Above: news video of the Govabuse protest in Greenfield, Massachusetts
ran by PLC Helen Williams, during Govabuse 2012 nationwide protests.

We the People” are no longer tolerating:

  • UNJUST laws
  • TAXPAYER dollars (billions) used to separate, and financially demolish families.

We the People” demand reformation:

  • Family court system(s); juvenile, domestic relations, children’s court etc..
  • Assigned Judges- (must be abolished)
  • Court Appointed Guardian-ad-litem (G.A.L.) (must be severely limited, if not abolished)
  • Child Protective Services aka; CPS/ DHS / DFS/DSS/Foster Care and Adoption Services
  • Records: must be made public
  • Court Gag orders: violation of 1st amendment
  • Adoption incentive payments (must be abolished)
  • Every effort must be made for children to stay with Grandparents / family members instead of foster care.
  • Grandparents / family: must have visitation rights when children removed from parents.                                                                                                                                           Majority of cases, children are not permitted to be raised by their grandparents.  Instead, children are herded through the foster care system and forced to live with strangers.              
  • Foster care providers currently have more rights in court than grandparents.    
  • Parents must be restored freedoms to raise their children
  • Parents prevented access to their child’s records
  • Option to have a Jury, when requested in family court
  • False allegations and perjury are currently rewarded when severe consequences are warranted.
  • Child support system- all areas.

The United States government is working to solve the current economic crisis,   
by engaging in the sale of American children.  Continuing to ignore the problem                                    
assures the government that you support this abuse of our children and trillions 
of your tax dollars.  

Children are being removed from their families without abuse, without                                     
clear and present danger.   

Connect with others who have been through the injustices executed by the
family court system(s) including but not limited to; Child protective, foster
care, court appointed guardian-ad-litem, lawyers, psychologists, assigned judges
and many more.

Educational information will be updated regularly.
Enjoy Govabuse blogs to connect with members in our Govabuse family.
* Join the Govabuse facebook group for your state.
Examples: “Govabuse Florida”, “Govabuse Ohio” etc…
(you must live in the state you wish to join).
*Govabuse is not limited to children / family rights issues.
We cannot allow any business to take advantage of consumers.
Violation’s must be exposed.

When the people fear their government there is tyranny.

When the government fears the people there is liberty.

                                                                         – Thomas Jefferson

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