems, the Sun-Times’ editorial board writes. 

Closing calls: The United Nations has been asked to investigate CPS school closings as a human rights violation,WBEZ reports. 

Online, in class: Budget cuts push some CPS classes online – including, at one school, physical education – WBEZ reports.

Award axed: White House officials withhold an award for Ald. Joe Moore after he was accused of an ethics violation,NBC5 reports.

Authority abuse: Ald. Tim Cullerton allegedly abused his authority by demanding a police officer ticket a man involved in a parking dispute with his sister-in-law, DNAinfo reports. 

Springfield session: Gov. Quinn hints at the possibility for a special session on pensions when lawmakers are in Springfield for the State Fair, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Concealed carry contract: The state awards an emergency contract worth more than $350,000 to a company that will help upgrade computer equipment in preparation for the concealed carry permitting process, the State Journal-Register reports. 

Big thaw: After years of pay freezes, some municipal administrators are seeing big raises, the Daily Herald reports. 

In the running? State Sen. Kwame Raoul considers a big for governor, NBC5 reports. 

Medicaid money: Three years from now, Medicaid could be Illinois’ financial crisis, the Trib’s editorial board writes. 


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